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 Toph Bei Fong
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Another poorly done video سے طرف کی yours truly. :D This one was my first crack video so it's extra bad!
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Alright so this was so so hard for me to type. Like I made an مضمون for my سب, سب سے اوپر 5 Azula moments, I wanted to make one for my least favorites. Everyone knows I love her so it was so hard to pick least favorites, I really did have to pick my brain on this one. This is like Noglosia Critic's picking the worst of the best.

1. Along the same lines I didn't like seeing her fight Mai and Ty-Lee in the Boiling Rock. I suppose this is مزید of a scene with Azula that I don't like مزید than an Azula moment. That trio was a fabulous trio and it is a darn shame that it came to and end. I also feel like...
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