4 peas in a giant pod. it also means 4 besties against a gaint world.

People give up. They give up so easily. It hurts. Abusement. Sexual assuilt. Starvation. And so many more.... Dont give up. I'm a whitness. I've been in this. I am a victim. I'm here. mallory's here. Anniewannie's here. allicyn123 is here too. we love. Take our hand. I stand on stage. Rap. Sing. And if you,I'll dance! where here. don't give up! آپ have a wonderfuul friend. look up. here she comes. anniewannie.

A Hand
The days I saw your face
tears streaming down like a river
Eyes and cheeks so red....
I held آپ tight

Now I'm in a sticky situation....
Let me give آپ a hand
I'll lend آپ my help...
Ohhh (x2) mmph

Now I need your help,will آپ lend that hand?
I'm brokenhearted tonight...
Your the happy girl!
I'm the sad girl
I walked through fire....literallly
I will never give آپ up!
My feet say NEVER....
Lend your hand,to me...
Excuse my scars and tears...
but there's no turning back!

I'll lend آپ a hand,even if آپ dont do the same
I try to to be my best
I try to say never and fight for ever
When he fights me down,I will NOT stay on the ground....
Lend me your hand....

(chorus 2)
ohhhh (x2)
lend me your hand...
my hand's burned...
noooo (x2)....

(repeat chorus and chorus 2 as back ground!
I hope آپ like your gift Anniewannie!)