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This Avatar تصویر contains سینہ, تتواودان, egis, سینہ بند, زیر سرپرستی, ایگاس, کوچ پلیٹ, کوچ چڑھانا, پلیٹ کوچ, زرہ بکتر پلیٹ, کوچ پلاٹنگ, and پلیٹ زرہ بکتر. There might also be brigandine, بریگندینی, fauld, and فاولڈ.

posted by w33bs99
At first I thought Avatar looked stupid but then my دوستوں and my family made me see it and I thought I was the best movie ever!!!! I love everything about it. If آپ haven't seen it آپ should!!!! Neytiri and Jake were so good together!! The captain of the army thing was really mean! I think the land where all of the avatars live is so beautiful!! It was so sad when all of the army came and attacked where all of the avatars live and ruined everything. Well i don't want to spoil it if آپ haven't seen it. Well that gives آپ a personal preview. آپ HAVE TO SEE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Prologue: Another Dream

    There are two things in life آپ never plan for: finding your true love and then losing her. But that's what happened to me. And it was only the beginning.

    And I'm not one to dwell on the past, so we won't go into specifics. But we'd had ten amazing years. مزید amazing than anything an ex-Marine from a dying world could have hoped for. We'd found a new home, and we'd started new traditions of our own. Guess I should have know after Tommy that I was destined to lose everyone I loved. Nothing lasts forever. I'd been living a dream. The most incredible, amazing dream I'd ever had in my short, pitiful life.

Sooner یا later, though, آپ always have to wake up.
Damaged, a new crime comic from Radical Publishing produced in association with Sam Worthington's Full Clip Productions, debuted today, August 17.

Damaged is written سے طرف کی David Lapham with artwork سے طرف کی Leonardo Manco. The book was created سے طرف کی Michael and John Schwarz of Full Clip and executive produced سے طرف کی Sam Worthington.

The comic follows two brothers, one a policeman, the other a vigilante, as they approach the ends of their careers and attempt to train their young replacements.

آپ can learn مزید about Damaged and see interior artwork at link

Don't forget to pick up your copy at your local comic shop!
(If آپ don't know where to go, look yours up at comicshoplocator.com.)
posted by TwilightCullens
I think avatar is an amazing film to watch and I get headaches watching 3D but this film I got so use to it. When I watched it I found some parts hilarious like when the princess of the people (name memory loss) was teaching the guy to talk her language. I like it when she says something like " naaaa....dee lol یا I think that's what she says. I also found graces avatar funny but I don't know why. That hair thing when riding animals is weird lol and I love pandora when it glows up when they run and as their feet touch the ground it lights up. I love the "your a baby" line from the princess lol she's funny.
posted by Avatargeek
The اگلے morning, Grace and I had some fun, basketball. The Avatars loved basketball. It was one on one. Not to brag but I kicked butt when it came to Me v.s Grace. Better believe I won. I waited for Grace as she helped the "younger" Avatars to get to rest. While Trudy, a سٹار, ستارہ pilot talked to Jake, we set up a plan. Grace and Norm had to get samples from a plant of some sort. I was as existed as him to get out there. Jake of coarse got in to trouble. A Thanor was chasing after him and we couldn't keep up. Gratefully, his Avatar made it.
posted by Avatargeek
My story was simple, a nerdy little girl looking for an adventure. I had a large I.Q and a long attention spand but I had cancer. Grace Augustine, my best friend, was a scientist. When she started the Avatar program, I was existed to شامل میں up. She explained to me about the Na'vi and I was thrilled to take off to Pandora. When our ship crash landed, I became jumpy. I wanted to test out my Avatar. I wondered if it really would look like me and would have my same problems. I studied about the Na'vi for months and couldn't wait to meet one. Of coarse, beings Grace's friend, I had to clean Microscopes...
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posted by Avatargeek
A couple days later, we went to worn the Na'vi to move. The general was ready to run over the tree. Things didn't work out well. We were tied up. The general didn't realize he was destroying millions of families. Not to mentioned Neytiri's father. When we were freed, Jake found Neytiri سے طرف کی her dad's side. He had a stick the size of sword in his chest. Neytiri was devastated.
"Oh no" I کہا and covered my mouth. Jake rushed to get Neytiri. Neytiri pushed him away and scolded. I ran after her.
"Neytiri its..." She pushed he off. Suddenly, Jake went down. Then me. When i wook up, I had arms around me. Norm too and best believe Grace was cussing. We were then locked in the main ship's locker. Then, thankful, it was Trudy to the rescue.
posted by Avatargeek
Later that night, I was looking in my old journal. I turned to the front page to read about my first Avatar mission. Grace and I went to were she was assigned, a stubby little hut the Na'vi called a school. I got to help her teach her first class. When I opened the door, there was markers and crayons and notebooks galore. I felt like I was in heaven.
Little Na'vi girls and boys soon came in. They were cute and quiet and ready to learn. That made Grace smile. I learned all of those 100 students names. The only two i found interesting were Tsu'ey and Neytiri. Good thing because we met later on
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