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 are آپ game?!
are you game?!
in my last entry chuck, blair, eric, serena and nate were about to go into a game of dares. this is a follow on.
GG: the upper east siders have got there alcohal and پیزا and ready to start the war یا dares. let the battle commense...

(Van der باس, گھنگھور apartment)

on the sofa is serena, nate and eric. chuck is on the single chair and blair is on his knee.

B(Blair): who wants to go first?
C(Chuck): i'll go first.
S(Serena): well then blair آپ can think of a equally bad dare to him because of the dares that he comes up with.
E(Eric): what dares does he come up with?
N(Nate): you'll see.
B: ok chuck truth یا dare?
C: dare of course.
B:(blair's smile widens) i dare آپ to go outside and flash the good people of manhattan.
C: easy waldorf.
B: listen bass. pants have to be around آپ ankles for a good minute.
C: maybe the مزید آپ drink the مزید creative you'll get.
(Chuck goes out of the aprtment and down to the front of the hotel. they all watch from the window as chuck does his dare. after one منٹ he comes back up)
C: i told آپ easy.
B: your turn to dare someone bass.
C: truth یا dare serena?
S: truth.
C: is it true that آپ are georgina sparks kissed.
B: باس, گھنگھور thats crazy.
S: no its true.
C: what? i made that up.
S: its true. me and georgina were drunk and two guys told us to make out and we did.
(they all laugh)
S: my turn. eric truth یا dare?
E: truth.
S: i cant believe im going to ask this but is the rumors on gossip girl about آپ not being a virgin true?
E: (looks a bit embarresed) yes its true.
B: way to go E.
E: ok nate truth یا dare?
N: dare.
E: i dare آپ to kiss chuck.
B: little وین der woodsens learning.
N: im not kissing chuck. no offense chuck.
C: well to bad im deeply offended. (laughs) but آپ do know what it means when آپ dont do a dare.
N: torcher.
B: S can آپ think of a suitable punishment?
S: well maybe for everyones first torcher we should go easy. so he has to sit in a bath of ice cold water for ten minutes.
N: thats easy.
C: butt naked. prepare to lose your balls.
B: i'll get the ice.
E: i'll fill the bath.
S: یا آپ could still do the dare and be a man.
(Chuck, blair and eric laugh)
B: yes it is just a dare. unless آپ have a thing for chuck and thats why your scared.
N: fine i'll do the dare.
C: i was looking آگے to him frezzing his balls off.
(Nate kisses chuck and the others burst out laughing)
E: that wasnt a proper kiss.
N: آپ didnt set any rules. my turn. chuck truth یا dare?
C: i've done a dare i choose truth.
N: is it true that آپ fell in love with blair straight after آپ slept with her?
C: now آپ could of came up with something better than that. of course it's true.
B: aww i love آپ bass.
C: i love آپ too waldorf.
S: blehhhhh. now can we get back to the game lovebirds?
C: blair truth یا dare?
B: dare obviously bass.
C: my lucky day. i dare آپ to make out with serena and it has to be one full منٹ waldorf.
B: fine but this means war chuck.
(Blair and serena make out for a minute)
C: how was your kiss?
B: she was better than you.
C: really? i find that hard to believe.
B: go get مزید alcohal bass.
S: yeah we're sobering up سے طرف کی the minute.

(The اگلے day)

blair and chuck are lying on the floor. eric's lying with his head in the sink with vomit in his hair. serena lying on the single chair that has tipped over and nate lying across the باورچی خانے, باورچی خانہ counter. blair is only in her سکرٹ, گھیرنا and bra, serena in her slip. and the guys are in their boxers. blair wakes up first.

B:(Puts on her top)serena wake up.
S: hmm what? uhhh my head hurts.
B: آپ should put on your clothes before i wake up chuck (Laughs quietly) it's the only reason i woke آپ up first.
S: thanks B. (gets dressed) what happened last night?
B: well im guessing from the cards all over the place and the fact that we were all missing items of clothing we played strip poker.
S: when did we stop playing dares?
B: well we stopped around the time when eric vomited up alcohal and پیزا and decided to play a game of drinking snakes and ladders.
S: what's that? (Serena put on the kettle)
(Chuck enters the kitchen)
C: it's a game me and nate found recently and have been dying to try out. go up a ladder آپ tak one shot, go down a snake آپ take five. whoever wins gets a victory drink and the people who lose take as many shots as possible until they be sick.
B: again eric vomited first.
S: who won?
C: nate. where do we keep the pots?
S: in there (Points to a cuboard)
C:(takes out to pots) any of آپ with bad hangovers might want to cover your ears.
(blair and serena both cover their ears and chuck bangs the two pots together above nate's head)
N: What? stop banging the pots together.
C: why do آپ have a hangover?
B: aww poor nate شامل میں the club. im going to wake eric.
C: do آپ want the pots?
B: no eric is new to this. plus he has vomit in his hair. it's a sad possible side affect of being drunk.
S: who wants coffee and who wants to explain when we decided to play strip poker.
B: chuck asked us who wanted to play you, nate and eric agreed but i didnt. the آپ convinced me to play.
S: why did eric want to play?
N: he had never played before.
C: he cant say that again.
B: eric wake up. (Shoves him)
E: what happened?
B:(Giggles) well آپ got drunk and now your going to get a شاور because آپ have vomit in your hair.
E: my head hurts.
C: side effect of getting drunk. obviously serena got it worse.
S: no i didnt. i never through up once.
C: serena how much of the night do آپ remember?
S: not alot why?
C: آپ were sick in that vase over there and when eric vomited and passed out in the sink آپ vomited on his head. clearly سے طرف کی not remembering the night it is also a side effect.
E: how do آپ remember everything?
B: chuck's an experienced drinker. he drinks in the middle of the day. he has scotch for breakfast.
N: it's true. he asked for scotch in a cafe once.
S: i remember that.
C: it's a suprise آپ remember who آپ are the ammount of alcohal آپ had.
E: im of to clean serena's vomit out of my hair.
S: sorry eric.
B:(Laughs) last night was fun. the bits i remember. the weird thing was آپ all were in آپ underwear while i only had lost my top.
N: one: آپ kept winning. two: as soon as آپ took off آپ سب, سب سے اوپر آپ and chuck practically had sex on the floor over there.
B: i dont remember that. (laughs)
C: i do. it was fun. آپ were also wearing my scarf around your head.
S: i remember her wearing that.
C: congradulations آپ remember something.
(Serena poors a bit of hot water on his pants)
C: are آپ trying to burn my balls off.
S: yeah. stop being so sarcastic. یا i'll call آپ dan humphrey.
N: she's calling war.
(Blair and serena look at each other)
B: your room now.
S: ok
(They run and the boys chase them chuck get blair before she get in and nate finally get serena)
S: daja vu.
B: only this time it's better.
C: why?
B: because im with آپ and serena's with nate. it's the way it's suppose to be.
S: we should take another picture.
N: why do آپ two always insist on pictures?
B: because memories.
C: ah yes the memory of the دن we all got drunk off our asses.
S: just shut up and let us take the picture.
(takes the picture)
B: i love the fact that we have been دوستوں since kindergarten.
S: and nothings going to change that.

GG: aww fun night for our favourite upper east siders. the non-judging breakfast club from kindergarten to college. nothings going to change their friendship. S couldnt be مزید wrong. only one tiny little thing could mess up the friendship. and knowing آپ upper east siders it wont be long till that happens. au revoir for now. آپ know آپ love me. xoxo. gossip girl.
sorry if this ones crap. i just wanted to do it as sort of history repeating its self only they think its better. the اگلے one might break up the non judging breakfast club so thats why i did it.
 be careful scandles just around the corner!
be careful scandles just around the corner!
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Author: Maribells at


Come Undone

Who do آپ need?

Who do آپ love?

When آپ come undone

-Duran Duran

March 2012

"Here we are, Miss Waldorf," the driver announced, slowing to a stop in front of the Empire's awning.

Feeling her دل flutter nervously in her chest, Blair stared out the window at the hotel's floodlit entrance. Flanked سے طرف کی monogrammed flags, brass fixtures, and uniformed attendants, it was an imposing sight to behold.

Perhaps it was just paranoia, but she could've sworn that a doorman was staring directly at her through the tinted glass.

"Drive around to the back," she instructed,...
continue reading...
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Not mine. All credit goes to Barttoni on youtube. "I NEED آپ RIGHT NOW"
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blair & chuck
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Story: "French Kiss"

Author: edwestwick (Ana)

Pairing: Chuck/Blair

Disclaimer: I don’t own Gossip Girl یا movie French Kiss.

Summary: After being left سے طرف کی her boyfriend Blair Waldorf goes to France to get him back. But what will happen when she meets not really honest guy who will not leave her alone? Based on the movie 'French kiss'.

Hi! Sorry it wasn't sooner but I was busy with Christmas and oneshots for my Secret Santa gifts =) Hope you'll like it and thanks for reviews on the last chapter!

Chuck باس, گھنگھور thought he couldn't sit better. This woman was not only the most beautiful girl he has ever...
continue reading...
gossip girl
season 3

so here's the penultimate chapter...

I hope آپ like it! Thank آپ for reading!

Previously...Marcus escapes with the Cypher, Chuck and Blair reunite...who's at the door?

"I cant believe I almost lost you," she suddenly کہا seriously. She looked at him with sad regretful eyes, thinking of all the horrible things that had gone on between them and how much she wished they could go back and do things differently.
"And I almost lost you...but forget's in the past. I'm here now." he reminded her and she smiled in relief.
"You are." she کہا proudly and snuggled into him, "and آپ smell...
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Story: "Don’t leave me behind"

Author: edwestwick (Ana)

Pairing: Chuck/Blair

Disclaimer: I don’t own Gossip girl یا used songs.

Summary: Chuck is going to leave New York for good after he saw Blair with Nate. Will Blair see who she really has butterflies for and what if it’s too late?

Yay quick update! I felt bad I left in that moment so I had to write quickly. Thanks for reviews – they really made me happy. I’m not sure how many مزید chapters I will write, probably 2-3 but we’ll see :)

"Hold my head inside your hands
I need someone who understands.
I need someone, someone who hears
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Gossip Girl: Where do we go from here? Chapter 3

It had been three weeks since the cast apologised to Leighton for treating her like they did when they found out about the alleged sex tape scandal, the newspapers were still raving about it however, since they had found out somehow that Leighton and Ed were a couple.

Leighton and Blake were filming a scene in Blair’s bedroom, some members of the crew were adjusting the lighting and Leighton was talking to Ed, he was waiting for her so they could go out to lunch.

‘’What’s up babe? آپ seem quiet?’’ Ed asked worriedly about his girlfriend...
continue reading...
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Story: "Don’t leave me behind"

Author: edwestwick (Ana)

Pairing: Chuck/Blair

Disclaimer: I don’t own Gossip girl یا used songs.

Summary: Chuck is going to leave New York for good after he saw Blair with Nate. Will Blair see who she really has butterflies for and what if it’s too late?

Hi here's new update and last chapter of this fic. I'm going to start new soon so check it out when it will دکھائیں but I will be still continuing 'Sparks' and 'Season of love' is on hiatus for now as I don't really like writing it at this moment.

"But there is not enough time,
And there is no, no song I could sing...
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 Helping little bro Queen V?!
Helping little bro Queen V?!
A/N: please review :D
gregory was playing with madeline and blair was cooking in the kitchen. chuck was getting ready for work and victoria had just entered the living room.

V: ارے greg i thought آپ the humphreys and tristan were going to the shop?
G: i decided they could go on there own i dont want to go.
V: is this about that party?
G: no what makes آپ think that?
V: well these last few weeks i've seen plenty of tristan but the girls were no where to be seen.
G: i see them in school.
V: no آپ didnt, tyler told me that rachel کہا she hasnt talked...
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B with her mother, arguing in a taxi in front of Takashimaya. N enjoying a joint on the steps of the Met. C buying new school shoes at Barneys. And a familiar, tall, eerily beautiful blond girl emerging from a New Haven line train in Grand Central Station. Approximate age, seventeen. Could it be? S is back?!
Yes, S is back from boarding school. Her hair is longer, paler. Her blue eyes have that deep mysteriousness of kept secrets. She is wearing the same old fabulous clothes, now in rags from fending off New England storms....
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gossip girl
Story: "Don’t leave me behind"

Author: ana-12.

Pairing: Chuck/Blair

Disclaimer: I don’t own Gossip girl یا used songs.

Summary: Chuck is going to leave New York for good after he saw Blair with Nate. Will Blair see who she really has butterflies for and what if it’s too late?

Here’s اگلے chapter and please review if you’re reading I really want to know what آپ think. And if آپ have time read my oneshot “Missing Butterflies”.

“I forgot to say out loud
How beautiful آپ really are to me,
I can't be without
You're my perfect little punching bag,
And I need you
I'm sorry.”
“Please don’t...
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