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"As much as آپ drive me crazy. I also think your pretty amazing" Mako said.

Korra turn around. "So آپ do like me?" Korra asked.

"Yes! But I like Asami too. I don't know. Things are complicated. I just feel really confused and.... but before Mako could say anyhing else she ran up to him and kissed him.

Mako was shocked but then kissed back. A blush was on Korra's face as Mako was kissing her back. They both let go of their lips.

Mako looked at Korra shocked.

"Korra آپ kissed me. Why?" Mako asked.

"'I'm sorry but I couldn't help it. And آپ kissed me back آپ know" Korra said.

"I know. And...
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