10. Hama, I love her. She's beautiful when she was young, even if she's evil.. she is still my پسندیدہ character in the series.
Okay, this is my مضمون about all of my پسندیدہ Avatar girls. I added a few Legend Of Korra characters. Well, if آپ think it should be someone else let it be.

Please leave a تبصرہ and enjoy. I really work hard on this..

Okay, maybe a few of my characters are kinda a villain and most of them are from the Water Tribe, don't think it is weird.

I just think that it would be cool if most of them are from the Water Tribe.

Characters :
10. Hama
9. Kya
8. Asami
7. Korra
6. Mai
5. Toph
4. Unknown girl
3. June
2. Katara
1. Azula

I tell آپ why I like them below :
9. Kya, mother to Katara. She is really my پسندیدہ character, she even lied to protect her daughther. She is a true-loving mother.
8. Asami. She is just a wonderful girl, sweet and passionate. She and Mako sometimes fit, sometimes doesn't - but she is still one of my پسندیدہ girl.
7. Korra. She is tomboyish but I like her because she is not like Tarrlok. She is very cool and like her as the Avatar, she's kinda pretty and far مزید pretty than Asami in my opinion.
6. Mai. Mai. I hate her, but I also like her. She is a furious girl. Even as a non-bender, she CAN save the world. She and Zuko kinda fit now.... oh well.
5. Toph. The best Earthbender in the whole wide world - she can even Metalbend! I really like her very much..
4. Um, I really forgot her name but I like her. She's kinda beautiful and is very,.. good? I just don't know why i like her.
3. June. She is very cool and even if she only appears in 3 episodes, she is still in my fav category.
2. Katara. She is very very very potential and never gives up on saving her tribe, that is why I like her. She and Aang fit? یا Zuko? I hardly can't choose but I pick Kataang anyway, it already happened.
1. Azula, Azula, Azula. Her insaneness, her craziness had made her my fav character. She is very talented example in The دن Of Black Sun, she runs very fast to escape... she's just too much and my most favourite!