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 Bolin, Mako, and Asami
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Ok. So this is another opinion مضمون I am typing. On my Reasons for hating Asami one there were so many mean comments. I really hope they are not on this one. Because this is not about hating a character. It's about my reasons why I like The Legend of Korra better than Avatar The Last Airbender.

All Reasons here
I have always like it better in shows, کتابیں یا video games when the main character is a girl. I'm a female who likes it better when main characters are female. I don't hate Aang on Avatar The last airbender. I think he is a great character but I just liked main female...
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Well, why do people hate Korra I just don't understand it. This is a site about Avatar: Legend of Korra fans, not some people that say bad words about her. I love Korra and there are a lot of شائقین that love her too. Why do people say bad words about her here.Don't say bad words about it just stop watching it.If آپ don't like it don't watch it.And some say that the characters aren't developed good.If I don't like something I would say that the characters aren't developed. Just give me a reason to hate her.
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