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Just some pics i had saved in my computer.
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posted by demon_wolf
آپ have been in Konoha for a week and had not seen Kiba since آپ two had kissed. He has been training for the exams. There was no one to hang out with because of the exams and آپ were starting to regret taking them early. آپ were laying on your بستر starting at the ceilling when Kakashi walked in and کہا that Tsunade wanted to see you. SO آپ got up and heade to her office

~~FF to office~~

You walk thru the doors and see Tsunade sitting at her ڈیسک and someone standing infront of it.

"Im sorry Lady Tsunade but am I inturupting something?" آپ ask

She looks over at آپ and so doe the person....
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posted by demon_wolf
~~outside the building~~

"Well Mira i have to go but ill be back be fore it gets dark." He said

"What am i supposed to do till آپ get back?" آپ whine at him

"I dont know im sure آپ will find something. Bye."

He then left آپ standing there alone.

'Great now what?' آپ think

You then pick up Akita and start walking around not caring where آپ are headed. آپ came to some woods and started walking around in them. About an گھنٹہ later آپ realize that yo are lost. آپ sit against a random tree.

"Great what am i going to do now? Im lost." آپ say to yourself

You then tilt your head and stare at the clouds.(Me:kinda...
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posted by shimmer29
One دن at Venice, Italy, 3 boys were playing at a کشتی their names were Travis Richie and Pablo

Richie: row faster Travis!
Travis: I'm trying! so stop screaming!
R: I am not screaming. Screaming is for girls i am shouting
T: whatever آپ say...
Pablo: (sneezing)
R: i guess those girls are gossiping about آپ again
P: i guess so
T: uh guys!
R: what?
T: watch out for the wave!!!
(All boys shouting)

The کشتی flipped over. Travis and Richie managed to get up, but Pablo was stuck at the corals. Pablo was almost out of oxygen until he saw a girl with a tail of a fish. It was a mermaid. When Travis and Richie...
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posted by shimmer29
Pablo already forgave Richie after so many years. They went on with their lives but Pablo still remembers Bella. He keeps her ہار in his pocket all the time and he never leaves ہوم without it.

One دن he was at school, he was on the soccer team and he really enjoyed playing with his friends.

R: that was a great practice game guys
T,P: yeah it was!
T: let's eat together okay?
R,P: sure!

(At the cafeteria)

P: did آپ guys hear about the new girl?
T,R: yup
T: do آپ think she's gonna be one of those nerds?
R: یا maybe the diva kind.
P: maybe a plain jane.
(All boys imagining the new girl combined of...
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posted by shyangel12
Hi! This is my version of Konoha, only that this is highschool and there's a new student, Sayu. NOTE:THE WHOLE SASUKE THING NEVER HAPPENED ON THIS ONE

Sayu Mitsuki has always been the pretty and awesome girl to be دوستوں with. But now at her new school, she has to deal with the cheerleading skanks (Sakura, Ino, and TenTen). The nerds (Temari, Gaara, Shino, and Rock Lee). And of course, the jocks (Sasuke, Kiba, Naruto, and Shikamaru. She becomes دوستوں with outcast, Hinata. But, does she find love when Sakura and Ino invite her to a party that later leads to 7 منٹ in Heaven and spin-the-bottle? یا is it just a prank from Sakura and Ino? Check it out to find out and تبصرہ if آپ think you'll read!

posted by shimmer29
The دن of the field trip

Teacher: all right class have fun at Venice Beach!

The whole class is excited (besides Bella)
Everyone gets off the bus

R: aren't آپ excited Bella?
B: yeah! I'm psyched!
T: great! آپ should go change.
P: yeah we're already wearing swimming trunks so we'll just take our سب, سب سے اوپر off.
B: okay I'll go to the changing tent now.

Bella is talking to herself again while she puts her swimsuit کا, سومساٹ on.

B: great! just great! it was nice of the boys to help me out but, I can't go out there! I knew coming back was a bad idea! but... why? why did I come back...
Bella remembers when she was young...
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posted by shimmer29
sorry it took me a while to make this. After all there is school. So here it is !

(At school)

T: ارے Bella!
Bella looks at the direction where Travis called her
R: where ya been?
P: what he means is why didn't آپ go swimming with us.
B: i felt a little... shy (nervous voice)
T: why?

Before Bella could speak the گھنٹی, بیل rang which soothed her.

B: I'll see آپ guys at class k?
R: i guess but-
B: great see ya bye!
P: what's wrong with her today?
R: do آپ feel what i feel Travis?
T: yes love and concern is-
R: tensioned in the air which could only mean one thing.
R,T: Pablo's in love!!!
P: am not now hurry up and...
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posted by demon_wolf
~~Infront of رامین bar~~

Kiba opens the door.

"Ladies first." He says as he bows for you.

"Oh well thank آپ kind sir." آپ say playing along.

you walk in. Then hear someone yell your name

"MIRA HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

~~Kiba P.O.v~~

You are infront of the رامین bar آپ open the door and say

"Ladies first." and آپ bow to Mira

"Oh well thank آپ kind sir." she says and walks inside.

You laugh to your self and walk in after her. Then hear some yell.

"MIRA HEY!!!!!!!!!!!"

You look over to see Naruto waving to Mira.

'Uh what does that idiot want?'

Mira looks at you

"Want to go sit with Naruto?" She کہا smiling at...
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posted by demon_wolf
~~One ماہ Later~~

You were out in the training grounds, which were in your backyard. Your mother told آپ to work on the Jutsu Undead بھیڑیا Pack, which was a jutsu that let آپ summon the ghost dogs of your dead ancestors to aid آپ in battle. The ghost would only disappear when آپ sent them back یا آپ died in that battle. The dogs could do a lot of damage and the wonderful part about it was that your enemy could not hurt them.
Well anyway آپ were practicing this jutsu when your mother called to you.
"COMING!" آپ yell back as آپ wipe...
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posted by demon_wolf
In the Morning آپ took another shower, ate and fed Akita. Then went into the living room to wait for your father to get up.

~~Two hours later~~

Your father came down the stairs and went into the باورچی خانے, باورچی خانہ and about 15 منٹ came back out.
"okay im ready now we can go to see the Hokage."
"Well finally dad i have been waiting two hours for آپ to get up."
"Im not much of a morning person."
"Yeah i know and if i would of known sooner then i would of went off to train untill آپ woke up gosh dad."
"Sigh. . . well lets go." he walked out the door with آپ right behind him.

~~Hokage office~~

You and kakashi...
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posted by demon_wolf
ok so this is going to be the shortest chapter i will write. Dont get mad cuz its short. Just enjoy. :p

When آپ were the age of five your mother took آپ to the land of Fang, her old home. Your father would come and visit when he got a chance. He was always on missions and now that he had a team to watch over, he visited less. Since آپ left Konoha (when آپ were one) آپ have not gone back. Your mother had taught آپ how to fight with dogs just like the others in your clan. Your dog's name is Akita. آپ were not put on a team in your village because your mother wanted to train you. آپ love...
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posted by demon_wolf
Name: Mira Momo [Kimino, mother's maidin name] Hatake
Father: Kakashi Hatake
Mother: Yuka Kimino
Sister: Naoko Hatake
Age: 15
Height: 5'2
Weight: 120lbs
Likes: drawing, fighting, dogs یا any animal.
Dislikes: bugs, not doing anything active, mean/annoying people.
Personality: Cocky, fun, loving, loves animals, loves to be with her friends.
Looks: Long brown waist length hair up in ٹٹو tail, hazel green eyes, body type is slim and slender.
Clothes: Black shorts ando red wife beater with black half جیکٹ over it.us regular black shoes.
Other: Has a dog named Akita, she is all black except for her two front paws that are red and has a body like a german shephard. آپ have a بھیڑیا demon in آپ its the five tailed demon, Gobi. Has a twin sister named Naoko who does not have a dog like the rest of her clan.

Oh yeah i write in 2nd person so it is as if آپ are the character and آپ are doing stuff =]
posted by demon_wolf
He then flipped آپ so that آپ were under him. He leaned down and kissed on the lips. This kiss was a lot better than the first one آپ two shared. آپ لپیٹ, لفاف کریں your arms around his beck and make the kiss deeper. Kiba did not try and stop آپ from doing so. Around this time Naruto sat up and looked at آپ two. His mouth dropped open and his eyes went wide. He just slowly laid back down acting as if he saw nothing.

~time lapse 10 minutes~

Finally the kiss ended but only because آپ both were running low on oxygen. Kiba looked آپ in the eyes and آپ looked back.

“Wow that was a lot better than last...
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posted by demon_wolf
آپ lay there waiting for about ten minutes, when something slams itself into you.


A wet yet warm surface goes all over your face. آپ laugh when آپ realize it is just your dog, Akita.

“Akita.” آپ laugh. “Please girl get off me.” آپ say.

Akita continues to lick your face, to get her off آپ lift her holding her out in front of you.. آپ sit up and look at the door, only to not see your father but Kiba. Kiba was not wearing his normal grey فر, سمور lined hoodie, but a yellow tannish t-shirt. He was wearing the same pants though. He smiled at you.
“I know...
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posted by demon_wolf
آپ look at the person who spoke ,
“Where am I?” آپ ask.
“You don’t remember?” They answer.
“If I did would I be asking?” آپ say sarcastically.

The person glares at you, آپ realize that she is a medic ninja.

“Hump, well آپ and your Naoko, I think that was her name, went on a mission. آپ met up with the Akatsuki. They got the best of you.” She کہا and handed آپ a mirror.

You took the mirror and look at yourself, your skin is pale, and your human ears are gone only to be replaced سے طرف کی dark brown pointed dog ears. آپ put down the mirror and stand to reveal a long but slim but...
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posted by demon_wolf
آپ get up in the morning and take yet another شاور and then yo walk down stairs and eat some and feed Akita.You were just going to say ہوم today. Not wanting to see Kiba because of what ur dad said. But of course that was not how it was going to go. آپ were walking out of the باورچی خانے, باورچی خانہ when there was a knock at the door and before آپ could go and answer it your father came out of the living room and said.

"I got it. Oh Mira maybe its Kiba coming to see you."

"Yeah right why would he want to see me after what آپ did yesterday." آپ say and walk into the living room and sit on the couch.

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