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Finally it was morning. Hana got out of بستر and walked to the kitchen. She sat down and had breakfast.

"So are آپ ready to begin your journey Hana?" Mrs. Hin asked. Hana didn't say anything. Mrs. Hin understands her daughter.

"I'm know your still upset about leaving ہوم Hana. But you're the avatar it's your duties to master all 4 elements and protect the world" Mrs. Hin said. Mrs. And Mr. Hin walked with their daughter to the boat. Hana was about to walk up the کشتی when Mrs. Hin walked up to her. She had a bag in her hand. She was holding on the handle. She hand the bag to Hana.

"What's this...
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Ok before I say my reason to why I hate Asami. This is my own opinion. This way be hurtful to Asami شائقین but I'm not saying it to attack Asami fans. I'm typing this because I read a تبصرہ that pumpkinqueen کہا I only hate Asami for her looks. And that is not true. I have many reasons why I don't like her.

When Asami had first came on in ep 4. When she was riding on her motor thing. I thought she was one of the evil characters. But than she wasn't. But when she started to talk to Mako and تاریخ him. I was all angry. I always been a پرستار of Korra and Mako together. But that's not the only reason...
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Irosami FTW! XD
legend of korra
Seychelle Gabriel tells StarCam at The 3rd Annual Thirst Project Gala about finishing the سیکنڈ season of "Falling Skies," how the cast is like family.
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