Hello guys!
I'm a student in London and I have to write a paper on an audience research: since I love love love BB and I know we all share that passion, I thought of asking آپ if آپ can answer some سوالات for me and help me with my uni assignment!
please, please, please it's very important since this is one of my first exam!!
these are the questions:
1. What gender are you?
2. How old are you?
3. What is your degree of education?
4. How long have آپ been watching the "Big Brother"for?
5. How long per day/week do آپ usually spend watching it?
6. What motivated آپ to watch it at first and motivates آپ now? (i.e. The presenter,the contestants,the format, etc.)
7. Do آپ like and make use of the way viewers are allowed to intervene in the programme (i.e. Voting methods, participation as audience, official website, میل ای initiatives, etc.)? Why?
8. What are, in your opinion, the programme's best features?
9. Do آپ reckon it has improved یا got worse with the time?
10. How do آپ feel witnessing someone else's life going on?
11. Do آپ project yourself in the position of the participants یا do آپ feel detached from their behaviour and attitude?why?
12. Do آپ think the contestants' conduct and manners are affected سے طرف کی the presence of the camera? Why?
13. What are your reactions in response to a scene in which there is:
some swearing?
violent behaviour?
explicit sexual references?
someone suffering?
13. Would آپ take part in such a programme?

I would love if آپ could take part in my research and send your جوابات to marti.santarelli@gmail.com
I'll be waiting for you!!