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This Avril Lavigne تصویر contains پورٹریٹ, آرچر, closeup, تصویر, and ہیڈشوٹ. There might also be اچھے کپڑے پہنے شخص, سوٹ, پتلون سوٹ, pantsuit, اچھی طرح کپڑے پہنے ہوئے شخص, and پنٹساٹ.

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Hey, yea, ohoh (3x)

I’ve only got 3 dollars left in my hands,
I walk down the sidewalk as I pass a dirty man
walk up the staircase that leads to my hotel
I’m living in at a fancy hotel, yea yea
then I’ll go up to my room
fixate on what’s the deal
I’m alone again
then I will crawl into the bed,
and call آپ up to tell آپ off

'Cause I’m on my own, would آپ leave me alone
before I lose my mind
because آپ lied and so did I
Oh oh oh, would آپ cry-y-y
if I let آپ go tonight if I let آپ go tonight
yea, yea, let go

Hey, yea, ohoh

I’ll probably wake up a little sad
but then I’ll get up...
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