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 zuko and katara
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Made سے طرف کی and belongs to BeaverAru on YouTube.
avatar the last airbender
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lol آپ guys are porbably gonna kill me cuz im uploading a new پرستار fic when I should be continuing that other پرستار fic I made XDD. Well, im sorry XDD but I've actually uploaded this on my dA and I thought آپ guys might like it too ^^ Sorry if later on in the story it resembles to TLOK(The Legend of Korra), I'm NOT trying to copy the story, but in fact, I was inspired سے طرف کی it to create this پرستار fic...so sorry :

Water, Earth, Fire, Air.

    Ever since I was a little girl, my grandfather would tell me stories about my ancestors, the proud people of the Water Tribes. He کہا that...
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So if you've been living under a rock, here's what آپ missed.

Michael is now good دوستوں with the Rowe family and protects Sydney almost every گھنٹہ of the day. He has joined the باسکٹ, باسکٹ بال team along with Tenzin, and Eli. Katara has had her baby, Dishi, on March 23rd. And that's what آپ missed on Bending in the Present.

There were 7 سیکنڈ on the clock as Eli shot the last basket. My team held our breath as the باسکٹ, باسکٹ بال bounced on the rim and backboard. There was 2 سیکنڈ left when the ball fell through the hoop. My team cheered and carried him on our shoulders as the buzzer, buzzed....
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Over on tumblr someone had asked me for my opinions on this video: link It is about 50 منٹ long, but, in my opinion, is well worth the watch. So I decided to watch it and give my thoughts.

I definitely agree with the first part where the narrator says that Azula’s psychology is the result of a broken family and poor parental upbringing.
But I do disagree with the sadism bit. I’ve typed about this many, many times. I feel like there was really only one time that sadism could be argued and that was when she smiled at the burning of Zuko’s face. But beyond that, I feel like sadism is...
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