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Love that once hung on the wall
Used to mean something, but now it means nothing
The echoes are gone in the hall
But I still remember, the pain of December

Oh, there isn’t one thing left آپ could say
I’m sorry it’s too late

I’m breaking free from these memories
Gotta let it go, just let it go
I’ve کہا goodbye, set it all on fire
Gotta let it go, just let it go
Oh oh Oh oh

You came back to find I was gone
And that place is empty, like the hole that was left in me
Like we were nothing at all
It’s not what آپ meant to me, thought we were meant to be

Oh, there isn’t one thing left آپ could say...
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I didn't want to accept it myself, and I know that no one else here will either, but I think Avril's days of huge success are over. She is no longer appreciated سے طرف کی the general public. I thought she might've made a big comeback with Goodbye Lullaby, but obviously that hasn't gone so well, even though both singles released so far are upbeat and catchy. Apparently, as آپ all probably have noticed, the majority of the world would rather listen to this: link and this: link and let's not forget, this: link rather than this: link یا link.

Had GL been released a couple years ago, back when Avril was...
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Here are some مزید information about the "Deluxe Version" and the length of the songs:
1 Black سٹار, ستارہ 01: 34
2 What The Hell 03: 39
3 Push 03: 01
4 Wish آپ Were Here 03: 45
5 Smile 03: 29
6 Stop Standing There 03: 27
7 I Love آپ 04: 01
8 Everybody Hurts 03: 41
9 Not Enough 04: 18
10 4 Real 03: 28
11 Darlin 03: 50
12 Remember When 03: 29
13 Goodbye 04: 30
14 Alice - Extended Version 05: 00
15 What The Hell - Acoustic Version 03: 40
16 Push - Acoustic Version 02: 45
17 Wish آپ Were Here - Acoustic Version 03: 45
18 Bad Reputation 02: 42
19 Introduction 01: 27
20 Avril Talks About The Making Of Goodbye 05: 48
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* Confirmed new tracks

What The Hell*:

-First Single.

Stop Standing There*:

- Upbeat Track.
- Fueled سے طرف کی an early-‘50s girl-group feel.

4 Real*:

-Written and Produced سے طرف کی herself.


-About finding the strength to close one chapter of her life and اقدام on to the next
-Lavigne says. “We get through it and we grow.” Nowhere is this feeling better expressed than on “Goodbye”
-A delicate piano-and-string ballad that closes out the album.
-"Is the most raw and vulnerable track I’ve ever written and recorded in my career” Lavigne says.
-“It’s a very special song because I wrote and produced...
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In life,
we go through a lot,
we change , we cry , we laugh , and we trust.

In Life,

we smile , we love, we forget , and we believe.

Avril helped me through a lot , when i have a problem , Avril's songs helps me get through it.
Avril's songs are like دوستوں to me.

Avril changed my entire life, she changed my personalty , my looks , my behavior, she made me different person , Avril changed my whole world.

When i cry , Avril just make the pain and tears go away , she is like the only person who understands me.

When i laugh, i laugh because i know that Av will always be سے طرف کی my side.

I trusted a lot of...
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Are آپ aware of what آپ make me feel, baby
Right now I feel invisible to you, like I'm not real
Didn't آپ feel me lock my arms around you
Why'd آپ turn away?
Here's what I have to say I was left to cry there,
waiting outside there grinning with a lost stare
That's when I decided

Why should I care
Cuz آپ weren't there when I was scared I was so alone
You, آپ need to listen I'm starting to trip,
I'm losing my grip and I'm in this thing alone

Am I just some chick آپ place beside آپ to take somebody's place
when آپ turn around can آپ recognize my face آپ used to love me,
you used to hug me...
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*Taken from avrilbandaids.com*

As it comes to the end of another musical سال and the beginning of a new one is emerging, فورم have been creating lists of hype around musicians who are releasing in 2011 یا at least will be prominent in 2011. ATRL has officially compiled a فہرست of stars for 2011 who will hit the mark and who because of their reputation will flop. Avril Lavigne, سٹار, ستارہ of Bandaids, was filed under the 'Has-Been' list, which is listed under D-Star. The مصنف pointed out that Avril's lack of communication to fans, lack of musical dedication and her reputation in hollywood is setting...
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