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Part 17: link

    Gwen blinks her eyes open. Where am I? Oh, right. Milwaukee. Arthur’s uncle’s house. She looks at the clock. 9:37! I haven’t slept this late in years!
    She swings her feet down, sliding them into her slippers. She looks around the room. I didn’t bring that many boxes, why do I still have half of them left? Oh. Right. After Arthur went to بستر I spent the rest of the evening in Morgana’s room till far too late.
    Gwen has decided that she definitely likes Morgana. She’s exuberant and witty. Arthur said...
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Part 16: link

    “Wake up, darlin’, we’re here,” Arthur says quietly, stroking Gwen’s cheek.
    “Mmm,” she scrunches against him and blinks her eyes open. “Did I fall asleep again?”
    “Yes,” he chuckles, kissing her forehead. “We’re here,” he repeats. She looks out and sees a house, not overlarge, nicely kept. A home. “Come on.”
    He climbs out of the car and opens her door again. They walk to the front door and it opens before Arthur can lift his finger to the doorbell.
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Title: Storybrooke, Maine
Author: <lj user="ella-rose88" />
Word Count: 413
Rating: PG.
Characters/Pairings: Arthur, Gwen, Mary-Margaret, Arthur & Gwen (mentions of David).
Spoilers/Warnings: This is a Merlin/Once Upon A Time Cross-over fic!
Disclaimer: I do not own Merlin یا Once Upon A Time, they belongs to BBC, Shine and ABC. If I did it, Merlin would have ended very differently and A/G would have had 3 children!
Summary: Arthur and Gwen decide to take a trip to Storybrooke for their honeymoon...
A/N: This was written as part of the link over at link.
The prompt was: OUAT: Arthur...
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Part 8: link

    “Arthur Pendragon.”
    “Mr. Pendragon? My name is Keith Godwin. I was دیا a somewhat illuminating message yesterday…”
    “Ah, yes, Mr. Godwin. I have some information that آپ might find very illuminating,” Arthur says, leaning back in his chair. “What are your plans for this weekend, may I ask?”
    Over lunch, Arthur’s phone rings again. “Arthur Pendragon,” he answers, his mouth full of hamburger.
    “Arthur?” Percy’s hesitant voice greets him....
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Fic 9: link

The Snow King
Disclaimer: post S5 period AU. Everyone is alive, Morgana knows about Merlin’s magic and is a diminished villain.

Prompt: Merlin the sorcerer accidentally turns Arthur into a snowman. The cure? He must be kissed سے طرف کی his true love, Gwen. The problem? Morgana, a sorceress, has fun سے طرف کی multiplying the amount of snowmen to hundreds. Can Gwen find the right one before Arthur melts سے طرف کی the sun? True love must decide.

“Merlin, this isn’t working,” Arthur complains, the snowball disintegrating in his glove. Again. He tosses the remaining snow back on the ground as if he is...
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Fic 5: link

Macaroni and Cheese and Pancakes

Prompt: Prompt: Arthur decides to surprise Gwen سے طرف کی making the Christmas dinner, now he regrets it...

“Arthur, what are آپ doing?” Guinevere’s groggy voice calls down from the bedroom. The noise of pots and pans jostled her from her drugged sleep.

“Nothing, love, go back to sleep,” Arthur calls up, quietly cursing the stack of pots that came tumbling forth from the cupboard like an extraordinarily boring piñata.

“Sprained ankle, badly bruised hip, dislocated shoulder, and a broken wrist, Mrs. Pendragon,” the doctor had unceremoniously declared...
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This one started life as Song 8 in "Songs to Dance." Had always planned on expanding it. This first chapter will be familiar. As a reminder, this is AU from 3x10, "Queen of Hearts," where Arthur, Gwen and Merlin actually do leave Camelot.

    “Gwen!” an urgent voice whispers in the dark dank of the dungeons. “Gwen, wake up!”
    Guinevere turns over and sits up on the filthy straw mat. Her eyes دکھائیں no signs of sleep, only weeping. They are swollen and rimmed with red. “Merlin?” she blinks. She has spent the evening crying and crying and ran...
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Just posting some of the points that they made:

"I don't even ship this but...

Here’s some Arthur/Gwen scenes that were weirdly absent from the 5th season so far (SPOILERS):

A goodbye between Arthur and Gwen before he leaves in Ep 1.

Gwen’s reaction to Arthur’s disappearance in Ep. 1.

Any sort of insight in how Gwen feels about being queen and Arthur’s wife now. (EVERY episode goes on and on about Arthur’s doubts about being king—Gwen should be going through something similar, shouldn’t she?)

A welcome ہوم between Arthur and Gwen in Ep. 2.

A scene where Arthur at least tells Gwen what’s...
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 Image credit: team-angel-coulby
Image credit: team-angel-coulby
So I got this message from someone called Merthurismycanon who کہا Guinevere was weak, too dependent on others and had lived a sheltered life. Of course me being me, I had to answer. I am copying it from my blog and I saw that I misspelled some words and stuff when I wrote it in a hurry. I am too lazy to correct it.

This is my answer:

Yes, I think Gwen is strong and I have many reasons to why I think so. I think she is the strongest character on the show. And I think it is a fact that she is strong, not just an opinion.

You say she depends too much on others. That is not true. Gwen has worked...
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Part 18: link

    Arthur carries her heavy suitcase, setting it carefully in the back of her tiny green Mini. As soon as they are inside, he reaches for her, his lips itching to feel hers against them once again.
    She sighs, leaning into him, clutching his shoulders as she opens her mouth for him, meeting his searching tongue with hers.
    They separate only for air, and Arthur leans his forehead against hers. “Never leave again. At least not without me,” he whispers.
    Gwen giggles, and pecks his lips. “I...
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Part 27: link

My Dear Queen Annis,
    As I’m sure آپ are aware, my reasons for sending escorts ہوم with our young friend and his party were actually twofold. Yes, it was a gesture of good faith and extra protection for them, but I was also keen to gather information about his demeanor and how he interacts with his people.
    The information my knights have brought back to me has been fascinating, and I wish to share it with you.
    First and foremost, my men were much impressed with the king and queen. They found them to be gracious,...
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Part 44: link

    Arthur manages to bring in مزید than enough firewood just before the skies open up.
    “Just made it,” he says, dropping the box in the parlor, near the large fireplace.
    Guinevere is in the kitchen, putting things away and cleaning things up. Except the fish, which are Arthur’s responsibility. He strolls into the باورچی خانے, باورچی خانہ and slides his arms around her waist, kissing her shoulder, then the space on the back of her neck between her ponytails.
    “Those مچھلی aren’t going to clean themselves,...
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Part 22: link

    Arthur wakes before Gwen. He decides to get up and shower, so that they can have plenty of time to get to her apartment before his father’s. He is able to reach up enough to wash his own hair, which makes him happy. When he returns to his room, he finds Guinevere awake, which also makes him happy.
    “Good morning, love,” he says, leaning to kiss her. She offers a cheek, which he kisses, then scowls.
    “I haven’t brushed my teeth yet,” she tells him.
    “I don’t care,” he tells...
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Part 13: link

    Noises outside the bedroom door wake them. Morgana is home. Gwen just gives an exasperated sigh and cuddles back into Arthur’s arms, unconcerned. Arthur lays awake, refusing to go back to sleep until he knows that they are محفوظ from an attempted intrusion. He stares at the ceiling. I don’t hear any talking; her friend must not have come in with her. Bathroom door? Yes, running water. And that’s the toilet. Please, please, please. Good. I’m sure that was her door. Thank God.
    He looks down to see Gwen looking up at him, watching...
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Another steam warning. This is becoming quite the naughty story.

Part 7: link

    Gwen wakes up before Arthur does. She looks at the clock on the nightstand. Eight seventeen. She has slept like the dead and feels quite awake. She looks at Arthur, sprawled on his face اگلے to her, one arm thrown casually over her. Regret? No, no regret. Only… happiness. This is so weird, but it feels so right. She leans over and kisses his cheek, bringing forth a small snort from Arthur but he doesn’t wake. She decides to get up.
    She visits the toilet and decides...
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Regarding Angel's birthday, if anyone wants to have their name (FANPOP NAME) added to the gift, please reply here سے طرف کی typing your name.

We will compile the names to make a فہرست which we can add to the gift.

Her birthday is on Tuesday (30th August), time is getting short so we need your responses ASAP.

I'm sure she'll appreciate receiving this special gift from her many, many fans, so let's make this really special for our Special Girl!



Coulby trained at Queen Margaret یونیورسٹی in Edinburgh where she studied for a degree in acting. She is seen in an...
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 How I imagine Gwenhwyfar looks like in the Arthurian Legend
How I imagine Gwenhwyfar looks like in the Arthurian Legend
I have been familiar with the Arthurian Legend since a very young age (I was 11 years). I got to the Arthurian Legend سے طرف کی reading the poem Gawain and the Green Knight. Because I wanted to know مزید about him I read the Arthurian Legend the Welsh version - in which he has a مزید expand story line . As I read the Welsh version of the Arthurian Legend I came across the fair goddess-queen named Gwenhwyfar (or at least its Anglicized form of 'Guinevere'). I immediately liked her. I enjoyed reading about her as this noble, fair queen who represented the authority of Arthur's reign. The spirit of Brittia....
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