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I'd like to do a big quotes collection of all Barbie فلمیں in this article.


1) آپ can post every quote آپ like from Barbie فلمیں except
- Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse
- Lyrics quotes
- Officaly quotes from ending credits.

2) آپ have to add the name of the character and movie.

3) It doesn't matter if آپ post your quotes in one post یا in more.

4) Please post just original quotes. If آپ can't remember the quote exactly, آپ can post it too, but please leave a سٹار, ستارہ on it. This means: You're not sure if the quote is correct.

5) آپ can post a picture, if آپ like, but آپ don't have to.

6) Please look carefully if a post was already added.


"May the best surfer win."
(Merliah Summer, A Mermaid Tale)
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