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posted by greenstergirl
"UUUUUUggggghhhh!!!!" screamed katara.

"Aang will آپ go get some rags please?" asked gran gran. "aang? oh, aang? earth to aang?"

"AANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" screamed Katara. "I AM GIVING BIRTH TO TWINS AND آپ ARE IN A TRANCE SO ANWSER MY GRANDMOTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"Ok ok! i was thinking about ways i could commit suicide if آپ died having our children. sorry."

"SAY WHAT?!!!?!!?!!"

"OK i'm going."

Katara and Aang have been married for two years and were having there first children. The good thing was that they were in Ba Sing Sa and that gran gran had come to help. The bad thing?...
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"We're under attack!" Hakoda yelled to the village.
The men readied themselves for the fight. Aang grabbed his staff and ran out of the tent, Katara at his heels, holding Haruki. Aang turned around and stopped Katara.
"You and Haruki have to get out of here." he told her, "Get the old, the sick, and the young out of here on Appa."
"Aang, I won't leave you!" کہا Katara.
"I can't fight not knowing if you're safe," کہا Aang, hugging his wife and son, "Katara, please."
Katara looked at his eyes, kissed him, then ran off, collecting the children and old in the village. After she got all the children...
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posted by KataraLover
It's a new دن and they've finally arrived at the Northern Water Tribe.

"Azula look" کہا Jet

"What" asked Azula

"It's the northern water tribe" کہا Jet

"Oh, I didn't relize we were so close" کہا Azula

"Well I guess آپ be at the spirtual oasis today" کہا Jet

"well actually" started Azula

"Yeah" کہا Jet

"I can't go today I have to go tomorrow at sunset" کہا Azula

"Oh so we have a دن to relax" کہا Jet

"Yeah we do" کہا Azula

They were welcomed سے طرف کی the chief they even were very kind to the members from the آگ کے, آگ nation.

"You in the green beggar outfit" کہا Arnook

"Yes your highness" کہا Azula

"No need...
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posted by KataraLover
It's been a week Azula is really stressed because she hasn't got any visits from her mother. She's also very angry not just because of Suki being to suspisous but because of Jet, she decided to talk to Katara since she use to تاریخ him.

"Hey آپ name is Katara right" asked Azula

"Yes it's Katara" کہا Katara

"You use to تاریخ Jet right" asked Azula

"Well kinda. How did آپ know?" کہا Katara

"Sokka told me" کہا Azula

"Oh what a big mouth" کہا Katar

"Was Jet always this irritating" asked Azula

"Well, he did almost kill everyone in a village" کہا Katara

"Wow if he was آگ کے, آگ nation we probably would have...
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Okay, nobody's دیا me any suggestions as to what I'm supposed to do. But that's okay. I've got some ideas of my own. If آپ like angst, this story is for you.

Tears stung Aang's eyes as blood trickled out of his body. He was dying. مزید importantly, he was going to be taken away from his one true love.
"K-katara," he choked, "I'm scared."
"No, Aang...you'll be fine," she said, but her voice was full of worry.
Aang was crying full-force now. "I...I don't think I'm going to make it!" he cried.
"Yes, آپ will," Katara said.
"Katara, I love you..." Aang کہا weakly. Then, his eyes closed, and...
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posted by Disk
Hey, guys; sorry about the long wait! This is a sequel to The Moments Ahead. Hope آپ like it!

It was a cool night just outside of Ba Sing Se. Aang and his دوستوں were camping outside the walls, under the stars.
"Ahh!" Aang let out a short scream as he shot up from his sleeping bag.
"Aang...nightmare...Katara...fix it..." Sokka murmured sleepily from his tent.
Katara sat up and sighed. "I'm going..." She and Aang weren't in tents; they insisted they sleep outside.
Katara walked over to Aang. She knelt اگلے to him. "Are آپ okay?"
"N-no," he whimpered, still scared. "But I will be...go back...
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