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posted by lilylove89
A wealthy merchant lived in a mansion with his three daughters, all of whom were very beautiful, but only the youngest, at fourteen, is named Belle (a French name equivalent to "Beauty") for being lovely and pure of heart; her sisters, in contrast, are wicked and selfish. The merchant eventually loses all of his wealth in a tempest at sea, and he and his daughters must therefore live in a small farmhouse and work for their living. After some years of this, the merchant hears that one of the trade ships he had sent off has arrived back in port, having escaped the destruction of its compatriots;...
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Ok this has to be my favourute despite the fact I never got it on either DVD یا Video(damn). Anyway here are my highs and lows on the movie


The hidden message in this is to accept the person they are whether there ugly یا not.

The موسیقی is fantastic (Alan Menkin is amazing at his composing along with the late Howard Ashman)

The charcthers are enjoyable and realistic

The story behind it is nice and watchable

The magic it has is great

Belle is my favourite charcther along with the beast who was so stubborn and selfish yet he changed.

The setting is nice and homly

Gaston is a دکھائیں stealer in my opinion

The beast in human form is so cute


The duration should be extended more.90 mins is enough but there should be another 10 mins added in .