Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock
Benedict Cumberbatch — What? Benedict Cumberbatch? The guy’s as goofy looking as his name. What’s to love about a pasty thin British nub with moppy hair and a dorky smile? I mean, besides the voice. The sly demeanor. The glimmery eyes. The impeccable cheekbones. His cerebral approach to his craft. Maybe it’s his keen fashion sense, یا maybe it’s just the scarf. یا maybe it’s because he’s the best goddamn Sherlock in the history of Sherlocks. In real life, the man was once kidnapped and locked into the تنے, ٹرنک of his car سے طرف کی six men in South Africa, and he smart-talked his way out of the situation. Maybe it’s his appreciation for life bleeding through that people are drawn toward. God knows it wasn’t Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, which was a total bore. Maybe, oh, I don’t know. Maybe it’s just the man’s ass. Whatever it is, Benedict Cumberbatch is incredibly sexy almost in spite of himself, and to land in the Pajiba 10 looking like he does suggest there’s powerful forces at play in the soul of Cumberbatch, which makes him my پسندیدہ kind of Pajiba 10 entrant, a guy that will mind-f*ck آپ to ecstasy before he even removes your clothes.

*Original مضمون سے طرف کی Dustin Rowles /The Sixth Annual Pajiba Ten: A Celebration of the Coolest, Sexiest شخصیات مشہور on the Planet.

Benedict Cumberbatch attending the European Premiere of 'The Dark Knight Rises'