2017 was a sequel heavy سال interestingly enough for me so just saying yah my faves once again had amazing اگلے seasons I thought i'd pay attention to the عملی حکمت that premiered this سال that didn't fall into the continuation section of what I watched. Well the سب, سب سے اوپر 3ish of each season for me anyway since i sure did power through/guiltily enjoy a lot of bad stuff and who honestly has the time right?

Winter: AKA i only really watched 3 non sequels


Acca 13 was a stylish calm عملی حکمت about Jean going around giving evaluation to each of the sections of the uniquely bird shaped country Dowa he lives on while there's silent whispering about his past and how it connects to the اگلے royal coronation and the dissatisfied sections of Dowa. All while they REEEEEEEEALLLY enjoy eating toast... I greatly enjoyed its slow pace and how it just seemed to smoothly integrate plot with Jean's job to give آپ a feel of the world and why the politics even matter at all, building up to end with not a bang but with the same calm demeanor it started with. Just a nice watch.


I had high hopes for this one being from the same مصنف of Hit man reborn, one of my پسندیدہ series, but the timing, the inappropriate jokes, even the اندازی حرکت at times led to a very stale watch. The characters sometimes showed the glint of likablity i recognize the مصنف for and the main character even showed some of that fave material, but be it the odd focus on "attraction" typical of bad harem anime, the pacing, the actual delivery it sits مزید on the guilty pleasure عملی حکمت than a new پسندیدہ which is a shame because I hear the manga is good and I did want to love this.

Marginal kiss

Er. yeah I happen to be the watcher of Idol and Reverse Harem عملی حکمت because I just can't help myself?? The weirdest part is that I actually do tend to like the songs in idol shows so i was disappointing that there weren't really any in here. Just a slice of life دکھائیں with idols who don't sing makes it my least پسندیدہ idol دکھائیں that I've watched. perfectly fine but made مزید meh since there weren't songs.

Spring: I watched like 9? but I'll only talk about 3 with an honorable mention

Tsuki Ga Kirei

TGK would be a normal shoujo about two shy cuties getting together but sets itself apart سے طرف کی doing something radical. It cut out a LOT of dialogue. Yet does not feel like a bare bones shoujo since it has the respect for the audience to understand what the characters are feeling سے طرف کی observing what they do and it just works. Makes it absolutely atmospheric and memorable. I really enjoyed my watch.


Kinda your basic get the band, er club, together عملی حکمت that dissatisfied a lot of people who assumed it would follow in the footsteps of another certain عملی حکمت about old japanese artforms. But I enjoyed myself so lol that's all I care about. Pretty basic in just about everything and i do have a few nitpicks but liked tuning in for some of the neat moments and even speeches the main made.

Anonymous noise

It was hecka tropey and that's why I loved it. Reading the manga i found it's really still tropey but some things that seemed to be paced oddly in the عملی حکمت are actually not paced so in the manga. In the عملی حکمت its paced so that آپ didn't have time to devour one dramatic reveal to another which to some may have been enough for them to quickly write their dislike of the عملی حکمت down to bad writing but I thoroughly enjoyed this as a roller coaster shoujo that played no games about the trope hoops it was jumping through.

Honorable mention: Kado the right answer

Extremely interesting عملی حکمت about the politics that would come from aliens trying to help us with an attempt at insight into human nature only to really fall on it's face for the last 3 episodes.

Summer:AW YEAH TIME FOR SOME NEWER STUFF.... but like not all of them آپ know lol

Made in abyss

An extremely atmospheric and interesting عملی حکمت about children going on an adventure down a hole in their town only to turn dark but due to warning signs at the beginning so آپ really shouldn't be so surprised. I was just in love with it and it really did an amazing job overall. I loved the characters, got swept away in the emotions, am absolutely intrigued سے طرف کی what the heck could possibly happen next, and can't wait for season 2.

Welcome to the ballroom

Loved the manga and was kinda mixed at the first episodes but grew into it even if *le sigh* i was disappointed at the minimal dancing اندازی حرکت (i mean its like a whole lot مزید than most عملی حکمت but grah?the reason to watch the عملی حکمت over the manga is to finally see مزید dance scenes animated and it's not like آپ don't get some dance scenes butadslkfnsdajkfn.nitpick) and some of the freaking angles look like horror shots haha? Focused on them ugly af necks haha? But sometimes its beautiful and it has my sun/son Tatara? (one of many I know but ??) but some scenes were taken out and i feel added (i'm looking at آپ fanservice shots, like it does have some in the manga but that many? nah.) but still manages to have a flow, enjoyment, interesting characters and some iconic dance scenes/arcs that the manga drew me in with like a 8.9/10 adaptation.

Katsugeki/Touken ranbu

Some people were disappointed in this as an action عملی حکمت but I just am way مزید chill about it for some reason. It was like a calm tune in عملی حکمت to me? maybe it's because I never expected much storywise since the concept/Hanamaru days عملی حکمت that came before, to begin with is er chill? slice of lifish with a focus on character so ?? too many (??) because i don't know i liked seeing beautiful action with a few touches on aspects the Hanamaru عملی حکمت couldn't delve into even if it only was a touch base. idk it still had the دل that I like the Touken Ranbu عملی حکمت for :P

Honorable mention:Knights and magic & Fate/Apocypha

Knights and magic was something i had a decent time tuning into each week.

Fate/Apocrypha did turn out to be ok/decent fun watch but was overwhelming in the first 2 episodes in the amount of characters they wanted آپ to know then underwhelming in the following episodes for the first half of the story in terms of theme and sometimes character. Kinda finds its nook in later episodes in a side mission team up anime.


I had so much i wanted to watch and couldn't due to LIFE but the 3 i definitely DID finish

Infini-t force

Infini t force was that niche عملی حکمت that i had bookmarked earlier due to adoring Casshern sins and learning that casshern would be in it (even though i have yet to wach the original casshern عملی حکمت smh). I left the عملی حکمت ready to watch the original series for all of the main characters. Like grah!!! It was funnily enough a group of 70/80's heros teaching a girl not to be a jerk and learn to empathize with the world she'd grown detached towards. While i wish the writing for the friendship for the group was smoother there were definitely interesting bonds the main character had to at least two of the heroes, one of them being interesting to the end. The writing in general could have afforded مزید breathing time for bonding moments so we could care they were دوستوں vs speeches of heroism but i still enjoyed it. Funnily enough I was invested, highly entertained and am excited for the movie. The funniest thing is it felt مزید like a reverse harem than "code realize" did and speaking of "code realize"

Code: realize

This is a reverse harem and an ok one? kinda like the i being me enjoyed it due to my bias towards it already. There was lot of really good in it and some that made me wish it's potential was مزید realized. Like kudos for a soft main heroine that didn't immediately = pushover like unfortunately the genre does sometimes. It was consistent in its aim to develop Cardia's (m.c) feelings from "should i be allowed to live" to giving the villain a what-for for being an unempathetic jerk. But the while the art was pretty, at times the اندازی حرکت held it back سے طرف کی being just bad یا some of the designs looked cheap due to a disconnect between the color schemes in the foreground vs background. The main couple was cute but not nearly as developed as the ending would have آپ to believe and since the bonds between her and anyone else was weak at best it was hard to care even if i might ship a couple of the guys with her مزید on theory than how it actually played. The plot was a little boring, as in nice in theory but hard to be invested in, and i wish there was مزید camaraderie between the group but مجموعی طور پر I liked it as a پاپ کارن, پوپکارن anime.

Juuni taisen

So if code realize was a پاپ کارن, پوپکارن عملی حکمت mostly due to my own preferences Juuni taisen was THE پاپ کارن, پوپکارن عملی حکمت for this season. It's smooth اندازی حرکت to 12 people fighting to death to get a wish was lot of fun for me. I didn't really like the ending but don't hold much of a grudge since i did enjoy my viewing.

Honorable mentions to literally all the عملی حکمت i didn't get a chance to watch and will catch up with right now/as we speak i am watching and finishing anime

Ancient Magus bride, a manga I know is good that I heard was also a good عملی حکمت adaptation

Children of whales i heard was also good.

Idolmaster side M, and Tsukipro because i literally admitted earlier that YES i try to keep up with idol عملی حکمت because don't judge me. (i did drop dynamic chord without trying it because i heard it was baaaaaad)

Grancrest senki and بنفشی, وایلیٹ evergarden which i heard were airing but are not available on chia عملی حکمت so I'll wait.

In Conclusion

So yeah my سال was decent some عملی حکمت i enjoyed مزید because i was catered to than because it was groundbreakingly amazing but haha i just love!defending my enjoyment of mediocre anime!because it was right up my interests! I kid I kid. There certainly were some standouts and I don't regret being waaaaaay to easy on some عملی حکمت because as has been my key phrase this whole مضمون I enjoyed myself and at the end of the دن that's all that matters to me :P

Which عملی حکمت did آپ like/watch this year?