Arthur and Gwen پرستار of the ماہ nominations for march OPEN NOW

jereimy posted on Jan 28, 2011 at 12:17AM
Hi, arwen fans so this how this works, every month we will nominate fans in the forum who you think deserves to get awarded FOTM ( Fan of the month). Then I'll put a pick up with all the nominees and we all can vote for who we think deserves the award as FOTM.

The fan of the month will be the person most activate in the month, adding pics, articles, comment or videos, also for people who defend our couple that would be a nice idea.

The fan of the month will receive props from mostly the arwen fans and well we get an interview with the fan of the month ( If you want I'll do the interview) and then it is posted here, well if you want more prices tell me and I add it

Every arwen fan has the chance to be FOTM depending in how activate is and how she will spread the love for arwen spot, remember you can not vote for yourself.

Let's begin

 Hi, arwen شائقین so this how this works, every ماہ we will nominate شائقین in the فورم who آپ think d

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