Barbie فلمیں ♫ Barbie فلمیں Best Dress Worn سے طرف کی A Character Picture Contest - Alexa's گلابی and Purple گاؤن, gown [OPEN] ♫

coolraks12 posted on Nov 12, 2013 at 06:50AM
Hey fans as I had asked a poll and most of you are okay with this idea, I thought lets have this contest! The picture can be a photo, fanart, and icon. But it should be your own pic and not someone else's picture.


Winner - 3 props

*Participation prop

- Previous winner can post picture again
- Do not ask people to participate the pick, please, I want this game to be fair
- Do not put a recolored image as it will be same as LightningRed's contest

One person, one picture

2013 :

October I link : MirandaAlivia

November I link: Sirea

December I link: Asabala1

2014 :

January I link : Firiel

February I link : Ishiqa

March I link : MirandaAlivia

April I link : Firiel

May I link

June I Alexa's Pink and Purple Gown

July I
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