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posted by MOFOprincess
This is probably my last review of Ben 10. I feel like I need to do one مزید review for closure and memory's sake. There are so many things to say, I don't know where to start. But I guess I'll start with why I was inspired to write this final review.

I just watched the last 10 منٹ of "The Ultimate Enemy." I woke up late and wasn't planning on watching it right away, but I'm sure the part of the episode before that point was basically just a lot of fighting and the team talking about what the they will do to stop Vilgax.

So, what really got me in this episode was memories. Memories of Ben...
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First of all i do not own Ben 10 and Ben 10:alien force material.

Kevin in the race of Time

Ben and Gwen were trapped in a fire,titanium,Metal and pure سونا Cage with no way out.The only way out was if Kevin succeded in the number of challenges, he has to do.Charmcaster کہا to Kevin "if آپ don't succed in this challenge آپ دوستوں will melt one bit at a time".Kevin started to cry,he knew he had to save,his friends.The first Challenge was to Fight آپ Kevin.Kevin was confused how can he be there when he was a knew older gooder Kevin.Kevin the thought "it doesn't matter all i have to do is beat...
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Ok, now lets start out at the the beginning. Ben Tennyson, an easy going, self righteous, "C" student, discovers a recently invented alien device while on vacation with his grandpa and cousin. It was designed to دکھائیں what other sentient being have to go through in the universe سے طرف کی transforming the user into کہا species for ten منٹ at a time, called "The Omnitrix". The Omnitrix was created سے طرف کی a small group of aliens, and since the rumors of the Omnitrix's creation a tyrant known as Vilgax has been hunting it for his own purposes, which is how it ended up on earth. Well anywho Ben eventually...
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posted by RealBenTennyson
A short humour one-shot. Ben irritates crap outta Gwen and Kevin....

This happens diring Ben 10 Alien Force series...


A green car with black stripes was racing in out skirts of Bellwood. Ben Tennyson was bored, extremely bored.


Love me, Love me
Say that آپ love me
Fool me, Fool me
Oh how آپ do me
Kiss me, Kiss me
Say that آپ miss me
Tell me what I wanna hear
Tell me آپ love me

"Stop it! Tennyson," shouted an already irritated Kevin Levin.

"What? I'm just singing.," defended Ben himself.

"And آپ are a horrible singer Ben," stated his redhead cousin Gwen.

"So?," asked Ben....
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posted by fankid
ارے guys while surfing over inter net i found asome leaked info "Ben10 Aliens Unleashed"(i am nt sure about this name)and thought to share with آپ all.
This will be the fourth series of Ben10 and will follow 17 سال old ben tenyson with the infinity matrix in his hand. All aliens each an evry alien(yes including waybig, n alienX!!!!) would go to thier ultimate form and then they will evolve further to final form!!!!!Eg."Final bigcill","Final Humangosaur".
I was surprised to hear this but its true !!!!!!!!!!!
posted by bcthestrongest
"come on Gwen" smiled Ben at his cousin.All of sudden a blast happen in the mid east Ben,Kevin, and Gwen went to see what it is a girl with کیریمل, کآرامال skin black hair and light blue eyes turn around "hello im Mercedes"smiled the girl Gwen hug her "best friend Mercedes"cry Gwen "hey Gwen"smiled Mercedes Kevin and Ben just stared at each other "you are pretty cute" flirted Ben Mercedes blushes and kisses Ben on the cheek she turn around and blast a rock her powers are like Gwen
"So your Mercedes" smiled Kevin she only nodded putting her long hair in a ponytail Ben stared at her hand "nice symbols"...
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So I usually write a review for every episode. And the past emotional epic episodes I should have written my feelings and analyzations, but I just haven't. I'm not full of regret, but I know i could've written some really emotional stuff. during the 'Kevin being evil again' stage, I was thinking this:

'You Lost Me' سے طرف کی Christina Aguilera
'Forever and Always' سے طرف کی Taylor Swift
'Fifteen' سے طرف کی Taylor Swift, the part where it says "...cuz when your fifteen and somebody tells آپ they love you, your gunna believe them,"
That line shows the pain between Gwen and Kevin. These songs are how I described Gwen...
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posted by gwevin12
One دن at Mr. Smoothie,as Ben and Julie were drinking smoothies, Julie کہا "Ben do آپ love me?" Ben looked up and almost choked on his carrot اسموتھی, سموتی and کہا "WHAT!?!" "Do آپ love me", she echoed."Uummmmmm..." Ben said. "JERK!" Julie کہا as she walked off.WAIT! "JULIE!!!..WAIT!!!!" Ben کہا as he ran after her.The اگلے day... "Kevin can I talk to you?" "Uhh sure Kevin says whats up?" "Julie and I had afight yesterday and well... things got hariy" Ben says. "How hariy?" Kevin asked. "Well Julie asked me if I loved her and..." "oh no what did آپ say" Kevin iterupts."I کہا ummm" Ben...
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posted by MOFOprincess
I'm sorry this was so late! I'm happy its finally out though.

So I just want to start off سے طرف کی saying that this episode really extra confirmed that this whole دکھائیں is porn. I believed it was porn before this episode, but this episode in particular was extra sexual. Alright-just wanted to get that out there.
So the sode (that’s the douche bag way of saying episode) starts off with the team in front of a book store because a hot actress, Jennifer Nocturne, was going to be there. She acts as a vampire. I noticed the word play with her last name and her movie role. Bats are nocturnal, and she plays...
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posted by MOFOprincess
In this episode Four Arms is back again! Ben is fighting a Yeti. I’m assuming that a Yeti is an alien that lives on earth because Grandpa Max کہا that all those mythical creatures are real. یا maybe it isn’t an alien; who really cares.
Dr. Animo is back (he says his name a lot) and so I guess since he is out of the Null Void, he no longer goes سے طرف کی DaVoid. I like that name better because it always made me laugh-its gangsta. DA-Void! Pimpin’. When I first saw Kevin lying down, I was confused, but he was just taking apart the Yeti machine, so yeah. Ben then turns into Brainstorm. And I was...
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posted by MOFOprincess
I also گیا کیا پوسٹ this at the "Ultimate Alien" club!

This episode was one that I don’t believe had much significance یا importance. It was fun, and there were things accomplished like Gwen getting her license, but I think it was mainly just to fill in. I’m not saying that it was bad, because it wasn’t; it just wasn’t a huge deal.
So Serpent came back in this episode. I really think this guy is pathetic; one of the worst villains I’ve seen in a while. Even though he fought well against Kevin and Gwen in his first appearance, I don’t think he is of much threat to Ben. During the fight Ben...
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posted by MOFOprincess
Less summary this time! مزید analyzing! I also گیا کیا پوسٹ this at the Ultimate Alien پرستار club. All should شامل میں that club so i dont have to post the same review in two different spots.
When this episode started with Ben’s mom in the kitchen, I knew I would instantly love it because I love Ben’s parents. They are so fun, and I want to see مزید of them. I loved them in the Ben 10 live action movie; they’re amazing.
Original Ben 10: Sandra: “Now, now Ben. It’s Sandra, and Carl! We’re all equals in this house!”
So for being retired, I don’t think Max is relaxing much. He fights awesome...
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posted by MOFOprincess
**I'm also posting this on the Ben 10: Ultimate Alien club!**

1. A person who is easily deceived یا fooled; gull.
2. A person who unquestioningly یا unwittingly serves a cause یا another person: a dupe of the opponents.

Okay, so let me start سے طرف کی saying that I loved this episode. I liked it because it strayed back to the original series ‘Ben 10’ with its lightheartedness and comedy. This episode was SO hilarious. The storyline was also very diverse, even though in other ways it was stupid. And سے طرف کی stupid, I mean Ben. So on with the review!

So this starts off with the Forever Knights;...
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posted by MOFOprincess
Alright! It’s been a few weeks, (hahaha) but Ben 10 is back again and now famous on Earth! I must say, that I am really excited about Ultimate Alien. It seems that this series is going to be a lot مزید humorous and a little مزید lighthearted than Alien Force was, which might be what us شائقین wanted/need. Everything Ben 10 is now new and fresh, and it is almost like the journey is beginning all over again. I don’t exactly want to summarize so much in this review, so make sure آپ watched the episode so آپ don’t get lost. =)
To start off, it’s what I cried about last time! The brand new...
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posted by QueenAnnelise
Wow!, was the only word that came out of my mouth after watching the last episode of Ben 10: Alien Force. I was not surprised. Not because it was predictable; it wasn't. It was because my crazed friend saw it before me and couldn't help telling me. I loved it mostly because of the way it ended. It left آپ happy and complete(let me just say that shirtless Kevin is waay better than گیراج Kevin). The episode leaves one thing clear. There IS a Gwevin. YAY!. I am still speechless because of the episode and the fact that Gwen KISSED Kevin. آپ guys have to admit that آپ hate Gwen a little because...
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posted by Jerexious
This poem was written سے طرف کی Solora Goldsun
Once I read it I loved it and decided to share it with B10AF fans.Enjoy!

I close my eyes and see your face
Your eyes of emerald,hair of fire
I feel the touch of your gentle hand
And my دل beats with endless desire

Your smile warms my very soul
Your voice it's like an angel's song
When i'm alone for even an hour,
It feels like the whole week long

I hold آپ close and all is right
آپ sweetly whisper in my ear
I feel a peaceful bliss within
As آپ tell me things I love to hear

آپ feel pain of words and thoughts
آپ are so fragil, yet so strong
آپ fight like no other girl I know
آپ always work to right every wrong

How آپ love me,I don't know
We're as diffent as the moon and sun
But then,maybe we are Yin and Yang
Two havles combining into one...

Kevin Levin
( i'm writting poetry!Id better kiss her fast!)(NO Duhh)
posted by MOFOprincess
Okay so this episode was absolutely amazing because there was so much success! There were quite a few things that the شائقین have wanted for a while that the creators and McDuffie finally gave the شائقین in this episode! This was it. This was the end. Let’s see how they did with closing off Alien Force…
Albedo is back for the finale! He کہا he would be way-back-when in “Good Copy, Bad Copy” and he is first seen stealing the Ultimatrix from Azmuth. People could have mistaken Albedo for Ben, but Ben would never do such a thing. Later when Albedo was looking through the Ultimatrix he had just...
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posted by MOFOprincess
1. a private feud in which the members of the family of a murdered person seek to avenge the murder سے طرف کی killing the slayer یا one of the slayer's relatives, esp. such vengeance as once practiced in Corsica and parts of Italy.
2. any prolonged and کڑوا, تلخ feud, rivalry, contention, یا the like: a political vendetta.

I’m practically speechless. This episode was so amazing I’m at a loss for words almost. I have found only a few minor flaws, but I have never been so impressed. Here’s the review…
It starts in the Null Void where Ragnarok is being held in a special prison. He...
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posted by MOFOprincess
This episode is all about the Plumber’s helpers and how they make decisions in order to become official, real, Plumbers. We see how they work together, talk together, and earn the badges they have.
The message starts off with the helper team bickering, and then getting a message from Max. He is in trouble because Ben is ‘attacking’ him. The Plumber’s helpers have to save Grandpa Max, alone, because Gwen and Kevin are on a mission {Gwevin!} Although, that could easily be a lie. It’s the best excuse to use in دکھانا that they cannot help the Plumber’s helpers.
*Important note: Where...
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For all of آپ شائقین out there.There is going to be a new episode of B10AF on:
March 12 at 8:30pm and is goin to be reapeated on:
March 13 at 8:00am.
The episode is called Above and Beyond.
If آپ have any doubts یا سوالات آپ can تلاش and check at:
All آپ have to do is click on B10AF webpage and click on TV schedule.
Once there آپ can look at the latest principles games wich are six, آپ can wacth it's ویڈیوز created سے طرف کی viewers یا simply its episodes,check the تبصرے and look for it's downloads.Enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!