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 Avatar characters' wardrobe
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آپ get to know all characters clothes
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When people to talk to me about Anime, i never fail to mention my faverout shows- but whenever Avatar the last airbender crops up, people instantly jump on the fact that its apperently not a 'real anime' and im sick of it! What rite do they have to sneer at me for my taste in anime?! Just because Avatar is a low budjet creation, heavily influenced سے طرف کی american culture and obviously made for kids TV, it doesnt make it any less of a good show, right? I mean really, a دکھائیں doesnt have to be full of spectacular art work and totally unique ideas to be enjoyable! I dont know about آپ guys, but presonaly i think that all the above mentioned makes it a genarelly مزید easy-going and light hearted دکھائیں thats great to watch when your in need of a little no-brainer, fun TV!
Please tell me what آپ think!!!
thanks for reading!
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I am quite sure every person in the Avatar fandom has heard about Zutara and Maiko dozens of times many of those occasions in complicated shipping wars something this مضمون is not here to initiate. But how many times have آپ heard of Jinko? How many even remember who Jin is? I am willing to bet not many. She was the girl that Zuko dated when he was stuck in Ba Sing Se as a fugitive of every nation including his ہوم and was disguised as a refugee of the name "Lee". In Tales of Ba Sing Se.

Jin was a sweet, innocent, charming girl that had a crush on Zuko and frequented Pao's teashop a lot...
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