It had been a few hours since her talk with George and she was still feeling a little bit insecure about her scars. She was already in black bikini and a pair of dark blue flip flops. She had a cover up for her swimming suit, some money, her towel, a change of clothes, a lot of sunscreen, and her wand in her big ساحل سمندر, بیچ bag that she had conjured up. She walked down the stairs knowing that the Weasleys, her uncle, Harry, and Hermione were waiting for her. Caitlin had insisted on paying for the swimming trip seeing as how she had the most muggle money. She walked down the stairs with her sunglasses perched on the سب, سب سے اوپر of her head. Her hand was gliding along the stair railing as she walked. She reached the bottom of the stairs to see George and the others waiting for her. She grinned as George wrapped his arm around her shoulder pulling her in close to his body. She looked around the room and saw that the Weasleys and her uncle were dressed in swimming suits.
She couldn’t figure out how they had managed to get but something in the back of her mind told her she did know how they got their swimming suits. She remembers giving Sirius some money to get clothes for him last week. The money that she gave him must have been used to get not only to get clothes for himself but swimming suits for the others. She remembered Mrs. Weasley and Hermione going with Sirius to go shopping and they had came back with a lot of bags. She hadn’t questioned them when they came back with all of the bags. She smiled because she wasn’t angry at them for planning this. Although she should’ve seen it coming because of how bright and smart she was. However she just hadn’t been paying attention as much as she should’ve been. “Alright آپ two lovebirds let’s get going”, Fred called out pulling Caitlin out of her thoughts. “Wait just one منٹ did everyone put sunscreen on”, Caitlin questioned. She looked around and saw that everyone except for Harry and Hermione was trying to figure out what she meant سے طرف کی putting sunscreen on.
She sighed as she explained what sunscreen was and what the risks were if آپ didn’t put sunscreen on. Everyone who didn’t have sunscreen on rushed over to her and were pushing trying to get sunscreen on. Caitlin was almost knocked over from the pushing and shoving of everyone in front of her. With one push Caitlin fell and almost hit the floor if it hadn’t been for George who easily caught her in his arms. “Thank you”, she کہا softly as she looked back at George who kissed her head, cheek, and shoulder and then whispering your welcome into her ear. She smiled up at him and kissed his cheek. She then pulled her wand out of her bag and a few bottles of sunscreen she started to help them get sunscreen on. Once she finished with the crowd in front of her she turned around and helped George get his sunscreen on. She started putting sunscreen on his chest and she slowly trailed her hands down his body taking care to slowly rub the sunscreen in. She got to his legs and put the sunscreen on a little bit faster. She instructed him to turn around and she started putting sunscreen on to his back. She bit her lip in concentration as she heard a quiet sound of pleasure at the feel of her hands on his back erupt from his mouth. She ran her hands over his back rubbing the sunscreen in. She finished and put the sunscreen back into her bag. She pulled her sunglasses over her eyes. She was then pulled back into George’s arms and the group walked out of the house.
They stopped walking for a منٹ and apparated behind the building of the swimming pool. They walked inside the building and Caitlin talked to the lady at the front. She pulled some money out and got the group into the place. She motioned for them to follow her. They followed behind her George still had his arm wrapped around her. They found the perfect spot to place their stuff at. George let Caitlin go so that she could put her bag down. Caitlin told everyone when they should come back to her in order to get مزید sunscreen. She also told them that the pool had rules and that they should follow the rules. They nodded and went to go swim and do what they wanted. She walked over to a lounge chair and laid herself out on it. She took her flip flops off and reached behind her for her bag. She put the flip flops into her bag before laying herself back down against the chair allowing her body to soak up the sun’s rays. The lounge chair was close to the edge of the water. She wasn’t paying attention to her surroundings and she was pulled into the swimming pool سے طرف کی Fred. She shrieked in surprise as she was dragged سے طرف کی her foot into the water. She came up instantly realizing what happened. “What the hell was that for”, she yelled. “Just having a little bit of fun”, Fred replied innocently. She calmed down at the innocent expression on Fred’s face and grinned.
George came up behind her and hugged her. She turned around at smiled at George. She kissed him gently. He pulled her close to him. She gripped his shoulders as her knees buckled from the pleasure of the kiss. George picked her up and she wrapped her legs around his waist. When air was necessary they pulled back for air. She rested her forehead against his and she was put down gently. She looked into his eyes and smiled. She had a mischievous look in her eyes as she felt like she wanted to play around right now. She pulled away from him and started swimming away. She knew George wasn’t that far behind her so she swam faster. She swam around the pool until she crashed into someone.