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It was beautiful. I can’t think of a مزید solid endgame. If آپ think about it the flashforward scene cemented so much stuff:

Chuck is a ‘father in a way Bart never was’ (3.12):
He is affectionate- picks Henry up and swings him around
He compliments his son- “look how smart آپ are”
He makes his son feel secure and loved- can آپ picture baby Chuck shouting “Daddy!” and happily running into Bart’s arms? Pfft. Never.
Blair has finally found some success and power independent from any sort of romantic relationship with Waldorf Designs.
Blair has clearly grown in a major way since she has hired Jenny to work for her. Can آپ imagine her doing that in the past? Never.
Both Chuck and Blair have grown as people since they’re holding Dan and Serena’s wedding in their townhouse (it shows they’ve let bygones be bygones with Dan and approve of the Derena union).
Blair has a husband that clearly adores and appreciates her- “It’s all Blair”.
Blair and Chuck have strong relationships with their in-laws and they are obviously very involved in their lives with Henry. We see Cyrus and Chuck as well as Blair and Lily having warm interactions. We see Eleanor and Cyrus with Henry and it’s obvious they know and love him.

Henry has things that Chuck never had as a child:

A real ہوم instead of a hotel
A mother that is ALIVE (lol)
A father that loves him, compliments him and is affectionate with him
An extended family that loves and adores him
Toys! Lots of toys!

It’s really beautiful how much Savage packed into that flash آگے for Chuck and Blair. It’s so solid and perfect ❥

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“I love you”

In the face of true love, آپ don’t just give up. 1.18

I was in love with Blair and I’m sorry. 1.18

I love آپ so much it consumes me. 2.25

I love آپ too. 2.25

I followed my دل because I love you. 3.22

I will always love you. 4.22

Blair chooses Chuck

1.18 She decides to be with him when she hears his speech.

2.25 After breaking up with Nate, she spends the whole episode trying to get him to say I love آپ and in the end gets together with him.

3.22 Throughout the whole episode she’s struggling with the choice, but in the end she goes to the Empire State Building,...
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