One دن at Mr. Smoothie,as Ben and Julie were drinking smoothies, Julie کہا "Ben do آپ love me?" Ben looked up and almost choked on his carrot اسموتھی, سموتی and کہا "WHAT!?!" "Do آپ love me", she echoed."Uummmmmm..." Ben said. "JERK!" Julie کہا as she walked off.WAIT! "JULIE!!!..WAIT!!!!" Ben کہا as he ran after her.The اگلے day... "Kevin can I talk to you?" "Uhh sure Kevin says whats up?" "Julie and I had afight yesterday and well... things got hariy" Ben says. "How hariy?" Kevin asked. "Well Julie asked me if I loved her and..." "oh no what did آپ say" Kevin iterupts."I کہا ummm" Ben said. "Ummm! are آپ crazy?!?" Kevin says, "I paniced besides it's not like she loves me" کہا Ben."I dont know کہا Keven the way Gwen says Julie really loves you." "Oh my gosh your right I got to tell her I love her" Ben says then runs out the door."What an idiot" Keven says.Ben shows up at Julies house."Julie! I have to tell آپ somthing." "Sorry Ben I'm going on a date" Julie says. "What?" Ben says hart broken."Yeah I'm meeting him at Mr. اسموتھی, سموتی ,bye"
she says then walks out the door."Julie wait!!!!!!" Ben screams after her but she keeps walking down the street."I love you" he wisperd to himself standing in her doorway crying.THE END. P.S. For all آپ couples out there if your girlfriend/boyfriend asks آپ do آپ love them...DONT SAY UUMMMMMMMMMM!!!!! Thank you.