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 Azula and Ursa
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There will be spoilers of parts in the episode Sozin's Comet. So I suggest آپ watch that episode before reading this.

I need to calm down. I've been upset too much in this amount of time.

What is wrong with me?

Where did that come from? I REALLY need to calm down. I'm thinking things that I can't control, like thinking about....

I'm not going to say it.

My mother.

*sigh* of course I thought it. I would be so happy, not remembering her, but the thought of her hating me..

My own mother hated me.

My own mother..

Well, it's time to get ready for my coronation.

Wait until mom sees my now! The new fire...
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the last airbender
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I've seen it commonly argued that Azula is a sadist and a killer and I disagree whole-heartedly for various reasons. For one thing, she is still a child, a child from an abusive and dysfunctional ہوم at that. For seconds, I've always felt as though she has really done nothing different than any other character at the end of the day. I also believe that redemption is very possible for Azula. I wanted to elaborate on this سے طرف کی pulling things from old debates and مضامین I've written, just to throw my opinions into a مزید organized format instead of having to re-type the same points every time...
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Azul is Spanish and Portuguese for blue, possibly a reference to Azula's Firebending.
Her name may also come from the Sanskrit term Asura, a Hindu term for demon.
Azula's name was originally going to be "Zula".

In some Avatar comics, her name is mispelled "Takara" instead of "Katara".
Katara's voice actor, Mae Whitman, has previously played the part as Rose in American Dragon: Jake Long.

The Southern Air Temple is the only episode in which the عنوان screen, which denotes the chapter and book, does not have a white background (the background is the sunrise).
According to the Nick.com's website...
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