"Look, all I know is, I was not groped سے طرف کی an angel."
“I’m an angel of the Lord.”

This single line uttered in Lazarus Rising was an unbelievable one and had شائقین questioning on whether Castiel, the person claiming to have pulled Dean from Hell, really was an angel یا if it was some horrible trick. But it’s quickly dismissed.

“This is your problem, Dean. آپ have no faith.”

Lightning flashes, engulfing the room and on Castiel’s back great shadowy wings appear, stretching off into the distance. The light goes out and the image disappears. It was the truth. It’s an angel. The سوالات then begin.

Over the centuries there have been many interpretation of what angels are. The dictionary defines angels as: “a spiritual being believed to act as an attendant یا messenger of God, conventionally represented as being of human form with wings and possessing great kindness and virtue.”

Personally, I’ve always thought of angels as pure human beings with white, fluffy wings and a golden halo around their heads, that spend their time aiding people in need. Part of me still likes this idea, but after seeing Kripke’s version, I have no trouble in saying that I like his vision of them better.

His angels are powerful, knowledgeable and most definitely self-righteous. Their abilities are many; superhuman strength, able to transport themselves and humans through space and time, can appear without warning, exorcise demons with a touch, see things outside of human perception, unaffected سے طرف کی plagues and disease, can harm یا resurrect humans, can اقدام objects telekinetically, implant visions and, of course, rescues humans from Hell.

But, of course, his angels aren’t perfect. They have their vulnerabilities too; a flaming دائرے, حلقہ of Holy Oil can be used to trap them, can be banished from an area when a hand is placed on sigils, death can come from an Angel Killing Sword, Jesse – a Cambion – has the power to transform angels into toys! And he could potentially destroy the Host of Heaven and Enochian sigils and be used to hide a human’s location from all angels.

“Look, all I know is I was not groped سے طرف کی an angel.”

But despite all of those, there are a range of characters that represent angels and not all of them are good either as expected. The main angel seen throughout the دکھائیں is Castiel. He rescued Dean from Hell and as a result of his interactions with Dean, begins to develop empathy for humans. At one point he is forcibly removed from his vessel, Jimmy Novak, and dragged back to Heaven. But ultimately, he disobeys and helps Dean escape from the other angels in order to stop Sam from freeing Lucifer. He is then killed but soon resurrected سے طرف کی God. He embarks on a mission to find God in order to stop Lucifer. After Lucifer is back into the cage when Sam jumps in, Castiel returns to Heaven to help restore order.

But, of course, it wouldn’t be the same without other angels too; the archangels: Michael, Lucifer, Gabriel and Raphael and others, including: Zachariah, Uriel, Anna, Joshua, Balthazar and numerous henchmen.

But despite all that’s happened and all the angels that have come and gone, they still continue to be a big presence in the دکھائیں since first being seen in season four. Even before angels were a part of it all, it was a great دکھائیں but since their addition, I believe Supernatural has grown, evolved and changed for the better.
The archangel, Raphael.