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Cabutchikas posted on Dec 23, 2008 at 10:16PM
I have many ideas about anime, anime is one of my favorite cartoon. If you have some new anime ideas, perhaps you should think something very different or similar, perhaps you should make a plot, perhaps you should make some new characters, perhaps you should make some more than 13, 26 or 52 episodes.
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پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک ozzymortal said…
i got a couple,

a anime set in modern time where for some reason only females can perform magic until a boy discovers he can
im thinking it as a romantic, action, comedy

another is where a boy with an unusal amount of strength is transfered to a school where all the students are cyborgs by mistake(because of his stength) and most try to stay in the school without getting found out
thinking the same as the one up above

the gods and demons are fighting a war with the humans in the middle, a boy then decides to end the war by waging war between both the demons and gods
action, adventure, and fantasy
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک xralord said…
hey, i got a short beginning of one if you'd like to read it.

In this world, some people won’t simply go to heaven when they die. The dead need guidance. When people get guidance, they go trough a place called spirit forest. When they pass there, the souls leave their forms and this will allow humans to see the ones dear to you that have passed. After the souls leave the forest, they will be placed in a human child to be reborn. There are of course some children that get a new soul, but the dead will be reborn. People all over the world train to help souls rest. If the dead don’t get the guidance and rebirth, they will either become fiends or living dead. A fiend is creatures that lost their soul and are controlled by anger, regret or pain and make out a vicious form. A living dead aren’t much different from a fiend but they are people who still have a heart and soul connected to this world and keep the form of a human. Some living dead seek a way to live again, a way to reach a limit in life, like me….

...and thats about it. you might think its weird but, what you see is what i made:)
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک deane-uchiha said…
i got some ideas called element dragon
my 1st idea i kept for about a year or 2 when someone from every planet takes part in the rubicon contest to decide the next galaxy avatar but the main charactors family are mostly dead between a war and there are only 2 left ( 3 but the 3rd comes later in the anime) and the main charactor falls in love with a rebels sis

پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک AnimefanELITE said…
I got some ideas...

1. The Cat Prince(Neko no Ooji)
Miriam Mizuro is a typical girl with a typical cat - a fat, lazy and selfish cat named Ooji-sama(Prince). Until one day Miriam is fooling around with Prince(who is AGAIN just sleeping in Miriam's lap, doing nothing)playing she is the prince's servant, she kisses the cat's paw and hugs him. When she pulls away from the cat she screams and tries to push away THE COOL GUY WHO SUDDENLY APPEARED ON HER LAP! Miriam tries to punch the guy in tha face and the guy keeps avoiding her fist until Miriam hits the guy with a typical slap on the face. The guy explains that he is prince Markus de Ivay, who has being cursed by her sister for being too sinful(too many ladies) until he hears the three special words("I love you") from someone he truly loves. Miriam and Markus set off on a journey to find the girl from Markus' past whom he can't forget, and they have to do it before some weird men in black capes take the prince away.(P.S. The girl from the past turns out to be Miriam, and yeah, they fall in love if it isn't obvious enough. The prince can turn into a cat whenever he wants to, but can only be turned back into human with a kiss anywhere(paw, back, tail, ear, forehead, etc.).

2. My Prince(Watashi no Ooji-sama)
Cassandra Mizuro has been a completely normal girl, except for the fact that she befriended a prince in her childhood. She fell in love and when they had to part, she promised to never forget him. A few years after their parting, she found a statue that looked just like the prince, only several years older. Cassandra went to visit that statue from then on every day and dreamed of the prince every night. One day she read the newspaper that the prince of the kingdom of Mercia has been pushed from the throne. After that she went to the statue again, and as she was dreaming about her prince a gold-yellow scarf was flying in the wind towards her. She caught it and kept it. When later that day a boy very similar to the statue of the prince(but a bit more ragged) ran to her and asked for his scarf back, she gave it back, but slipped(the statue was high up on a very high cliff). The boy grabbed her hand and pulled her back up. Cassandra, in return, promised to do anything for him for saving her life, but the boy asked for a kiss. After that day(and that kiss)Cassandra started to develop some feeling for that mysterious boy(who's name turns out to be Markus too)...(P.S. This is another version with less fantasy of the idea above. And a different name for the girl. Markus has short and messy black hair and blue eyes, Cassandra/Miriam has long brown hair and light-brown eyes. And yes, I am very fond of princes lately...)

Ok, those were my ideas, and I think they were pretty good. BTW to make good characters and plots, make them have contrast. So, anybody have some more ideas?
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پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک DragonsArt said…
Not bad, her are my ideas ;p

Title: Yuumagur - it means evening twilight
Plot: A love action drama series with some pieces of comidy (Odd Delerobia-from Code Lyoko-level funny) The main charicter falls in love with a villian (or as he's told as) after she get's saved by him.
Charicters (main, not background):Princess Shiyu, (the "villian") Feldas, (her pet dragon) Cartoka (nicknamed Cat because it often acts like one) and her Father who is only known as "the King".
Time line: far far back (like before naruto's time line)
Genre: Fantasy

Story: Shiyu looks around. The message told her to come into the forest, but she was starting to get lost. Even her magic powers told her darkness was living in these woods. The bright sun had completely been covered over by black thorns that connected each tree. A twig snaps. Cat growls. She was scared of this place and this was really freaking her out. A shadow moved. Cat tried to attack but only got empty air. Shiyu felt something around her waist a looked to see the thorns wrapping around her. Cat was still following the shadow and was completely oblivious to the situation. Shiyu's face begins to turn pale as her magic is being taken from her. Blood was a torrent from where each thorn had grabed her at. She couldn't breath. Out of nowhere, Feldas landed in front of her with a knife in his hand. He raised it. Shiyu turns her head, expecting for him to slit her throat. Instead, he was cutting through the plant. Shiyu sits on her knees, unable to stand. Feldas puts his hand on her forhead and mumbles something she can't hear. She passes out as soon as Cat turns to face Shiyu
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پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Dagahto said…
My idea of one would be (Kthan)
A war hero from a old war who killed hundreds of men and had like swords sticking out of him. (i thought of this today actually 8D) leaning on his sword, they made a statue of him in this position, all bloody with five swords sticking out of his body, basically dead leaning on his sword, and he was supposed to die that way, and many people thought he did but a unknown spirit brought him back to life, and because he didn't die he didn't age either. he was 21 at the time of the war and nows he fifty with the look of someone who's about twenty. No one knows that he still lives but in the city where the statue stands their is a gang that steals from the residents and one man about the age of 18 wants to stop them but doesn't have the power, and he's desperately tried so many times to stop them, and he always looks at the statue of the man. he's never met his father at all. the war hero (Kthan) comes walking in as the thugs fool around with everyone and messes them all up, the man is extremely fast in combat and unbelievable hes able to throw his blade at the opponent and run as fast as the blade, as soon as it stabs the leader he grabs the blade and slices upward to split him in half. he finishes off the rest of the thugs and frees the town of them. the man named Suzuki who wants to free his village was stunned to hear that this happened and asked Kthan desperately if he could train him and bring him on his journey, Kthan journeys from place to place fighting for others. In the end Kthan agrees and brings Suzuki along with him and he trains him in weird way, he has to step to the side as fast as he can, Kthan is so fast that he almost seems to teleport around his enemies, a blurry vision! It also turns out that Kthan is Suzuki's father as well but near the end of the journey Kthan starts to go insane and Suzuki has to stop himself with a Ally or two hes made on his journey.
GG thats it, although its not complete.
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک owen908 said…
my idea

Name of anime: The crystal beasts. (some of them arent beasts XD)
Year: 2378 A.D
Plot: When a young boy named Yaro finds a mysterious cave, he tells his friends to check it out. So they have a look at it,they all enter it and find nothing exciting. But then they decide to leave and thats when they find the crystals, 5 of them just sitting on a stump.
They all pick them up and try to find out what they are. Soon enough a scientist hears about this and he tells them about things: 1000 years ago and meteorite crash into the earth, but it wasnt an ordinary meteorite. It had crystals sticking out of it!
Scientists took one of each colour of the crystals and done experiments.
Then they found out the powers of the crystals, then people used them to turn into beats and battle. Then the beasts released themselves but the humans made them do all their work.
But soon enough a powerful unkown energy was relased, and a monster appeared and destroyed nearly all the crystals. And that monster when back to hiding underneath the earth! A few days later Yaro, who picked the white crystal is visited by a spirit and says stuff like: I am the spirit of that crystal. Soon enough the kids are visited by the spirits too! Then one day when they are playing football together they are visited by another spirit who tells them that, the powrful energy will be releasing in one years time and they must prepare for it by going through quests and stuff like that!
Well I hoped you guys liked, it. Please tell me if it's good or not :)
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک kamehameha22 said…
This anime is about a boy named Shuhiyo Morumeshi his parent died and he had no cousin ante or sibling.He dies at the age 14 but gets another chance at life by protecting a girl name Ching Lee.At first he hates her and she hates him but somewhere along the way they got married and had two kids(Zabuza and Karama)peace was with the family until 16 years later his past come back to haunt him the past he never knew about.Wansang came out he annouced the truth of his kind and he gets mad and kill him.So then foward he tought his boy how to use his dad sword his brother gave tohim and the he gave to him also.So 4 year he finally meets his mother she tells him about the planet he is from and thats he the prince of the planet name darkness.So his boys started to go to college but some girl kept saying there was something different about them he tells her the truth teach her how to fight and settle down and the samething about the other one thety both had one child Kamoto and Zagarazo theytrain like their father and get strong.Until years later his father Dragozoid Caloroiserausertugustusmasgoraru.They kill him and have wonderful family or do they

پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک dex3fan475966 said…
I have one!

"School of genius"

this anime is about a boy named Kokoto sasumi, a young nerdy boy who meets a young purple haired girl named Vanilla in his new town called Sora. Kokoto f inds what seems like true love in his time with Vanilla, and then makes the mistake of telling her that starting in the new semester, he'll be going to Genius-tech high school. Thinking Vanilla won't know the truth, he then finds out that Vanilla is one of the academys top students! Now Kokoto has no choice but to try and sign up for Genius-tech. But then the night after sending in his form, gerts attacked by an evil clan of cyborgs known as the the elemental nerds. Led by a wolf/cyborg anthro named Taiji. believing hes doomed to die at that exact moment, an angelic figure swoops down to save him. scring off the elemental nerds. the figure keeps her head shadowed with one of her metalic wings, and tells Kokoto she is "angelic brainstorm".
then, flying off without a word, Kokoto is left more confused then probably possible.
about a another week passes and the semester inches closer, and still no acceptance letter.As Kokoto walks back toward his home, a strange man blocks his path. He asks to come inside, saying he is genius-tech high's school principal. Kokoto is left awe-struck and immeadiatly brings him inside.
The principal, named Sasuki, says that Kokoto's "skills" are just what the school needs. Kokoto's parents are reluctant though, seeing as Genuis-tech high is rumored to be a school for children.... more then just gifted in brains. Kokoto begs, and begs, AND BEGS, and then begs some more, and finally his parents accept.
Kokoto rushes to tell Vanilla both the truth, and the good news. Only to find her CAPTURED BY TAIJI AND THE ELEMENTAL NERDS! Vanilla is helpless, and something Kokoto changes. his eyes flicker from green to scarlett, and the next thing he knows, Vanilla is safe! But Taiji escaped, his last words being " THE PROPHECY IS TRUE! HE IS THE GENIUS IN THE BLACK TRENCHCOAT! WE MUST WARN PROFFESOR BLOODCRUSHER!"
Kokoto is confused, and Vanilla won't explain. There is definitely a secret behind Gene-tech high's doors, and the secret shall turn into an adventure that will give the meaning "brains over bronze" a whole new meaning!

to be continued!!!!!
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x-Yumi-x3 commented…
Vanilla huh, what an interesting name. پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک KogaShiromate said…
I got One the title is "Dragon Arm" about a 17 year old teen named Kouza Shiromate Which has strange bandages ingulfing his arms he also Happens To Be Lazy As $#!+ which one day came from school saw a strange girl with silver hair following him who claims to be his child hood friend Kyosha Mistsuzuki who he promised marrige to. day by day other girls strarted coming in his life The Happy Go Lucky Mizune Gire Who has A Strange eye patch On Her Left Eye. The Daughter Of Death Shina Who Tends To Seduce Kouza. The Android M.I.K.U.R.A Quiet yet Very Aggressive when it comes to getting "Data" From kouza.The Two Sisters miya and miyo.Miya looks lice a cat and miyo looks like a dog . The Samurai Haya Mitsu That treats Kouza as her Master.Miyare Haku A girl With the ability to manipulate her hair into any shape she imagines.Riya Promithea a girl that fell from the sky shes an expert at using a spear.
Two Entity's Resides Inside Kouza Body
That Should Never Be Awoken.......
Hope ya liked it
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پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Animeanimal said…
big smile
Name- HATE

Anime where 15 year old Kin Akumaru lives with four of his buddies on the streets and on the run as a street gang. All of the teens were abandoned as children b/c of the powers that they hold within and the fact that they were destined to love others of the same gender.

Kin comes across the gang of outsiders after one day killing his parents from an outlash of Vampire strength. Excessive rage and anger brings the dark truth to the surface. Kin is a vampire and he just killed his parents. He couldnt help it for rage of seeing his mothers abusive boyfriend just strike her to the ground. But now both are dead and he must live with the guilt forever....

At the sight of his mothers blood on his hands he tries to commit suicide. That is when Cameron Yaoi shows up to stop him in the nick of time and the rest is history!

I wont tell you all of it, but there is Govt secrets, betrayal of one of the gang members and alot of other heart welling moments.

Powers, Roles, and people:
Mission commissioner- Cameron Yaoi - Demon of the underworld
Leader - Arashi Kuroga- Fairy of intense power
Second in command - Querio sulfer - fire Goblin
newest member standing to be announced - Kin Akumaru - Vampire
Bate for all missions - Aaron Taylor - demon of unknown origin...
Hoped you enjoyed and read when I publish!
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک LinkKinuzuma13 said…
Here's my idea... hope you like it ^^

Name of anime/manga: ThunderBlade

The main chars are,

Link Kinuzuma-A boy who dicovers that he can control lightning
Jace Takezi-A kid who can control shadows
Zoey Lancer-A girl who wants nothing more than to be able to protect Link and Jace.

...When the sacred ThunderBlade is lost to time, a few thousand years later, a boy happens to stumble across it in the oddest of places. His backyard. He pulled it put of it's stone, and looked at it, wondering what the hell it could be. He did research on it and found that it was the legendary ThunderBlade. He kept it safe for a number of years, training with it, if it ever proved to be necesary. Four years later at the age of thirteen, a random man broke into the house to try and steal it, and his name was,Satan.

Link was just a normal kid living a normal life in his quiet neigborhood, when all of a sudden, he's sucked into a dangerous situation, because of a sword he found underneath his yard. Now he knows that it has the powers to either make you a hero, or a demon. And a man called the devil is now after him. Will he Become a demon, or save the world from destruction by Satan himself?

Tell me what you think, on my wall.
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک zgorges said…
Me too!

I dont have a name though! And its a brief description ><

Ok, So there are a boy or girl (love interests) that go to the same high school. The boy is from a rich family and the girl is a commoner. She needs to work to help support her family (mum, little brother) The rich boy offers her to work as a maid for his family, even though his family didnt need any more staff. Well he loves her, but dosnt let her know (will stretch out till last few episodes)

Its a comedy/romance anime!
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک TwilightKat said…
I'm still trying to draw out the manga for this =3=

Title- Chisai Vampire (or child vampire)
Story- Kagura Seteru is an average teen starting high school when her best friend Sumi upsested with the supernatural dares her to go into a "haunted house" after Kagura said "stuff like that doesn't exist, its only made up" In the house she punches a boy in the face by accident since he was trying to scare her. The boy (a 9/10 year old) begins to cry and yell at her and told her to leave the house. Kagura still wanting to win the bet askes why he's there and so on. The boy who's name is Taname says that this is his house and then brags about being a vampire. Kagura not believing a word he says leaves the house after completing the bet. The next day she ends up going to the house again since she believes the boy she meet was a kid who just ran away from home. And thus the story begins from there...
I guess it would be a comedy, action, supernatual and possibly a romance (if you don't mind pedo's XD)
If you like it let me know and I'll try to post the chapers online if possible ^^
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Atteroz said…
Anime: Atteroz

There are 8 continents in the planet, Terra. The 8 are Fulsor, Veron, Firion, Davnor, Setsrugai, Reon, Torseon and Avarth. The strongest country of Fulsor is Assarda, of Veron is Scion, of Firion is Alsore, of Davnor is Serome, of Setsrugai is Raikai, of Reon is Arcanes, of Torseon is Gabranth and of Avarth is Seneca.

To use Artis a Human or Aesir must be able to use plasma, a form of energy used to use Artis. There are Artis of many different elements and each with their own special advantages over others.

In the Anime "Atteroz" there are humans and there are Aesir. Aesir can use Artis and plasma very widely although there are some humans who can use Artis and plasma.

There are six different elements for humans to control and a human can control two or one while even some can control all of them. There is Earth, Fire, Water, Wind, Lightning and Metal. Each comes with unique techniques and traits Metal being one of the rarest ones. A Alchemist is a user of all elements.

Spec Oculus or Spec for short is variation of the regular human eye which has the power to copy techniques, read the minds of people, Anticipate people’s movement, see a person’s plasma vein, and also has three different Artis. A Visual Artis, A physical Artis and a Tempus Artis. There is a Umbra Spec eye, a Lux Spec eye and a Infinitus Spec eye and a Finis Spec eye.

Artis means technique in Latin. There are many different kinds, types and styles of Artis in Terra; by different types meaning different elements for example a Fire bomb Artis or a different kind would be a Ice bomb Artis. By different styles of Artis there are Visual Artis (Spec), Physical Artis (Fire bomb Artis), Tempus Artis (Conjuring Artis), Area
Artis ( Ex. Turning the are around into Ice, fire etc.), and Transformation Artis ( Fire mode, Werewolf, Bird Etc.).

For Visual Artis there many kinds, some that can entrance people, lose people in their own subconsciousness, hurt people both mentally and physically, plant fake memories and thoughts into people and so on, but most require having a Spec, which is a Genetic trait that is inherited by parents and ancestors.

For Physical Artis, it is generally anything physical for example a fire bomb Artis that will explode into flames upon contact, a lightning sword Artis that fabricates a lightning sword out of a Aesir's hand.

Tempus Artis can summon many things, objects all over the world, beasts, animals, weapons, vehicles, armor, etc.

Area Artis can turn the surrounding area into either a specific element or anything else.

Most Transformation Artis require the user to already posses a gene or allele to be able to transform, for example, Atteroz, whose father could turn into a dragon has the gene for it as well and can transform into a dragon, but not all Transformation Artis require a specific gene or allele.

Atteroz,the protagonist lives in the country Assarda in the continent Fulsor. Atteroz lives in the capital of Assarda, Assarda City. Atteroz Hernandez son of Robert Hernandez and Julie Hernandez a Alchemist was born on August 4th 2994 in the Azure district of Assarda. Atteroz has currently two older brothers and one older sister, Trent, Roy and Jessenia. Robert Hernandez was a war and had advanced control over steel and metal which earned him the name “Steel Dragon of Assarda” and was the leader of K.N.I.G.H.T.S. during the Vassnor war and now is retired and living off of a government retirement plan. Julie a once famed scientist is as well is on retirement. Atteroz Hernandez, a very bright Aesir is at the last grade of school at the early age of 5 is halfway through finishing school and already is a known Aesir in Assarda, not just being the son of the “Steel Dragon” but for his brilliance and skills. On the night of July 7th 3000 Atteroz's Family was murdered, with the exception of his older brother Roy. The murderer according to ACI (Assarda Criminal Investigation) and K.N.I.G.H.T.S was Terachi, although no compelling evidence was found to link him to the murder. Terachi, a man who lived in Assarda, but betrayed his country and fled and is now considered to be a rogue Aesir. Terachi is a feared Aesir as he is a Gold ranked Criminal, and is known for his Shadow type Artis and can Conjure up Shadow Aesir called Shadows. Trevor, a young well known K.N.I.G.H.T.S member, talks to Atteroz and tells him to one day join K.N.I.G.H.T.S to get revenge or find out who truly murdered his family. The day after his family's murder, Atteroz has vowed since then to seek revenge against Terachi, and is now training to become a strong enough Aesir to be able to kill Terachi, and has excelled in all of his classes at school and is quickly finishing it.
At the age of ten, Atteroz drops out of school at grade 8 and leaves Azure district he has lived in and went to the Verde district, to live with the gang he joined, The Vigilantes. Now at the age of thirteen, Atteroz is now one of the leaders of the gang for his remarkable sword skills and his old goal of seeking revenge has been forgotten, till one day K.N.I.G.H.T.S Leader, Trevor comes to the slums of the Verde District and asks Atteroz to come to the Azure district and finish school so one day he can join K.N.I.G.H.T.S and have the power and training he needs to get revenge. Atteroz rejects, but Trevor's mind is set and takes him by force.
Now in the present Atteroz lives in an apartment for orphans where he is now getting ready to finish his last year of school, so he can graduate and get the title of being “ “ Rank, which is required to be in the military or go to college. Atteroz listening to Trevor's Advice plans to finish school and go to the military to later join K.N.I.G.H.T.S, but little did Atteroz know that it would not be this simple, that he would have to travel all over the world, meet many different people, both villains and allies, and discover the world's most deepest secrets, lies, and the different demises Terra would face, demises Atteroz will have to step up to to stop them, and not just him but the allies he meets, and stop the Trinity of Terra.

Tell Me what you think of my idea by registering at my Website where new Anime, video game and movie ideas are shared daily!

پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک wolfmaster3000 said…
I Actually wrote this Idea as my grade 9 final Project here's the Idea

Name : Zenith Chronicals

Genere : Action, Fantasy, Maigc, Romance , supernatural

Storey : so the time peroid is Fudal Japan there was a war between Demons and all fantasy like creatures between Humans the kings of each race (demon,vampire, dragon etc ) worked out a contract and now they live in Harmoney with one another the main Protagonist of the seris is a guy named Zenith moltray a half Dragon Half human Hybrid makeing him a Dragon born. Zenith is being trained by his father Norith who was a mighty Dragon Knight and is the Gaurdain of the four elements , he is teaching Zenith to become the next Dragon knight of the elements but his brother Nortra become's Jealous and one day when Zenith is a way he come's home to find his family and future wife Yuki all posed so he kills his posed family and get's taken in by the Military due to Breach of the Treaty once he breaks out he goes into the underworld to get his familyies souls back. in season 2 he finds out that the soul of his wife Yuki hasn't been taken away so he decides to Pursue and find her he also meets a Ninja named Rin who falls deeply in love with him at the end of season 2 Zenith finds his wife and in the final season , season 3 Zenith finds out his Brother was behind the whole thing and they have the battle of there life time resulting in Zenith as the winner and new Dragon Gardain of the elements. on a side note Zenith during the course of the seris Gains the powers of the four elements along his way.

Second Seris : Ryu the son of the mighty Gaurdain.

this storey takes place 100 years after Zenith's Storey and foucues in on Zenith's son Ryu , is odd because he is Dragon born with Demon blood inside him makeing him a Unique hybrid. Zenith's mom & Zenith both are now dead the seris starts off with a young Ryu watching his parents fight because Zenith has to go to war ( another war between Supernaturals and humans broke out ) and Zenith get's killed Gaurds come to take away Ryu , Naturally he runs away than it goes forward 20 years into the future the first season is really Ryu going around helping people with there day to day problems so slaying demons yard work getting supplies for shops etc. the second season Ryu ends up seeing his main Antgaonist The God of Destruction and the Order of the black knights Orginzation there purpose to control the world. Ryu than meets Riku a Ninja who Ironically is the Daughter of Rin. the two naturally have a great start off to one another season 2 end with Ryu gaining the power of his first element. through out the course season 3 Ryu is Gaining and learning how to use the four elements. in season 4 Ryu Pursu's the Forbidden four witch are the toughest memebers of the Black sword group season 4 ends with the god of destruction battleing with Ryu with Ryu as the Victor and now Gaurdain of the four elements.

eipqment in the seris :

element orb : these orbs are in diffrent temples and allow the user to control the four elements in the first seris Zenith gains them from each temple in the second Seris there in diffrent worlds where Ryu has to venture forward.

so let me know what you think :)
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Atteroz said…
For all of you here post your Anime Ideas on my website, a website where people discuss anime ideas and help better them go to createyouranime.webs.com
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Lucky_Approach said…
i call it (kako konsue) or ~Past coma~

MAIN PLOT:the story starts out with a boy who was young, had many friends and lived with a nice wealthy family (mom,dad,and younger bro) till he saved the life of a little girl who was about to get hit by a semi truck going pretty fast, the boy then pushes the girl out of the way only to get hit and be sent through life threatning surgery as well as a coma that would last to a astaunishing 6 years
when he wakes up from his coma he finds that many of his childhood friends have moved away, his dad is in prison for life in a country far away, and his mom was murdered(not by the dad).If that wasnt bad enough, the boy's little brother is missing somewhere in japan and the boy (whos now 15) vows to search for him and try to get the life he used to live back someday.but first he has to go back to school.

GENRES:detective,romance,love triangle,echii,highschool,tragedy,drama,ma­ybe alil action

please dont steal my idea or anything unless your wanting to mention me if it becomes a hit which for alot of reasons id dount it wouldnt and is probably something similar to another anime ive yet to seen

setting: 1999, some small city in japan

i am yet to think of a name but im geuss for it to be Takashi Sumaji
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک seandeaon said…
Here is an idea about an anime I came up with awhile ago.

I was inspired to create this anime after watching shows like Fullmetal Alchemist, Code Geass, Shoujo Cosette, and Emma: A Victorian Romance. It appears the Japanese have an interest in stories of revolutions against oppressive rulers as well as the Victorian/Edwardian time period. Well this anime would have both:

Name : Sons of Erin (or Sons of Ireland)

Genre : Action, Drama, Romance

Story : Set in Ireland during the early 20th century, the story follows a group of 7 friends (4 guys, 3 girls) as they live through the Irish War of Independence. The show would start in 1916 with the Easter Rising, go to the Anglo-Irish Treaty of 1921, which ended the war and created the Irish Free State, and finish with the Irish Civil War of 1923. Historical Characters would also appear like, like Michael Collins and Eamon De Valera.

Main Cast:
Darick Donnelly: Main protagonists, 21-year-old from County Cork who gets caught up in the Easter Rising and later joins the IRA and fights the British. He and Tristan have been best friends since childhood and Kathy is his love interest.
Kathy Maguire: Main heroine, 19-year-old from County Waterford, she witnesses the Easter Rising and joins the Cumann na mBan (the IRA women's group) at the start of the war in 1919.
Tristan Lyons: 22-year-old from County Cork and Darick best friend since childhood. He takes part in the Easter Rising and later joins the IRA. He later becomes a flying column commander, with Darick, Seamus and Ernie under his command.
Seamus O'Rourke: A 20-year-old from County Cork, who joins the same IRA brigade as Darick and Tristan in 1919. He becomes good friends with them and follows them in their journeys. He is a bit of a smarta** and blabbermouth, which irritates Ruth the most, although he obviously has feelings for her.
Ruth Fitzpatrick: A 19-year-old from County Kerry, who met Kathy and Bridgette a few days before the Easter Rising and also fought in it. She later joins the Cumann na mBan along with Kathy and Bridgette. Hot headed and short tempered, Ruth has a deep hatred for the British and wants nothing more than to drive them out of Ireland. She is also a strong supporter of women’s rights and hates chauvinists. She is constantly irritated by Seamus and hits him for being annoying and goofy, although it is made clear that she does have feelings for him.
Ernie Flynn: A 21-year-old Dubliner and student of Trinity College who meets Darick and Tristan in 1916 and introduces them to Patrick Pearse. He witnesses the Easter Rising and joins the same IRA brigade as the others in1919. A studious looking man with glasses and always has his face in a book whenever he’s not fighting the British. He later serves as the navigator and medic in Tristan’s company.
Bridgette Campbell: An 18-year-old Catholic girl from Belfast who fled to Dublin to escape persecution by Protestants. She met Kathy in 1913, became her friend and later witnessed the Easter Rising. Although opposed to violence, she joined the Cumann na mBan with Kathy in 1919. She is quiet and shy but also becomes emotional very quickly.

Running Time:
I would like the show to be about 54 episodes or at least 2 seasons of about 24 episodes long.
The 1st season would be about the Irish War of Independence, starting with the Easter Rising and ending with the Truce of 1921. The 2nd season would contain the Anglo-Irish treaty and the creation of the Irish Free State which leads into the Irish Civil War of 1923. Just like Clannad, the 2nd season would be more tragic and emotional.

I imagined the show to be done in a similar art style to Baccano! Or Fullmetal Alchemist.

Even though it’s a historical subject most people don’t know about, I think the epic background of the Irish War of Independence would make a great anime show. For those of you who have no idea what I’m talking about, look up Irish War of Independence on Wikki or rent the films Michael Collins and Wind that Shakes the Barely.
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Gyroball13 said…
big smile
Anime: Bellgum Green (Bellgum Midori)

Genre: Action, Comedy, Shounen, Romance, Supernatural

Story: Jordan, Luke, and Elk have known each other ever since they were 10. Jordan and Luke were 13 in 8th and Elk in 15 in 9th grade now. While they were walking home from school on one rainy day Elk was killed by a robber and told Luke to take care of Jordan in his place. It was 3 years since the inccident and Jordan became the Madam of Nanamake. Madam, or Sir for a male, is the ruler of a town. every town had one, but this one was more special.

Luke Bellgum: Green spikey Hair. Age: 16 Height: 6'2" Weight: 126. Kind towards others and has two brothers, Elk and Carter. Facts: He works for Jordan and always calles her Madam instead of her name because that is what your suppose to call them.

Jordan "Yajuu" Sora: Long dirty blonde hair always up in a ponytail. Age: 16 Height: 5'3" Weight: 120. Facts: She sneakes into town whenever she has the chance. She wears her hair down so nobody reconizes her... and they don't.
(there are more characters, but I'm to lazy to put them. XD)

I would want it to be like at least over 100 eps. or at least 9 seasons or more.

Like Akira Amano's Katekyo Hitman Reborn! ( That anime is Total Awesomeness!)
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پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک SheWolf11 said…
Wolf Soul

A boy named Nikko (Green eyes, kinda tan skin, black hair, black shirt with a long sleeve undershirt, a silver chain necklace of "The Cross", dark blue jeans, and black shoes with a diagnal white stripe across it) his home along with his parents get burned alive while he is at the market buying milk. He is now alone in the world and lives in his own small secret spot in the forest. One day he hears a strange voice and it turns out to be the Wolf Sage Shiro! The great and wise sage fuses his soul with Nikko and lives in his body! Nikko is on a quest to find out who killed his parents and on his way he helps the villagers with they're own problems. He could transform into Shiro and become a wolf. :)
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک angelgirl12 said…
i got one too

the name is: good luck
because its like you wishing them good luck XD

its about two fathers who had really great powers they are called magicians that use art powers like instruments,singing,drawing,painting,ect.s­o passed down their powers to their daughters that never knew their fathers only heard of them and don't know what happened to them every time they ask they moms cry so they don't ask anymore so they go to school together graduate from 4 grade and is going to 5 grade don't know about they powers until they use it mistakenly then their moms cry cause they can't see them once they go to magic academy but have to send them there so they can learn how to use their powers meet mean boys nice boys mean girls nice girls and one of them fall in love with the mean boy and the other with the nice boy but also all three mean boys like her but the one she like can't admit his feeling because he been through rough time and don't want to be hurt more so he's the leader and a mean girl like all three of them and the other two don't admit their feelings either but also she's good in everything she do because her dad gave her his powers and he mastered everything and her friend is only good in singing and playing keyboard and the mean boys and girls hate it how she's happy and can do everything without a sweat but that's not true she has a secret that not even her mom knew about her dad magic or hers......

to be continued......

i want at least two to four seasons :D

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پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک chocolate18 said…
the story is kinda based on Bleach, InuYasha, Nurahiyon no Mago, Fairy Tail, Kyoukai no Rinne, Death Note, The Grim Tales, Sugar Bits, philippine british and japanese folklore, and a bunch of other stuff.

Genre: action, adventure, comedy, drama, fantasy, fiction, historical, legend, shounen,

On a typical night, Kaoru, a high school student walking his way home suddenly comes across a beast that starts to chase him. He then finds himself in a dead end until a mysterious girl slays the beast and Kaoru escapes. The next day, his teacher told him to exchange seats and now has to sit behind a girl named Kohaku (or Hikaru), the exchange student who does nothing but sleep in class but when awake, usually gets in trouble. Kaoru always waited for the moment when Kohaku would say "Thank you" for saving her after almost being hit by a truck although she just ignores him. As night falls, Kaoru is once again chased by a beast and is once again saved by the mysterious girl. It turns out that the mysterious girl is really Kohaku who slays beasts and legendary monters (why she sleeps all day). She was assigned to protect Kaoru who is unaware that he possesses the power to kill a hundred beasts in one blow. They are now forced work together to slay beasts in their town. Both of them are also waiting for each other to say "Thank you" to each other for saving each others lives but are too shy to say so.
Kaoru- main protagonist. he has the power to defeat 100 beast in 1 blow but has not yet been mastered. he is sometimes cowardly and nervous
Kohaku- a quarter beast. she is Kaoru's guardian. is very stubborn and hates taking orders. she can change form from human to half beast for the sake of her identity.she uses her sword and energy spheres
Misora- a taijiya. she hates beasts and all that stands in her way until she joined the group and accepted that there are also nice ones. she uses her kama and katana or bare hands.
Yuki- a celestial mage. she uses her supernatural powers and is very kind and gentle unless you anger her. she uses her charmed bow and crystal-tipped arrows
Matt- a prince from another dimension. he ran away from his world because he feels like a prisoner even if he is a ruler. he uses his flying daggers
Antares- a beast specialist and a sorcerer.he is a smart, logic guy who seems childish at times. he uses his silver staff and ax
Tatsuya- a beast. he looks more like a human than a beast due to a curse ,his true form is monsterous but he usualy takes the form of a half- beast like Kohaku . he is lecherous and loves to flirt. he uses his wakizashi and energy volts
Name: Nursery Nightmares

Genre: horror, mystery, shounen, legend, fantasy, fairy tale, comedy

When twins Jack and Jill went up the hill to the well to fetch a pale of water, instead of falling down the hill, they fell down the cursed well. They find their selves in a twisted world of nursery rhymes and bedtime stories. They face Alice of Wonderland , a girl driven insane after not being able to escape, Big Bad Wolf, a humanoid wolf who tricks children astray, Manika, a life sized doll who cuts peoples body parts for her own and other creepy people. They must work together to escape the world of nursery nightmares.
Name: Who Killed Me?

Being able to survive an accident, Sophie can now see the dead souls who ask for help. Tsuki is a girl who was murdered but her body was never found and her family does not know about her death so she asks Sophie for help. Sophie is helped by Naoki, a paranormal investigator and Matthew, a skeptic. They have to solve clues and mysteries to reach their goal.

Name: Wings of Regret

Naoto is a young rebellious juvenile delinquent boy who attempted suicide. He failed and was later brought to the hospital. The doctor said he only has a few months to live but Naoto just wants to die. While in bed, unable to stand, he met the doctor's daughter, Misaki. Upon meeting her, he realizes that he wants to spend his lifetime loving her and finally saw the beauty of the gift of life. But how can he make his life according to his dreams if he only has a few months to live?
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک connor_hewison said…
my idea is
name: snowball fight kikashi
idea - basically the students at different schools take part in snowball fights to take the other fighters budokai(a special power people unlock inside themselves ) the budokai is there scource of power but

kikashi is the worst he is found by his school bullies who take his bodokai by force then three weeks later he stops moping,crying and wingeing that he lost his bodokai and challenges the bullies to a snowball fight when all odds are against him he unlocks a new bodokai great balls of fire (goes through the snowballs no matter how big) with this new found power he stands a chance to win
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Gigglepud said…
I like ozzymortal's first one and chocalate18's Who Killed Me, though I think the who killed me one should sort out the names, some is Jap and some is the western names...
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک robobot14 said…
Mine is called Sage:Dark Beauty.Its about an orphan named Sage Kaibara who was abandoned in the forest by her evil parents.She has a tough time living,until a few kids,Aina,Hayato,and Kaminari,find her one day.Sage tries to be friends with them,but she has anger issues due to the fact that her parents are villains(Sage is not a villain though).Since she was so mean,Hayato and Kaminari wanted to leave her,but Aina insisted they should stay.The three kids soon went to find Sage's parents,Taiki and Chieko Kaibara.Taiko and Chieko are soon found.At first,they didn't want Sage,but later they let her go back home.
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پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک unpaidfornow said…
I Got A Good One I Named Radiation Eaters Where certin individuals Can Contain Large Amounts Of Radiation But Have Unusual Abilities . Towns That Use These Individuals As bodygaurds , spec ops, Etc, Yet One Kid Who Exeeds Limitaitions Is Put To Get A Team of his Own And Become The Strongest And Most Legendary Radiation Eaters. ...
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Iso_oreChan said…
I'm still "upgrading" so the name isn't guiet sure eventhough I'm thinking about; Dark side of the life' or Messed up life of a girl' anywayz the plot: A girl named Iso has 17 years and goes to highschool for becoming a pschyoligal (don't know how to spell it xD) and she got to met this 3 awesome girls that became her best friends. Soon enough they get kidnapped by a pschyo man and Iso decides to save them, in her adventure where she always thought of herself as a girl that understands everyone, everyone's feelings and that can understand a situation and deal with it; gets pschyo herself as that man and the misteries got soooo messed she begans to see things and soon enough she won't be able to tell what's real and not, so the guestion is, will she find her friends (are they even alive?) who's the man, and will she survive herself? The story gets even more messed up when at one of the last episodes clues point onto her mother.
The anime is: Drama,Adventure,Action,Supernatrual and pschyoligic xD Damn it, can't spell!
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک frabalaba said…
I have come up with many but i like mine that's a little different. Set in today's society.
The main characters names are Zen and Sara. Zen is the father of sara his 8 year old daughter whos mother died giving birth to her during an apocalypse. The apocalypse was caused by a man who found out how to harm the gods. He then killed all the gods and plunged the world into darkness. Edith sara's mother made Zen promise he would never let her die. Sara died two years later from a demon that had torn her apart. Zen then went on a rampage killing hundreds of demons with his bare fists. He later meets an old man that turned out to be a god who gives his power to Zen. Zen then pledges to rid the world of all evil so he can make it up too his wife and daughter.
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک 10thomas said…
This was a dream of mine when I was a kid, hope you like it

A rich kid who lost his parents in a archelogical accident while he was 3, was attacked on his 16th birthday. Beleived to be the destroyer of Earth he is captured by the Cesetial 5 whos job is to stop the destroyer, at first they beleive him to be evil, but as time progresses they get to know him and conclude he is not the one. Together they must journey on a quest to gather the Armor of Hope. The only weapon powerful anough to stop the destroyer, before its to late.
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک mmzeoscouts said…
I'm still working on this, but I think I'm on to something with this.

The name is "Love is a Strange Thing". It's about a girl named Rebecca (age 18) (yes, I'm using english names for the characters. If Big O can use english names, then so can I) who has a reputation at her high school of being the most perverted student (her perverted escapades include making intimidating advances toward guys, exposing her massive bosom, purposefully stripping down in front of men when they least expect it, and peaking into the guys' locker room when they're changing. These acts have garnered both admirers and detractors from both the opposite and same sexes). One day, Rebecca stumbles upon a boy wearing a green sweater and blue jeans who manages to grab her attention. Convinced that he's the man that she is 'meant to be with', she takes the poor fellow to the back of the school and strips him down... only to find out that 'he' is a girl. Surprised and shocked that she fell for someone of the same sex, Rebecca immediately notices that the girl has what looks to be a hard-on. The girl (age 17), who reveals her name to be Melissa, says that she is a hermaphrodite, a girl with both a vagina and a penis. Melissa says that Rebecca is the first person who showed any romantic interest in her, and asks if they can be friends, an offer which Rebecca apologetically accepts. The two develop a healthy friendship. Over time, Rebecca starts to develop feelings for Melissa due to her rather masculine appearance, which she continually denies. It isn't until Melissa ends up a victim of a car accident that Rebecca finally comes to terms with her feelings for her and confesses her love for Melissa.
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک pmananime said…
well here one there's a place deep in the universe that a line divides in 2 one side is controlled by Akuma-ō and the other is ruled by Kakudo in the lives the humans. so one day Akuma-ō declares war on every one humans and angels. so the leader of the humans Patorikku and his best friend take on the challenge to kill Akuma-ō instead Patorikku friend fall in a void filled with red energy an extreme evil tha changed him for ever TO BE CONTINUED.....
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Yearning said…
I have had a bunch of anime characters that i've created over the years, but never really had a place for them, so i invented 'Factions', which is an idea that creates kind of a melting pot for all my characters.

Heres how it goes...

There are 3 main factions (i may add more).
THE NINJA, who are in extreme poverty and on the verge of extinction, live underground in small communities scattered over the world. They are few now, but were once the original leaders of the planet, until the CYBORGS decided to distinguish themselves.

The CYBORGS are a different species of human from the ninja. No one knows why there different, or how they mutated, but they have the power to genetically bond with technology. They rule the earth, have large prosperous cities, and wield powerful future technology. There main goal is to exterminate the ninja, becoming the only human race on the planet.

But for both these factions, there is a problem...

The BLURS. An alien race with an all powerful, demonic leader of darkness and fear. The blurs themselves appear as humans who have no faces. They live on instinct and are primarily directed by there leader, a deep mass of fear and hatred materialized into the form of a black dragon. They landed on Earth a good while back, and there goal is to consume the planet. The leader is weak in its primary state because it recently devoured a planet. It remains in the Blur headquarters, floating in a room of darkness, healing and getting ready to devour the planet. The blurs themselves are powerful, cannibalistic creatures, which wander unpopulated lands gathering resources and attack without control or warning.

THE HERO of the story is named Daikku. He is initially a member of an elite ninja strike squad, along with his two most trusted friends and his brother. In the epilogue (first episode), the squad is infiltrating Blur headquarters stealthily. This is the first time ninjas re ever entering Blur HQ. THe squad gets in with little trouble, but while inside Daikku and his brother accidentally stumble into the room in which the leader of darkness is resting. Luckily it is still very weak. When it tries to kill Daikku's brother, Daikku reacts absorbing half of the deathblow. This saved his brother, but left them both nearly dead and with a dragon-looking scare on half of their bodies. After this, the dragon of darkness uses the rest of his power to engulf Daikkus brother in darkness, while Daikuu's squad member finally finds them, but is only able to drag out Daikku. He gets Daikku out of the headquarters, but is killed while defending him. Daikku is left almost dead, in immense pain and in the middle of the entire BLUR horde. But due to the mark of darkness on his arm the BLURS do not devour him, but recognize his scent as one of there own. Daikku is rescued/captured by a cyborg patrol that was passing.

THE MAIN CHARACTER is a cyborg girl named Kitome. She is the daughter of the Cyborg ruler and king. After Daikku is brought back to Cyborg HQ, to be interrogated and tourtured, he escapes and this is ho he meets her. After a series of events, Kitome learns that Daikku has now also been exiled from his own people, the ninjas, and is wanted everywhere on Earth. She already has feelings for him from their first encounter when he spared her life for no known reason. After his exile, Daikku dissapears off the map for a year or so, honing his new dark powers and mixing it with his ninja skill. He re-appears in the CURRENT STORY, the epilogue finished. Daikkus hands-on experience with the BLUR leader had tainted and changed him. He no longer smiles, ever, is much stronger, and has ONE sole mission and goal. Destroy the Blurs, and hopefully find his brother in the process. After coming back, Kitome decides Daikku is right and disagrees with here father, who is also ignoring the BLUR threat and trying to kill the ninjas. She leaves and joins Daikku, adding her fighting and healing capabilities.

There is also the MAIN POWERFUL ENEMY - Daikkus brother 0.0

THE SECOND HERO - A very angry individual who has possesion of the 'Rage Stone', to keep his rage in check and harness his anger into material power. He is broken out of prison by Daikku and is the main Rival/teammate.

AND THE FOURTH TEAM MEMBER - A new, baby BLUR which just crash landed on earth is found by Kitome and Daikku. After a wild and deadly battle, Daikku tries to kill the baby but Kitome dosent let him, and keeps it as a pet. It grows stronger and more loyal everyday, turning into a hardened, well trained asset to the team.
So...What do you all think?
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک LovingDoom said…
i thought it was all original and pretty interesting i liked how there the ninja and cyborgs are enemys but have a commin enemy. but maybe ninja are over used? unless they''re modernized! soooo here's mine i just cam up with the idea yesterday sooo please be patient. XD

Title: Dreamers (?)

Eli has always been afraid of the dark though he can''t remember why. He likes to think that it has something to do with the mysterious young woman (Stella) that is always watching him, that only he could see. One day after school a rolling black out goes across the city (and maybe further) and he is reminded of why he is so afraid of the dark. He bears the Dream Catchers Curse where all of his nightmares come to life, the people around him turn into his fears leaving only a few people left. The young woman, who had previously bared the curse mark though died because of her nightmares hopes to be able to help this boy out of the darkness.

it was kind of wanting it to be like a very creepy wonder land where strange creatures try to attack and the settting always changes according to the nightmares. link Tell me what you think of it please?
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک DFlo said…
Yo. I've got an idea for a new anime.

Name: Arcana 7

Setting: 2025. After scientist release an unknown energy from a 10th generation particle accelerator, 9 races live on Earth:
Maverics(humans that can use magic)
Beastkin: human-animal hybrids (some can use magic)
Dogma: werewolves
Spectres:humans with ghost-like powers
Sapians: humans that can use magic due to the inherited Nexus cell
Witches:evil humans that use dark magic
Arcana: good witches

to cope with the new races and the damaged done due to the war between humans and sapians and the other races, the Arc Avial Nations(floating nations) were created, each having three to four cities. There are nine major ones, each specializing in some form of research:
Suzaku Republic:Techno-Magic
Leoseran Dominion: Technology
Soryu Concordium: Magic
Voltaire Dominion: Electricity
Bagliore Sector: Heat forging
Oregane Alliance: Steel
Nightwall Alliance: Trans
Altira Empire: Weapons(evil)
Geocrania Kingdom: Machine(evil)

In the Suzaku Republic's capital, Orion City, there is a school that teaches kids to use magic. It is called the Orbis Perisilium, or Orbis Magic Academy. The main characters are entering their second year of class A and need a new team mate that can use the water element. there are 10:
water,earth, fire, air, lightning, blade, shield, steel, light, and darkness.
A new group of students are coming in for the entrance exam, knowing little of what the exams will contain.

stay tuned to find out more.
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Jellyfish-san said…
Here's a kind of story that the world of anime really needs right now.
It's supposed to be a Romantic Comedy:

There's a rumour going on about a certain day when you are more likely to find your destined person (or whatever this is called).
Ringo is a first year high schooler who describes herself as a person who doesnt believe in such rumours, but nevertheless when that day comes she is very excited and wonders if anything will happen. While at school, Ringo receives a message on her cellphone from an unknown adress, and the person writing tells her to meet him/her at an avenue at a nearby park at a certain time. At first she is suspicious about it as it looks like some kind of prank, but in the end she can't help but give it a try. And so after school she hurries to that place and waits for the person who sent the message to come. After waiting for a hour she decides to give up and is about to go home when suddenly she hears someone coming. She becomes excited and wonders if that is the person of her dreams, only to find out that it's a boy who is a few years younger then her. The boy whose name is Hikaru says that he got a message similar to the one that she got and asks her if she is the person who told him to come there. The girl gets mad at him thinking that he is pulling a prank on her but then the boy suddenly asks her if her name is Ringo. She then gets even more angry at him and demands him to tell her how does he know her name. when she finally lets him speak he shows her an ID card (or whatever this is called) with her name and gives it to her saying that he found it lying somewhere on the street and wanted to return it to its owner. She then calms down and apologises for getting mad at him without letting him explain himself and understands that he isn't the person behind the message, which turns out to be a prank. The two then naturally start a conversation since they both are in a similar situation, and before she knows it she ends up spending the afternoon sitting on a bench at that avenue and chatting with that boy. The next day at school one of her friends tells Ringo that she saw her at the park chatting with some kid, and that she looked like she was having fun which Ringo denies. Then after school the heroine bumps into Hikaru again who seems to have a crush on her, and he tells her that he will be transferring to her school because he's a child prodigy.

After this the two of them start attending school together and get into all kinds of situations with the boy trying to make friends with the heroine but she tries to avoid him thinking he would cause more misunderstandings for her, but in the end the situation always leads to them getting closer and eventually becoming friends (or more?).
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پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک jvanwey15 said…
Anime story I thought of:
Parasite Survival
Story Line: A new species is found in America in an underground mining plant. America is praised for finding the new species and they find out that if injected into the blood stream, it can cure any disease, wound, cripple effect, and brain defect. Soon the species goes in the market. But the price is a staggering $10,000. So not everyone can afford it. But after 1 year of having found this discovery, the murder rate starts to skyrocket. Eventually even the national guard can't reduce the killings and people are extremely scare to go out of their houses. Studies started to go underway and scientists find out something terrifying. The species is affecting the brain of its host. It makes the host extremely violent during the night and early morning hours and affects young people faster, but people under the age of 18 aren't effected. After that the older you get the less it affects you. I.E. people who are 19-29 become more violent more quickly. 30-45 become more violent less quickly and so one. But soon, children start to pop up dead. A teen named Josh Vanwey is the main character. Josh thinks nothing of of it because none of his friends and family have enough money to get this product. While Josh is in school, a blood curling scream rings out through the hallways. Teachers look out there classrooms to see the front office secretary getting slaughtered by the principal. Some of the teachers panic and run out of the room, but the rest soon turn into ravenous murders and start to kill the students. Josh's teacher, Mrs. Williams, goes into the hallway and closes the door. All the students then panic and try to leave the room, but the door is locked. Then a student named Alex starts to say that Mrs. Williams locked us in there to protect them. But just as he finishes that sentence, the doors slowly opens and Mrs. Williams is standing in the doorway with a bloody hatchet . She looks up at the closest student and hits them in the neck with the hatchet. She then charges at Josh. Josh dodges the attack and stabs her in the eye with a pencil. By then everyone is in shock and stands, looking at the dead body of the student and Mrs. Williams. Then the bell rings and all the adults scream and hold their hands to their ears. They all pass out. Everyone looks at Josh, as expecting him what to do. Josh pokes his head out if the doorway and he sees almost all of his fellow students brutally murdered. He falls to his knees and is in a state of utter shock. Deonte shakes Josh an tells everyone that they need to find a weapon and get out of the school. All of Josh's friends stay with him, behind the group. Suddenly, one by one, the teachers start to wake up. Everyone in the front of the group is quickly surrounded by the teachers and killed. Josh and his friends escape through a back door nearby. Josh looks down and for a brief second sees the horrific body of the girl he had a crush on. The group is now forced to survive the apocalypse and wonder if everything will ever go back to normal.

پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک wardygrace said…
Oh hi guys like I only joined this so that I can post a comment here ( weirdo ..) well sorry. Ok, my anime idea ! ( I have loads of names and stuff ..) there only names of anime tho . Fortune teller . Little devil . Inu ga daisuki ( dogs love ) . And some more that I forgot !! Ok ! That's all ! Thank you !! Xxx
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک ChaosFox60 said…
Imagine this

In the far future humans have already explored space and conquered other planets. Now with that tech a sport was born. In this sport a person or team compete with each other in races, battles, and free for all's, all the while riding on advanced hover boards and shoes over extreme terrain

Now years after the sport came to known as Hobākoroshiamu (Hover Coliseum), it became a GS (Galactic Sport); GS is a league of a sport which is played between different groups and planets (basically a World Cup). People from all over play for Fame, glory and riches

Now one boy since he was 5 had dreamed of playing that very sport, even on his back water planet. he would watch it on TVs in stores, but whenever his dad say him watching or tacking about it he would take him away or turn off the TV. That has gone on for years.

Now on his 16th birthday, the boy is going out to the planet arena to see a live playing of the sport. But his dad stops him and forbids him from going, after a fight his dad grounds him to his room. The boy sneaks out and goes to the arena all the while feeling guilty as well as a feeling of forbidding.

When he gets home he sees the front door broken in and sighs of fighting inside. In one hallway he sees blood on the floor leading to his room. When he gets there he sees his dad there dying face first on the ground. The boy runs up and turns his father around all the while saying that he was sorry for gong and not being there. His father smiles and says in a weak voice that he is happy that he went, so that he was not here when "THEY" came. He says that he is loves him and that he should live life the way he wants and to check under his bed and remember the code 23B-56A-89Y. His father then dies and his hand unclenches to show a picture of the boy as a baby and an unknown women.

The boy cries for his loss for a few minutes and then goes to his father’s study/room and mover the bed to see noting. He stares at the floor before finding thin lines in the carpet. He then finds out that there was a piece of carpet that can be removed. When removed he finds a high tech safe and a clear black screen. when he leans down to tack a closer look, the screen flashed green before it scans the boy’s face then a voice says face resignation accepted and to ender a password. The boy enters the pass word to find inside a wrapped up package and a note.

the note says the father is sorry of what is about him dying, saying the UGS (Underground Galactic Sharks) has finally found out where he his and that he is tired of running, knowing that he was going to die the father writes about how he was once a professional Hobākoroshiamu player rivaling to be the top. but was at one pint tricked into playing a set up game by an opposing player, and lost, he then lost everything his manager his sponsoring planet and money which is why people were chasing him.

His father knowing how much the boy loves Hobākoroshiamu, is leaving his old custom board, and again tell him to live like he wants to, whether playing Hobākoroshiamu or not.

Soon the cops come and soon the house is a crime scene, while sitting outside and being questioned by the cops the boy swears to become the best at Hobākoroshiamu, he swears that he will find the best team a good sponsor and avenge his father’s name.
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک AllanahDew said…
big smile
I'm thinking of something like this:
Shinou Katagiri is single the older brother of of Misaku Katagiri who is die-hard otaku who keeps dreaming about her favorite anime characters come to life. One day, Misaku's top one favorite warrior-princess anime girl from an anime entitled Fangs of the Moon, came to life just as she wishes for. Unfortunately, it's not only her, even the bad characters too. What's more, something is definitely going between her older brother and her materialized favorite anime character she couldn't put her finger on.
What do you think? ;)
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک Lucy037 said…
I have a bunch of ideas, but here are some:
One day a boy washes up on shore in a storm, and is rescued by a strange family of orphan teens children. They take him in and find that his whole village was washed away by floods, and that in the storm he lost his family. But he believes his girlfriend is still alive. He and the orphans set out to find her, although she could be anywhere. As the story progresses, he ends up falling in love with the eldest girl out of the orphans, who is kind of the mother figure. This disrupts the peace in their family, and leads to them going off course from their travels. They get lost, but magically, they find the boy's girlfriend in a forest. She is still very much in love with him, but now he has the orphan girl, he doesn't love her back. She ends up falling for the orphan girls boyfriend, and although its some complicated love story, it manages to work out.

The Resurgence-
A girl called ran is part of an elite group of beings called the resurgence who have the power to come back to life. She takes on missions and things to earn her keep, but wants to feel real emotions. Then she meets a boy called Toshio, and he teaches her how to truly feel things. Idk what could happen after that...

Kasumi has always been a shy, quiet girl who never really payed attention, and just daydreamed. Then one day, she collapsed and went into a coma- or so it seemed from the outside. In her mind she was fighting a battle for control. She really was a vibrant person, but could never find the words to describe herself. She is taken on a journey by her imagination, gathering a group of imaginary friends to help her along the way. When she finally wakes up from her coma, she is a changed person. She learnt important lessons whilst trapped inside her own mind, and now knows how to express herself. But something's wrong. All of the friends she made inside her dreams weren't there. After spending months with them, Kasumi missed them lots. Then one day, there were to be some exchange students from another school. When they arrive, they are the friends from her mind, and she gets to meet them all over again.

The apocalypse has arrived, and monsters called eaters are attacking and killing everyone. Nobody wants to fight, but the ones who stand up in the end are the teenagers. They are split into four teams, team arrow, team blade, team sky and team dawn. The main character Emma is in team dawn, and she is really in love with Jack, The team leader of Sky. But she is torn between him, and Blake, a member of team Arrow. Arrow are the elite team, and only have three members while the rest have four. Emma's best friend Abigail is on Arrow, and she is team leader. Emma envies her, but one day she goes missing, and it's rumoured she was killed. Soon, all of team arrow are missing, but it turns out they aren't really dead. They have joined with an evil society, and are modifying Eaters so they will work for them. Emma is invited to join them, and she agrees, until she sees what's really going on. Team arrow want to take over the world with the power of the eaters, and Emma knows its wrong. She runs home and warns Jack and everyone else. After a hard fight, justice prevails, and team arrow are jailed along with the society they joined. The teams go back to exterminating the Eaters. It's not really a happy ending... It's still the apocalypse...

So, those are my ideas, they could use some polishing up. You guys keep up writing your great ideas :)
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک TAIKAMODO said…
I got one!Tell me if it sounds good!


Plot:Inari momichi is just your everday highschool student,exept it's with a ghostly twist.Ever since he was eight,he's been seeing things.People,but vert faded,like they were dissapearing.Sometimes they'd talk to him,and inari would get confused when no one could hear or see them.Then one day he was wasswatching the news along with his family when it showed that a man had been murdered.A few days later,that same man was seen by inari,which lead to inari discovered he could see ghosts.A year after discovering his abilities,he had a dream where a voice spoke to him,telling him to help the spirits 'pass on.'Since then,he's been helping spirits to go to the other side as much as he could.now,at six-teen,he has noticed that more and more murders have been occuring,but less and less spirits are coming to him.He then reads up on an ancient myth about a demon that was sealed away by the 'chosen four',named Shenkai.this demon ravaged the world until a chosen four sealed him,hoping to restore peace.It is said that a thousand souls must be sacrificed in order to break the seal and that the 'four guiders' would be reborn to seal it once agan.Putting two and two together,inari,along with two friends of his,race against time to stop the massacre before a thousand souls are taken amd shenkai is born again,discovering their own abilities along the way while combating the demons that attempt to destroy our world leaving caos in their wake.


Main characters(Good/Protagonists)

Inari Momichi

Takeshi ashida

Mei torune

Proffessor Gouki

Tenchi Oragana
Main Characters(Evil/Antahonists)



Demon Clan
Support Characters(Good/Protagonists)

Tetsu ryodan

Kazuo hoshigaki

yuki ashida

Kenzi kyouya

Inari's family
Support Characters(Evil/Antagonists)

The main and support protagonists hollow forms

The reaper


Rokubi gonmen
Setting:Modern Day

last edited پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
TAIKAMODO commented…
depending on if i feel like it,i may create some 'episodes' of shenkai.Then again,if i do,would anyone here want to see them? پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
Lucy037 commented…
That's a pretty good idea, kind of like bleach with the ghosts I guess, and that's cool. Nice work! پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
TAIKAMODO commented…
Ghosts are overused now that i think about it.And thanks... پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک MyFlywolf said…

In einer magischen Welt (Veria) wo ein magischer Krieg herrschte, es

kämpften die Stämme Marier und Voducken........nach 2 Tage unruhigen

kämpfens, kam ein mysteriöser, starker Krieger. Er besiegte die Mächte

des Bösen (Voducken) und verschwand wie er hergekommen war (aus

dem nichts).


4 Jahre später in der realen Welt (Erde)

Es handelt sich um einen Jungen namens Maruko, er ist ein Kind ohne

Eltern, den er hat seine Eltern bei einem schweren Autounfall verloren.

Irgendwann bemerkt er ein komisches glitzern in einem Haus, dort sieht

er ein Portal. Er wird reingezogen und in die magische Welt gebracht. Dort

wird er viele Abenteuer erleben, natürlich dürfen auch nicht gefühle fehlen,

deswegen hätte ich gedacht sollte in die Storys 2 Mädchen und noch ein

Freund rein (natürlich werden es Freunde aus der magischen Welt.)
Sie heißen:1. Mädchen (Serīna),2. Mädchen (Selorina), Freund (Reon).
Die 2 Mädchen werden sich im späteren Akt des Filmes in Maruko

Freund Reon gefällt das gar nicht und will das Selorina ihn mag, aber sie

versteht nicht was die gesten von Reon bewirken sollen.
Jedenfalls hat der Junge die Narbe des Helden und muss die Mächte des

Bösen besiegen.

Wenn ihr mehr fragen habt von meiner Anime Idee schreibt mich an und

wenn es einen gibt wo Anime Filme Produziert und diese Film Idee

machen möchte.......dan schreibt mich an (Und für den Anime Film

produzent...wenn es einen gibt......ihr dürft nur verfilmen wenn ich die

Geschichte schreibe).

Danke fürs durchlesen!
past history

In a magical world (Veria) where there was a magical war, it fought the

tribes Marier and Voducken ........ after two days fighting troubled, came a

mysterious, strong warrior. He defeated the forces of evil (Voducken) and

disappeared as he had come (from nothing).


Four years later, in the real world (Earth)

There is a boy named Maruko, he is a child without parents, he lost his

parents in a car accident. Eventually, he noticed a strange glint in a house,

where he sees a portal. He is dragged and taken to the magical world.

There he will experience many adventures, of course, may not even

feelings are missing, so I would have thought should be in the stories 2

girls and a friend more pure (of course there are friends from the magical

They are: 1 Girl (Serina), 2 Girls (Selorina), friend (Reon).
The two girls will fall in love later in the film in Act Maruko.
Reon friend like that and did not want the Selorina likes him, but she does

not understand what the cause of gestures to Reon.
Anyway, the boy has the scar of the hero and must defeat the forces of evil.

If you have to ask more of my anime idea write to me and if there is one

where Anime Movies Produced and would like to make this film idea .......

dan writes me (and producer for the anime movie ... if it one is ...... you are

allowed to film only when I write the story).

Thanks for the read!
















MyFlywolf commented…
Ach ja der عملی حکمت Film erhält ماند, خلوت خانہ Namen "Veria's Legende"---Oh yes, the عملی حکمت film is called "Veria's Legend"---ああ、アニメ映画"はベリアの伝説"と呼ばれています پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک DREDD101 said…
I didnt know really where to post an Idea for a new anime so hope this gets read, I have some art work but I dont have a scanner and Ill end up taking pictures of it by phone for now as I go drawing the concept for this ... I hope to get a kind of Rolw" record of lodoss war " feel mixed with a viking/ norse mythical tale combined with inspirations from anime I have seen over the years such as escaflowne and FMA any ways here it goes

My Idea is summed up as a mid-evil mecha anime with action and romance set in the highlands with Norse mythology. This plot and episode count would be hopefully over 30 episodes. Setting/ intro to the lore …... In time long ago, their lived races of dwarfs: the masters of mechanical knowledge crafting enormous siege engines and industrial tools, elves those whom possessed a great potential for magic and then the humans: masters of the bow and blade as well as diplomacy these races live in many parts of the land, from the mountains to the swamps, from the lowlands to the highlands. A millennium ago, the drawvern clan of the swamp tribe's discovered a new way to create siege helms, large suites of Armour combines with the soul of an animal through the means of ritual and the bonding of a human soul caused a new bread of warriors to arise... these warriors were called shamans, and they became a link between the spirits and the world of man, by right of combat a shaman warrior would use their new found power to lay waste against any opposition, a single one of these Shamans was worth that a warlord: the ultimate fighters on the field. When news of these Shamans reached Adalwulf Hero of the the Mountain clans of cloud run, He set forth a legion of 1000 men to test the metal of these new machines in combat, Adalwulf's forces at first became decimated, until he was given an offer he could not refuse, Those of the cavern Callarian tribe Had bound the soul of a Demon to one of their Machines and bound that Machine to a newborn child thus creating a being of immense power. Adalwulf uses this Demon Spirit to crush the Swamp tribes, forever scattering them across the land. Our story takes place after the chaos that war. A time of war between neighboring clans and cities, where men and dwarfs built immense castles and towns of stone and steel, they created four cities making up the capitals of 4 countries, these countries are known as only their Direction and family house. To the Northern capital, High king Athan of house Borease and descendant of Adwulf, Holds a new dominion over his subjects in which he provided them with education and lead them into a age of innovation with the Dwarfs. To the west, is a desolate wasteland, still in a state of decay from the great war, the people rally under the banner of an elf Warlord who battles for domination over the west in hopes for a better tomorrow they fight a regime of the current rulers of the west under the firm and devious queen EDANA master sorceress of the Blue cult she rules her subjects and her subjects believe she is a greater then the power of even Odin. To the western Highlands, A large mix of Humans and Dwarfs live in separate cities with no central government, rather they rule by the meeting of Thanes from 7 smaller countries.

They are currently making way of expidition into the southern darklands , in hope to find that the child of prophecy, the one who will bring balance to the the land and restore peace among the three races. A child said to be soul bound to a Shaman spirit of Odin himself. The west hopes to find this child because the dead have begun to rise, as draugr and the undead they lead seek revenge against the north,
even the ancient machines of the 1st Shamans begin to rise again, reports of children abducted in the night, and tales of dark cults gathering, it is becoming clear that the age of peace will yet again be over showerd by the fires of war, A warriors guild sets out on the expedition,

, Garen whom leads a group from the warrior guild in the expidition to find this child is made up of 10 members: 2 teenage sisters Adray and Alena, twin orphans who wield great swords in combat, eon a large rugged veteran of the bandit wars who carries a sword and shield, Zeliege a Shaman whose Armour is bound to a bear soul, he takes the night watch, his Titanic suite giving comfort to those who dream in the darkness. 3 brothers Romulus, Copernicus and maximus who traveled from the roman empire's of the east in search of fame and glory out to make a stake for themselves, and an elf mage Verena she keeps to herself as she guides the group through the darkness of the southern lands on their quest to find the one prophesy’s Hero.

Beginning … the warroirs find themselves lost in a cave with no end in sight when Alena stumbles upon a giant suit of Armour she calls for Verena as a Flare of Blue light fills the room, the chest opens up revealing a boy of no less then in his teens, his eyes shut he mumbles “ you warrior have found the light in your darkest hour.... “ - See more at: link

for updates on art work or other feed back from another site link

art : link
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک thedivineegg said…
well i got the ending but here it goes

well at like the last episode of the show you find out the whole show was a lie and the main character is dead and its just his parents reading his dairy so the story would be what was in the dairy and like the scene before the credits is the parents crying and the credits would be them placing the dairy at his grave
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک zoebroda said…
here's a random idea

fantasy/drama/romance/action/slight comedy

back in the 1900's a scientist is transported to the future. He finds out humanity has corrupted into a war against bug like monsters. Walking down the streets he finds a abandond baby and takes her to a building. He decides to build weapons and battle armor, though he starts to go a little mad and starts selling ilegal items and gets highly known. As the girl (Sienna) ages, he uses her to get items from one place to another, he also develops a crush on her and wont let anyone lay a finger on her (pedophile yandere)

Modern days 2014. A boy and his friends are cleaning up after their high school's festival. He (Shinji) and his friend Makato go to the shed to get supplies and find a portal, curious they start to throw things in but Makato slips and falls in, of course Shinji goes in after him. When he lands he sees no sign of Makato and starts to wander the strange land before him. Not before long he sees a girl being harrased by a bunch of older men. He goes in to help but then sees the men explode before his eyes. The girl unfazed, runs away. Shinji follows her and catches up to her, he starts to question her. He finds out her name is Sienna. She doesn't know where Makato is, and tells him to go away or else he'll be killed. Before he gets a chance to ask why she pushes him over, and a bomb explodes right where he was standing. They start to run, she leads him to a church where they are safe. As they talk they get very fond of eachother. In the middle of their conversation the doors burst open and the scientist(Toma, now 45) grabs Sienna and threatens Shinji to go away or else he'll kill him, even inside the church. Then he forcebly kisses her and drags her out. Shinji spends the night at the church waking up to find a girl staring at him. She reveals herself to be Yuno Tatsuya, a famous mercenary. Listening to his situation she agrees to help him. On their journey they sneak into Toma's lab, risky but she's done it before. They steal some weapons and a key to a private jet. As their about to leave Sienna walks in. She's about to scream so Yuno kidnaps her, and they escape. The next day on a plane (Yuno on controling) they here about a kidnap and robbery at Toma's lab. He curses and swears he'll slit the throat of who kidnapped Sienna. Sienna being scared and worried gets flying sickness. When they land they test thier skills and hire a retired soldier to help them (Kaname) They set off for real.

The main idea: a group sets of an a journey to find a missing person, but ending up helping every person along the way, and running from a mad scientist out to slit their throats.


Shinji: a boy from modern days who ends up in the future. He's a serious guy who barely jokes and cares for everyones saftey. He has morals and usally can be trusted. No expirence with guns or weapens but used to take karate and a great lier and very persuasive. He start to get attracted to Sienna

Sienna: a girl saved by the sientist Toma. She works as a deliverer for him, but he has a extreme love for her, he goes as far as killing any person close to her and forcing himself onto her even though shes 17. Because of this she has no friends and is scared of hurting people. She's not shy, but doesn't like getting involved and is scared of any physical contact. She's very skilled in weaponry and martial arts. She is the most worried for Shinji and denies her obvious feelings for him.

Yuno: a girl. a mercenary because her family was poor due to her mothers gambling and drinking. She took the money. The day before she was supposed to leave she saw her mom taking the money. She shot her and threw her in the river. No one arrested her because she was extremely talented in weaponry and they needed her to fight against the monster. Yuno is sneaky, blunt, and sometimes a little scary. She jokes around a lot and likes to get to know people before trusting them. Even though she's talented with weapons, she is very weak in physical strength. She seems to have a tiny crush on Shinji, even though she knows he loves Sienna.

Kaname: a boy. he used to be a soldier but couldn't take all the deaths of his friends so he left. He now persues science. He's trying to find a way to destroy all the monsters at once. He joins the group because Yuno reminds him of the love he lost in the war. Kaname is flirty and always hitting on Yuno even though she denies him constanly, and is very intelligent, being the brains.

Miranda: a princess. Later they discover people have been expiremented on and have gained power to kill the monsters. In England they meet a princess Miranda, her kingdom was under attack and she killed almost all the monsters exept for one. The group swooped in and saved her. She has a power using blood "Karita chi" (borrowed blood) she can make weapons out of blood, but she can't use her own. She has to take it from someone or something else. She usally uses the dead bodies around her. Miranda is a little spoiled and bratty but being expirement on at the age of 6 till the age of 10 might be a good excuse. Miranda barely feels pain and flirts a lot with the guys but only has feelings toward Kaname. Seems to remember Sienna from some where.

Toma: A scientist. he used to be sane, but after creating a portal to the future and living there a few years he became insane. he rescued a baby girl on the first day he came there, and now Sienna's 17. Sienna being very pretty, he develops a massive and unhealthy love for her, going as far as to kill someone who talks to her. When she gets kidnapped he gets seriously angry and goes after her. Even though Toma is crazy, he's the most intelligent character of all the cast, being able to predict when and where monsters will attack, having importent info on them, knowing how to stop them, and creating weapons and bombs. He has random outbursts where he will kill even his own men.

The Monsters: I haven't thought of a name for them yet, but they are angry spirits. A chemical outburst caused them to rise and take form of mutated, and enlargend bugs. They are powerful and have very affective attacks.

That's my idea, i'm proberly just going to make it into a book.

My idea of how Sienna might look
 here's a random idea fantasy/drama/romance/action/slight comedy back in the 1900's a scientist
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک zoebroda said…
big smile
I also have an idea for a romantic comedy.

A inntroverted boy is a brother to the famous heart breaker twins. In their years of hs they were players and everybody loved them. Now that he's in hs his brothers expect him to do the same. He is fine until his aunt's wedding is coming up in a few months. His brothers make a bet with him, if he brings a date to the wedding they will never pick on him again, and help pay for his dream collage (manga artist collage) however, if he doesn't they will ruin his life by burning all his manga, and telling their mom about his dream. He accepts the bet. At school the next day he's searching for potential dates. He notices the girl in front of him is hiding a manga in her textbook. He's shocked because the girl who sits in front of him is the most beautiful girl in their grade. She would be the most popular, but she's always quiet, and when she does talks she always talks about something odd or unusual. Seeing this he has a plan. After school he goes up to her, and blackmails her. She gives in and says yes to being his fake girlfriend upunill the wedding. Sadley for him, he didn't know what he was getting himself into. She's short tempered, strange, way too outgoing, and gets into trouble a lot. Even so, they have a lot in common, they both want to go into manga. Maybe their fake relationship will turn into something more.
پہلے زیادہ سے سال ایک ChaosFox60 said…
In the far future humans have already explored space and conquered other planets. Now with that tech a sport was born. In this sport a person or team compete with each other in races, battles, and free for all's, all the while riding on advanced hover boards and shoes over extreme terrain. Also during these games players can use anytype of weapon and fighting is allowed and even encouraged.

Now years after the sport came to known as Hobākoroshiamu (Hover Coliseum), it became a GS (Galactic Sport); GS is a league of a sport which is played between different groups and planets (basically a World Cup). People from all over play for Fame, glory and riches

Now one boy since he was 5 had dreamed of playing that very sport, even on his back water planet. he would watch it on TVs in stores, but whenever his dad say him watching or tacking about it he would take him away or turn off the TV. That has gone on for years.

Now on his 16th birthday, the boy is going out to the planet arena to see a live playing of the sport. But his dad stops him and forbids him from going, after a fight his dad grounds him to his room. The boy sneaks out and goes to the arena all the while feeling guilty as well as a feeling of forbidding.

When he gets home he sees the front door broken in and sighs of fighting inside. In one hallway he sees blood on the floor leading to his room. When he gets there he sees his dad there dying face first on the ground. The boy runs up and turns his father around all the while saying that he was sorry for gong and not being there. His father smiles and says in a weak voice that he is happy that he went, so that he was not here when "THEY" came. He says that he is loves him and that he should live life the way he wants and to check under his bed and remember the code 23B-56A-89Y. His father then dies and his hand unclenches to show a picture of the boy as a baby and an unknown women.

The boy cries for his loss for a few minutes and then goes to his father’s study/room and mover the bed to see noting. He stares at the floor before finding thin lines in the carpet. He then finds out that there was a piece of carpet that can be removed. When removed he finds a high tech safe and a clear black screen. when he leans down to tack a closer look, the screen flashed green before it scans the boy’s face then a voice says face resignation accepted and to ender a password. The boy enters the pass word to find inside a wrapped up package and a note.

the note says the father is sorry of what is about him dying, saying the UGS (Underground Galactic Sharks) has finally found out where he his and that he is tired of running, knowing that he was going to die the father writes about how he was once a professional Hobākoroshiamu player rivaling to be the top. but was at one point tricked into playing a set up game by an opposing player, and lost, he then lost everything his manager his sponsoring planet and money which is why people were chasing him.

His father knowing how much the boy loves Hobākoroshiamu, is leaving his old custom board, and again tell him to live like he wants to, whether playing Hobākoroshiamu or not.

Soon the cops come and soon the house is a crime scene, while sitting outside and being questioned by the cops the boy swears to become the best at Hobākoroshiamu, he swears that he will find the best team a good sponsor and avenge his father’s name.
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Name- Hero Beats
Protagonist(s)- Hajime and Owari
Timeline- It is usually gunmetal type(final fantasy VII and VIII) but can be steam punk and neon punk at times.
Concept- Owari and Hajime go to a school that trains them to be Heroes for hire (Hero is a code word for adventure mercenary) along the way they meet tons of new faces, make new friends, lose old ones, and generally kick ass! The school is divided into three Heroic Fraternity Units. Ironclad, Sovereign, and Paradox are the team names. (Kinda like Harry Potter with gunmetal, anime, mercenaries. Instead of little kids waving sticks) Students have to master in three schools; Martial skills (Martial arts), Spellcasting (using magic and illusions), and Weapons mastering (My personal favorite). once students have enough HP (Hero Points) they can graduate and become full fledged Heroes.

Intro- Owari is napping against a tree and Hajime wakes him up telling him that he'll be late on the most important day of their school career; recruitment day, where they get assigned to a HFU (Heroic Fraternity Unit). Owari and Hajime get placed on Ironclad, and make friends with a lot of the students. Owari has had a crush on Hajime ever since he met her in second grade (outside of Hero Academy). He's in the friend zone though. His other friends are Sven, Sakura, Haruno, Maiku, Rekker, Erik'n'Berik, and Brek.
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I had a dream of this and it was awesome to me ahaha. I wrote it down as soon as I woke up. Maybe it could be called "Together"

Okay there's a boy and a girl. The girl has a crush on the boy. Have an episode about them or something.

They go to a park to study together. The girl gets a headache, so she curls in a ball and wraps her arms around her legs (she does this frequently). The boy tells her she should go home and have some medicine for her headache. The girl starts walking home, but the boy stays to do a bit more work.
On the way home, in an alleyway, the girl bumps into a lone Australian tourist. They join and become one person with the looks of the first girl and the soul and brain of the tourist. There's a complication; the new being only has some memories of each (mainly the tourist's). The girl remembers the boy back at the park, and goes back to him for help.
The tourist only knows English, but she understands Japanese. When she tries to tell the boy what happened, but the body doesn't know English and the soul doesn't know much Japanese (she learnt a minimum at school). Nothing comes out of her mouth. The boy ends up getting really mad and yells "you're not (girls name here)!" The girl curls in a ball again, and he recognises that something is odd.
He does a test in his notebook he was using for honework(he's really smart!) and figures out it's the girl and something else. She grabs the notebook, turns to a blank page and draws a series of badly drawn pictures in an attempt to explain what happened (a speech bubble to show different languages first so he understands. Then two stick figures. She points to the test he did and then at one of the stick people. Then points to herself and the opposite stick person. Then draws a line and arrows pointing at each stick man, and more... )
He ends up believing her and tries to help them separate. But there's a catch; they aren't supposed to exist, so these people chase them everywhere. And the girls can't go home because the tourist's family won't recognise her and she can't remember the other girls house location. They end up staying in a shack behind the boys house. He falls in love with the new girl even though the other one loved him.

And thats all I dreamed of. But that could go for ages. I guess it's a action /romance type thing. I don't mind what the characters are called, but I'd like the tourist to be Kat and the original girl Suko. I don't have preference for the boy. And they are around 14.

Do any of these become actual Anime? That would be cool.

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