So I've been really into travel lately and dreaming of places I'd love to see. And then I got to thinking about what places some of my پسندیدہ characters might like to go to. So I thought I'd just consider where all of the Avatar characters might go to if they lived in our world.
Aang: I can see him liking Thailand. For me it's a very beautiful place that's just alive with all of the elements. I can see him enjoying a view like this;

That and Thailand has some very elegant temples that I think Aang would be fond of if he was in our world.

The Neatherlands would have been choice two; ya know, windmills and all lmao.

Katara: Venice was kind of the obvious choice for me when looking at Katara. She is right with her element. Venice is a breathtaking place and (like Paris) in my opinion it has a very romantic atmosphere that I think Katara would enjoy. I also think she'd be a پرستار of Italian music. Couple that with all of the water and I think Katara would feel right at home.

For her I also considered Greece.

Toph: Toph is just hardcore and badass, that's why she gives me مزید of a Russian vibe. I've got all of those, 'in Soviet Russia' memes in mind. If we're going سے طرف کی associations; the country has that tough, rough around the edges vibe. And Toph fits the bill. If anyone can handle a harsh Russian winter, it's her.

And look at all that earth right there. I think she'd have a blast. For some reason I also feel like she'd enjoy a place like Scotland یا Ireland.

Sokka: I was going to say Alaska یا something like that, but I feel like that would have been too obvious and easy. So instead I went with Finland. Granted Finland is still a frosty place. But I think Sokka would vibe مزید in Finland than in a place like Alaska. Based on the تصاویر I've seen it just seems like a مزید lively and fun place with a lot of very interesting traditions. Plus it's not snow all the time and I think Sokka would like a break from winter. He also strikes me as the type of dude who'd be keen on the northern lights, if for no other reason than to set a romantic mood with the ladies.

Suki: Not gonna lie, it's her name and the شائقین that have me associating her with Japan. I can see Suki getting into a bit of the harajuku culture.

Maybe not as kawaii as that but I think she'd have fun with that. In general I can picture Suki getting into the culture and learning about Japanese warriors and what have you.

Zuko: He strikes me as a Pompeii kinda dude. He's hot and explosive, and badass. آپ know what else is hot, explosive, and badass? Pompeii. Zuko strikes me as the sort of guy who would be interested in seeing the volcanoes and learning a bit about history with Iroh. Iroh, I feel like would be down to travel the whole world if he could, so he'd just tag along with Zuko.

Azula: Believe it یا not I actually had a difficult time thinking of one for her. I considered Norway, Germany, and Korea as well. But I don't know if any of those really fit her. In the end I decided on Romania. It has this dark, mysterious, alluring sort of beauty and elegance to it. I can imagine Azula being fascinated with the history of places like the Bran castle. In general Azula and castles are just so right for each other, and Romania is full of them. The general atmosphere of Romanian cities (based on تصاویر I've seen) give off a مزید solemn air that I feel is right for Azula.

TyLee: I feel like TyLee is definitely a Paris type girl. It's very romantic and often associated with a gentle beauty, like TyLee. Plus it's got all of the high-fashion associations and lovely fragrances. Plus she's a social تیتلی so a bigger city would be a good choice for her. And seeing as she is very bubbly and girly I can see her digging Paris.

Mai: London is the place for her. So often it is associated with gloom and rain. It's a very gothic place. And for that I think it mirrors Mai well. I can see her getting into a bit of the steampunk aesthetic that London could offer. Plus London has that heavy association with classiness.