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This babies تصویر might contain neonate, newborn, newborn infant, and newborn baby.

Use this dice to play: link

Your name is (NAME) and آپ are 15 years old. You're pretty, smart, thoughtful, compassionate, hardworking, and آپ love to help those in need. آپ live with your single mom (your father walked out when آپ were 4 years old) in a low-income area of a big city. The دن آپ turn fifteen, آپ apply for your first job and you're accepted. What آپ make is not much, but your mom needs help making ends meet with her job as a waitress. Juggling work and school doesn't leave آپ a lot of time for socialization, not that it really matters to you. آپ don't have a whole lot...
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First Names:

January = Hugh
February = Luke
March = Rhys
April = James
May = Sean
June = Quinn
July = Max
August = Dean
September = Miles
October = Charles
November = Flynn
December = Jude

Middle Names:

01 = Isaiah
02 = Donovan
03 = Cillian
04 = Leonardo
05 = Alexander
06 = Tobias
07 = Joshua
08 = Frederick
09 = Christopher
10 = Jonathan
11 = Archibald
12 = Gabriel
13 = Harrison
14 = Theodore
15 = Emerson
16 = Zachariah
17 = Nicholas
18 = Anthony
19 = Dominic
20 = Oliver
21 = Gregory
22 = Remington
23 = Elliot
24 = Sebastian
25 = Elijah
26 = Jeremiah
27 = Benjamin
28 = Josiah
29 = Timothy
30 = Emmanuel
31 = Nathaniel


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If آپ had to choose between each pair of names for your child, which would آپ pick? All of the names are found in song titles, and their respective songs and bands / singers are in brackets. Have fun!


Lucy یا Iris? (Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds سے طرف کی The Beatles / Iris سے طرف کی The Goo Goo Dolls)
Eileen یا Roxanne? (Come on Eileen سے طرف کی Dexy’s Midnight Runners / Roxanne سے طرف کی The Police)
Grace یا Virginia? (Grace Kelly سے طرف کی MIKA / Meet Virginia سے طرف کی Train)
Delilah یا Cecilia? (Delilah سے طرف کی Tom Jones & ارے There Delilah سے طرف کی the Plain White Tees / Cecilia سے طرف کی Simon & Garfunkel)
Ruby یا Caroline (Ruby...
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آپ and your husband (or wife, if آپ happen to be male) are living in blissful retirement in (1)______ (city, country, etc) and your five children have grown up and moved out.

Your first child was a girl, born in the middle of December. She was born with a little tuft of bright red hair, and grew up to be a fiery, short-tempered redhead. She is now 25 and works as a (2)______ (career). Since she was born near Christmas, her middle name has something to do with the holidays. Her first name can be whatever آپ like. Her name is (3)______ ______.


our سیکنڈ child was a boy, born one سال later....
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In these types of games, I’ll give a series of multiple-choice questions, with each answer corresponding to a name. At the end of the questionnaire, آپ will have named your hypothetical children (first and middle) based on your responses. Have fun! :)

(Names are taken from Nameberry’s “Surname پسندیدہ List”)

First Name:

Which superpower would آپ choose out of these options?

Flight – Harper
Mind-Reading – Jackson
Time-Travel – Cooper
Invisibility – Grayson
Super-Speed – Carter

Middle Name:

What is your پسندیدہ beverage from these options?

Water – Blake
Tea / Iced...
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