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2.Hair - wash it every day, but don't use conditioner every time. Washing less frequently یا using conditioner every دن will lead to greasy hair. Comb it daily.

3.Eyebrows - comb and/or tweeze them regularly to keep them well groomed.

4.Eyes - if آپ have red, bloodshot, itchy eyes, get eyedrops and use them regularly. Get plenty of sleep to avoid puffiness.

5.Nose - blow your nose, don't pick it. Always blow your nose before leaving the house and check to make sure there's nothing left.

6.Lips - Every night put a little petroleum جیلی on your lips before بستر and wipe it off in the morning. آپ can also slather on any moisturizing lip balm.

7.Teeth - Brush twice a day. Floss at least once a day. If آپ have very crooked teeth, consider braces. Realize that آپ may not like them while they're on, but آپ will like the results!

8.Face - If آپ have acne don't feel bad. Everyone gets pimples sometimes, yes, even celebrities. Make sure to wash your face morning and night, use an oil free facial moisturizer, and go easy on the makeup!

9.Clothes - What items آپ choose to wear isn't nearly as important as fit and colour. The colours of your clothes should look good on آپ as well as look good together. Don't wear any piece of clothing that doesn't fit you. Sizes are just numbers/letters, you're going to look and feel much better in clothes that fit you, even if that means going up a size یا two.

10.Nails - Don't bite your nails! Get an anti-bite polish from the drugstore and keep it on all the time. Keep your nails trimmed and filed to a reasonable length. If your nails are painted touch them up in the evenings and remove the polish as soon as it gets beyond the point of touch ups.

11.Hands and feet - buy plain white cotton gloves and socks. Before آپ go to sleep put on plenty of lotion and then the socks and gloves. When آپ wake up, your skin will be super soft.

12.Makeup - Keep it natural! Do not wear foundation, it looks extremely fake on young people and often leads to مزید یا worse acne. Just use concealer on any spots, a little bit of powder to keep the shine away, and some mascara and lipgloss. آپ can curl your lashes if آپ want to. Save eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick for special occasions.

13.Accessories - Earrings, rings, necklaces, and bracelets are up to you. Just be sure not to overload yourself, if you're wearing big یا dangly earrings keep all other accessories to a minimum.

14.Shoes - Again, the style is up to you, just be sure they fit!

15.Exercise - Always remember to warm up and cool down! If آپ don't you'll be so sore after your workout that آپ won't be able to work out اگلے time you're supposed to.


17.Be kind to people. Don't ever bully anyone یا gossip about someone. Don't yell at یا make fun of people.

18.Compliment people! If someone is wearing an amazing dress یا آپ love your friend's new haircut, tell them!

19.The golden rule. Treat people how آپ want to be treated.

20.Have good manners. There are many کتابیں on manners easily available, pick up and read a few of them.

21.Do your school work یا regular work. Getting good grades will make آپ feel good about yourself, and it's incredibly important for your future. Get all assignments (school and work related) in on time, and in good condition.

22.Don't be afraid to ask others for help when آپ need it - and don't neglect to help others when they ask for it.