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 Vienna, Austria
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This Austria پیپر وال might contain کاروبار ضلع, شہر کے مرکز میں, کاروباری ضلع, شہر, حویلی, مینشن ہاؤس, manse, ہال, رہائش گاہ, حویلی گھر, باڑی, صف کے گھر, شہر گھر, صف گھر, and ٹاؤن ہاؤس.

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 The hills are alive!
The hills are alive!
Hi guys, since I love to travel to Europe, here are my guide about what آپ should love about Austria since it's been coming to 9 years since I have been there before going of on my grand tour of Eastern Europe with my family! As well as my personal experience about the country.


Yes! The ہوم of W.A. Mozart and the filming location of the Sound of Music. This fame city is very peaceful and آپ can see the famous Salzburg Cathedral from many گیا پڑھا مرتبہ of the city, آپ will also enjoy Mozart's museum and chocolates with him appearing on the wrapper.
آپ can also شامل میں the Sound of موسیقی tour...
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