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Feels like the perfect دن to be brand new, oh yeah
It's time to make the world understand you, oh yeah

Turn us up, don't turn us down (turn us up)
Don't آپ let the noise drown us out (let it go now, now)
Hold your head up and be proud

We can be anything that we wanna be
Hands up, voices loud, time to scream and shout
Together we'll forever be
Glorious and we gotta make 'em hear us now
We've got a brand new sound
And we're gonna make 'em hear us now
Let's make the world say, "Wow"
And we're gonna make 'em hear us

It's a new day
Feel like I can do anything
Looking آگے to tomorrow,
Not thinking 'bout...
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Okay, where should I begin? I've watched the movie at last and I'm utterly in great disappointment. I expected Secret Door to be better than Pearl Princess since it is based on a book and is the Autumn-released version. Seemed promising. Not to mention from the 2D animation, the Barbie is very attractive and beautiful. Unfortunately, it is worse and I even won't watch it twice in a long period.

The Animation

Colour -
 The Lorax's Truffula forest
The Lorax's Truffula forest

On scale 1 to 10, I rate it less than 1. The colour is the main problem of this movie, Zinnia kingdom's colour to be precise. Zinnia's colours...
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Just PCS song "Top of the world"
سب, سب سے اوپر
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