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Scene from "Merlin", Series 2, Episode 10, "Sweet dreams" Credit: Scarabaeus37
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posted by BradAngeleyes
I've had this on my computer for months now and think it is the right time to release it unto the world. Set after Arthur and Gwen are married. Sorry about the rubbish title.

Gwen and Arthur are interrupted سے طرف کی the squealing of children. The twins, two curly headed children, burst their way into the bedchamber.

    “Papa papa” cried Ygraine “Lancelot won’t let me play with the sword, he says I can’t be a knight because I’m a girl”
She throws herself at Arthur, almost knocking him off his feet and buries her face in his strong thigh....
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posted by MISAforever

1. The episode عنوان is a lie, for this half anyway
2. Arthur is trouserless, again
3. “It’s a good job آپ don’t have anything of importance to keep secret isn’t it!”
4. Despite all the slow-mo, the battle for Camelot is over swiftly
5. Agravaine’s treachery is finally exposed سے طرف کی a Knight of Camelot and he pays for it later
6. “I’m fine… maybe a broken rib یا two”
7. Arthur undergoes a radical personality change thanks to an enchantment
8. Merlin has to reluctantly leave an old friend behind
9. “Those that did not escape are either in our dungeons, یا dead”...
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posted by RosalynCabenson


A/N: I left some things out, for reasons. i.e. the wedding, because Kim's fic "Wedding day" was so perfect, I would have wanted it excactly like she described it and wouldn't come up with anything equal let alone write it.
and gwen as the warrior queen in مزید deteils will come up in further parts I think. یا in my other fic: "Revelation" what will be updated اگلے =)

How to become Queen

Gwen had mixed feelings when she stood in front of the wooden door that separated her from the Kings chambers that lay beyond it. What could it be that he wanted to talk about to her? On one hand she...
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Enjoy. Have a great Saturday.