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posted by KataraLover
It's still night time Katara's having trouble sleeping so she went to talk to Aang.

"Aang I need help" کہا Katara

"What's wrong" asked Aang

"Me and Azula were talking when we started to talk about her mother she just ran into her tent" کہا Katara

"Maybe she's a little sensitive about her mother Zuko told me that she think that her mom thought she was a monster" کہا Aang

"Well I wanna know مزید about this" کہا Katara

"Go talk to Zuko she was his mother too maybe he'll know" کہا Aang

"Thanks Aang" کہا Katara as she kissed him on the lips.

"Glad to help" کہا Aang as he blushed.

Katara went to Zuko's tent and found Zuko and Mai.

"Sorry I didn't know آپ were here Mai" کہا Katara

"What is it Katara" asked Zuko

"It's about Azula" کہا Katara

"What did she do" asked Zuko

"She didn't do anything, I want to know what happened to your mother" کہا Katara

"Mai can آپ go outside for a few minutes" asked Zuko

"Okay" کہا Mai as she went outside.

"Why do آپ wanna know about my mom" asked Zuko

"Me and Azula were talking, when we got to the subject of her mother she just ran into her tent" کہا Katara

"Well, her and mom weren't very close she was always spending time with me and not her" کہا Zuko

"What happened to her" asked Katara

"I don't know nobody but dad know but he wouldn't tell me" کہا Zuko

"What happened to her the دن she left" asked Katara

"Well grandfather ordered dad to kill me, and he was going to do it, mom found out from Azula and she swore she would protect me" کہا Zuko

"So what did she do" asked Katara

"She purposed a plan where my father would gain the تخت and my life would be spared" کہا Zuko

"What was the plan" asked Katara

"To kill آگ کے, آگ Lord Azulon" کہا Zuko

"But what happened to her" asked Katara

"With this happening she had commited treason and she was banished, but nobody knows where she is" کہا Zuko

"Maybe Azula knows where she is" کہا Katara

"She doesn't want anybody going into her tent" کہا Zuko

"Still I'm gonna try" کہا Katara as she went ouside.

Katara went to Azula's tent to see if she can find out what happened.

"Azula are آپ there" asked Katara

"What do آپ want" asked Azula

"I want to know what happened to your mother" کہا Katara

"Why do آپ care so much" asked Azula

"Because I feel bad for آپ and I'm trying to be your friend" کہا Katara

"Fine I'll tell you, but don't come into my tent" کہا Azula

"Why not" asked Katara

"Do آپ want me to tell آپ what happened to my mother یا not" asked Azula

"Yes I do" کہا Katara

"The دن she was banished my father found a wizard and paid him to send her to the spirt world" کہا Azula

"But Zuko told me he just banished her" کہا Katara

"He did from the human world, now leave me alone" کہا Azula

"Okay, goodnight" کہا Katara

Katara went back to Zuko's tent to tell him where his mother is.

"Zuko I know where your mother is" کہا Katara

"Where" asked Zuko

"The spirt world" کہا Katara

What will happen اگلے time? Will Azula's secret be revealed? Will they find Ursa? Find out اگلے time, please real and leave a تبصرہ I hope آپ enjoyed this.
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