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 Concept art for Beauty and the Beast
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the beauty and the beast
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(Young Beast) 'Days in the sun, when my life has barely begun.
Not until my whole life is done, will I ever leave you?'
(Maestrol Cadenza) 'Will I tremble again? To my dear one's
gorgeous refrain?'
(Lumiere & Plumette) 'Will آپ now forever remain, out of reach
of my arms?'
(Mrs. Potts) 'All those days in the sun! What I'd give to relive just
one, undo what's done, and bring back the light!'
(De La Garderobe) 'Oh, I could sing, of the pain these dark days
days bring. The spell, we're under,
still, it's the wonder of us, I sing of, tonight!
(Belle) 'How in the midst of all this sorrow,
can so much love and hope endure?
I was innocent, and certain,
now I'm wiser, but unsure.
I can't go back into my childhood,
one that my father made secure,
I can feel the change in me,
I'm stronger now,
but still not free!
(All except Belle and Beast) Days in the sun,
will return, we must believe!
As lovers do,
days in the sun will come shining through!'
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