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Ken's cousin Ben comes to town.
Chelsea dusts off the old لیمونیڈ, لمنڈ stand in order to raise money for a class trip. But when she runs out of her key ingredient - rare, exotic lemons - Super Sparkle springs into action and flies across the globe to find more!
be super
when life hands آپ lemons
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Hey BM شائقین I am back with another weird yet important article…I know I know آپ all gonna think “How the hell it’s important?” but it IS indeed important, as time is passing سے طرف کی there are things which are changing in BM some of them are good and some aren’t good so I will post my گیا پڑھا مرتبہ in parts. Here is the first part where I would like to tell آپ my گیا پڑھا مرتبہ on improvement of plots. In the اگلے part will I will include improvements in characters, staring voices/songs and sequels.

 Modern Princess World
Modern Princess World

Improvements in Plot

Barbie فلمیں are getting modern as time is passing, and...
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High Quality! I ripped it from Blu-Ray.
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