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I'd like to do a big lyrics quotes collection of all Barbie فلمیں in this article.


1) آپ can post every quote from a Barbie فلمیں song.

2) آپ have to add the name of the song.

3) It doesn't matter if آپ post your quotes in one post یا in more.

4) Please post just original quotes. If آپ can't remember the quote exactly, آپ can post it too, but please leave a سٹار, ستارہ on it. This means: You're not sure if the quote is correct.

5) آپ can post a picture, if آپ like, but آپ don't have to.

6) Please look carefully if a post was already added.

7) آپ can post as much sentences as are necessary, but don't post the whole lyrics.


"Cause hope has wings
To carry you
Is possible"
(The Magic of Pegasus)
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Wherever آپ go everything is magical
Your دل is leaping loud
Shine is hugging آپ and sings
And your legs are turning up to wings

And آپ dance,,and آپ dance
Above the clouds
And the stars ae keeping this rhythm
And آپ dive in the waves of love
Your soul is full of shine
آپ are shine ,shine

In your eyes a sky opens for you
You're spinning around the earth
On Wherever آپ stare everything shines
You're the reason that I live

Everything is sparkling around you
Give me what I always wanted
Now with آپ I know what is love

And we dance above the clouds
And the stars are keeping this rhythm
A sweet موسیقی is taking us together
The world is full of shine
You're shine,shine...
Hidden beneath the ground,
Is the spring that feeds the creek,
Invisible as the wind,
That آپ feel upon your cheek.

And every breeze that whispers,
Reminds us constantly,
Sometimes what's real,
Is something آپ can't see,

Believe in all that can be,
A miracle starts whenever آپ dream,
Believe and sing from your heart,
You'll see your song will hold the key.

Waiting behind the clouds,
Is a sky that's always clear
And chasing away the doubts,
You watch the sun appear

It's shining to remind you,
As each new دن begins.
There's always hope if آپ just let it in
Believe in all that can be
A miracle starts whenever...
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I challenged my دوستوں and sisters to go a whole دن without saying “sorry” as a reflex.
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Prom is coming up and I can't decide which dress to wear! Here are 4 dresses I'm thinking of wearing to prom. Can آپ help me pick which one آپ think I should wear?