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Angry Birds Support “Freddie For A Day” with New اندازی حرکت & Honorary Character
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It seems that the Angry Birds have a thing for Rock ‘n’ Roll these days (see Green Day). Rovio and Angry Birds have announced that they are supporters of the Mercury Phoenix Trust and Freddie For A Day, which takes place every سال on September 5th and celebrates the life of legendary rocker Freddie Mercury. To kick things off Rovio has created a brand new اندازی حرکت which features “‘Freddie’ the Angry [yellow] Bird riding his bicycle to the famous Queen track ‘Bicycle Race’”.

To further increase awareness, there will also be a limited-edition Freddie Mercury Angry Bird t-shirt (no link available yet). In addition, tonight there is a special fundraising event hosted سے طرف کی Queen members Brian May and Roger Taylor. Proceeds from the event go to the Mercury Phoenix Trust, which is helping fight AIDS worldwide.
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Attention all Angry Birds Chrome masters! This has been a fantastic 30-ish days for you! Chrome has received its سیکنڈ major update in less than a month. This new update adds Ham ‘em High and three new Chrome Dimension levels. The menu has also be slightly revamped (again), now including multiple pages to better fit the expansion…plus!…

ABN, now has a link under the “Extras” area! To any Rovio employees who see this, we are truly grateful for this! Awesome.

45 new levels in Ham ‘em High

Three new Chrome Dimension levels, with the logos hidden within Ham ‘em High
At last, with the smell of freshly mowed گھاس and really sweaty shoulder pads in the air, the brand new Angry Birds: Philadelpha Eagles web game is live! Be forewarned, football fans: The Angry Birds have no tangible running game, so it’s pass-pass-pass all دن long. The game is playable at the Eagles’ Facebook page.

16 Levels: One per week that Philadelphia plays. The level is unlocked the Monday prior to the actual game. The Eagles have their “Bye Week” on the weekend of 21 October, so no level on the 22nd. (A tad inconsistent with the scheduling.)
“Playoffs? Don’t talk about playoffs!...
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Angry Birds دوستوں has been updated for the release of the newest Green دن album, called “¡Uno!”. This is part of a trilogy of albums that Green دن plans to release in the coming months, and we are guessing that each album release will correspond to an update to Angry Birds Friends. This update is officially numbered at v1.6.5. Be sure to check out the original post, which maybe we can call the “¡Cero!” update?

This update includes:

10 brand new levels full of head-banging and گٹار smashing! Our walkthroughs ویڈیوز are live if آپ need help.
Another “Heart Like a Hand Grenade”...
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Cartoon Network is considering developing original content as apps and games first rather than as TV shows, in an effort to create its own digital brands to rival the likes of Angry Birds.

"One of the things we are considering and talking about is how do we play in that digital space for original content?" کہا Stuart Snyder, president and chief operating officer of parent company Turner's Animation, Young Adults and Kids division.

"I don't think everything has to be created as a show. Things can be developed as shorts, they can start as games, they can start as apps… That is the nature, more...
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Man, Rovio has gotten so darn good about teasing us with what’s to come. Today is no exception! On the heels of the amazing release of Bad Piggies comes this perplexing image that they just گیا کیا پوسٹ to their Facebook page. The caption simply reads:

The birds are about to go on an adventure… but where? Clue tomorrow!

So I guess we will know مزید tomorrow, but who wants to wait a whole day. Not this guy! Well, unfortunately, like you, I don’t know what this is, but it’s fun to speculate. Here is what I see:

Something covered سے طرف کی fabric. Duh!
It’s seems to be space, as I see stars in the background...
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Are آپ worried about losing all of your hard work in Bad Piggies? Scared those sneaky pigs may sneak up behind آپ and eat your progress? یا are آپ just looking for a little extra security in your gaming life? The goal of this guide is to help آپ in the event something goes horribly wrong. In some cases, these backup methods can ALSO be used to transfer your progress to another device. This way آپ don’t have to start from scratch. That said, as of now transferring progress only really works when the devices are the same (e.g. iOS to iOS, for example).

Universal Precaution: Do not remove...
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Our gameplay video of the newly released Angry Birds Fight!, the newest Angry Birds game.
angry birds fight
angry birds games
Ca-caw! The Philadelphia Eagles have added some very, very angry new players to the roster. Can the Mighty Philadelphia Eagle dominate on the football field? Only time will tell!
Rovio and Angry Birds are proud supporters of the Mercury Phoenix Trust and Freddie For A دن on September 5th!
اندازی حرکت
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