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posted by Xgilmore-girlX
Chuck & Blair have been through pretty much everything and it isn't abou to get better.

Season 2 Episode 19- "The Grandfather"
As many have seen the 11 سیکنڈ long video of Blair & Chuck were Blair says "Take Me Now" it doesn't end well after Blair finally realises that Yale isn't going to happen she goes bad. During what I believe to be a party but it might not be Blair & Chuck kiss but Chuck asks Blair for her old self back and she refuses after this Nate checks up on her and Blair holds his hand and asks him not to leave. This I think is how the Nate & Blair situation begins....
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A Million Love Songs Later

A/N: Hey, Okay I کہا I'd post this on Thursday but I got busy revising my ICT work. God I hate revising! I can't wait until my GCSE's are over with! But then there's A-Levels cry. But anyway since I didn't I just read through it and was not happy with the ending so I changed it around a little and added another scene. Just to say thank آپ to آپ guys, I really appreciate آپ taking time to read and leaving me comments, Thank آپ and I'm so glad آپ who left تبصرے on chapter 1 liked it. I thought It was bit trashy but I guess not that bad right?! Anyway leave me...
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 Lunch with the gang...
Lunch with the gang...
Chair Tales S02E02 - The Sound of Musical

Blair has invited Serena and Dan for رات کے کھانے, شام کا کھانا to congratulate them on getting engaged.
They are at the میز, جدول having dinner, which Blair has cooked. Chuck is also present.

S: B, this is amazing! The best سٹیک i've had in a long time!
D: Umm...its a bit too undercooked for my liking.
B: Well no one cares about your liking!
S: B!
B: There's nothing wrong with my stake...if آپ don't want it Dan....i could always get your father to mail آپ some waffles.
D: The stake will do.
S: Guys...come on....
C: Ye man...leave my woman's stake alone! (looks to Blair who smiles)...
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A Million Love Songs Later

A/N: Okay, This is my new پرستار fiction. I hope آپ all like it, I know it's a bit crap... Okay a lot crap, but I've had a crappy week. Ugh! God do I hate school!! And I've been ill, so don't let first impressions put آپ off, please! So to sum up Everything that's happened in the دکھائیں has happened in this پرستار fiction, nothing is different. It begins eight years after everyone left for their collages. The main characters are Blair, Chuck, Nate, Serena and Dan. Vanessa and Jenny might pop up for time to time but they wont be that important. And a few new characters will...
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 What's your game Miss G?
What's your game Miss G?

Episode 22: Made in Manhattan

GG: Yawn. That's what we hear is coming from the mouth of Chuck Bass, up all night...but not in a good way, stuck with N, wallowing in his latest break up from V, Oh well she wasn't the first and unless there's a holocaust of all females she certainly wont be the last.

(At the Palace.)

In Chuck's suite.
Nate is walking around holding a whiskey, he has been drinking all night.
Chuck is sitting on the سوفی, لٹانا looking very bored and isn't really listening.

N: آپ know It was just one mistake (drinks) And it's not like it matters anyway...
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 UES's evilest double act return
UES's evilest double act return
Episode 21: Alone in the Park

GG: Haven't آپ heard Upper East Siders, The کتیا, کتيا is back, and no I'm not referring to Blair, This girl makes B look like an angel, Georgina Sparks is back in town, and at Constance... So getting that crown back wont be as easy as آپ though B?

(At Constance/St Jude's)

It's been a few days since Georgina's return
Georgina, Penelope, Iz, Hazel and Nelly are talking in the courtyard.
Blair, Nate, Chuck and Serena are sitting at a table.
Blair is staring over at them.

B: This is just my luck, I finally manage to disregard one کتیا, کتيا and an even bigger one turns up
C: What...
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 Not the start آپ wanted B?
Not the start you wanted B?
The Chuck and Blair Chronicles

Episode 19: Where they may take you

GG: ارے Upper East Siders, Latest story, Blair Waldorf returns home, so it's back to basics huh Blair, یا is that back to Bass-ics? Whatever happens I want all my loyal gossipers at Constance for B's return, Is it dethroning time?

(At the Waldorf Apartment)

Harold, Eleanor, Dorota and Roman have just brought Blair back ہوم from the hospital.

E: Right آپ go upstairs to بستر to rest and...
B: Oh enough with the rest, I've been in بستر for 5 days, I'm fine. I just want to catch up on my missed assignments, see Serena and see...(stops...
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 Lost without a BFF
Lost without a BFF
Episode 17: Scary Moment

GG: Yes it's true, Blair Waldorf rushed to hospital, With an unknown problem, یا a known problem, Just unknown to us. Anyone let Chuck know? Better get over to the hospital C, I'm sure your the first one Blair wants to see, When she wakes up.

(At the Belleview Hospital)

Blair is lying on the bed, She is still unconcious. She has been in the hospital for 2 days.
Her collapse was caused سے طرف کی her years of bulimia.

In Blair's private room.
Eleanor, Darota, Harold and Roman are there.
Darota is standing سے طرف کی the door. Harold is sitting سے طرف کی Blair's بستر holding her hand, Roman is standing...
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 Don't mess with another guy's girl!
Don't mess with another guy's girl!
Episode 16: Me, Myself and Blair

GG: Missing. One Queen B. Gone into hiding B? The shame, The ex-boyfriend and a sort of best friend? Don't worry B, We still love you, After all, All the good scandals come from you.

(At the Waldorf Apartment)

In Blair's bedroom, Blair is hiding under the duvet.
Darota enters.

D: Morning Miss Blair
B: (no reply)
D: Are آپ okay Miss Blair?

Darota pulls the duvet down.

D: Miss Blair آپ have school
B: I'm not going to school today
D: Your education is very important Miss Blair
B: I know that, I'll get Serena to... Oh I hate her don't I! Well I get P to send them over. What...
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 Pour Your دل Out Blair!
Pour Your Heart Out Blair!

Gossip Girl: # Well Well Well Upper East Siders....there were suspicious reports of Blair's disappearance this weekend...and is it a coincidence that Chuck باس, گھنگھور was also no where to be seen? Something seems a bit fishy....keep it گیا کیا پوسٹ as i'll have ڈیٹس اپ throughout the day....xoxo Gossip Girl #

Back in school.
Serena and Blair are talking, she tells her everything about the wedding and what happened, she is confused and needs the advice of her BFF. Serena is shocked about what happened to Chucks mother and feels that partnered with the way...
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Gossip Girl: # Spotted: Blair, bags packed and hugging her maid goodbye?! Going somewhere Waldorf? Where scandal goes Gossip Girl is sure to follow....dont think آپ can hide from me Queen B...I'll be watching you! xoxo Gossip Girl #

Blair is in a taxi on her way to Chucks house. it's Friday evening and they are leaving for New Haven tonight. She arrives and removes her bags from the car. She is there on time and is surprised that Chuck isn't out waiting for her. She rings the doorbell and is invited in. Bart is in the hallway and greets Blair, he...
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 Brotherly...Sisterly Love...
Brotherly...Sisterly Love...
Episode 14: Lie Hard

GG: ارے Upper East Siders, If آپ haven't heard, (where have آپ been?) Chuck باس, گھنگھور is back in town. Seen back at school with the other وین der باس, گھنگھور sibling, But where are B and N, We thought آپ four did everything together?

(It's been 2 weeks since Chuck has returned home, He still has some bruises on his face but not as visible as they were)

Chuck and Serena are sitting in the courtyard of the school.

S: Are آپ thinking about coming home?
C: (ignores the question)
S: Chuck?
C: I can do fine, On my own
S: Really? Lets refresh! Last time آپ were on your own look how آپ ended...
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 Welcome Back!!!
Welcome Back!!!

Ok, So these are similar to Chair Tales, but maybe shorter....
You'll have to rewind your mind right to the this is set around season 1, but some things آپ will find are different, one example, Blair and Nate have never dated. So at the moment the "GG Gang" are all good friends. Chuck and Nate are best friends, Blair and Serena are best friends, Serena is good دوستوں with Chuck and Nate. Chuck and Blair have their typical early Season 1 "Poison Ivy" kind of relationship. Nate and Blair are also friends.

PART ONE - A Mid Summer Night's Visit

Gossip Girl: # Hear Ye,...
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 Need a drink Chuck?
Need a drink Chuck?
Episode 11: Locked Up

GG: Good Evening Upper East Siders, Now we all know Chuck باس, گھنگھور is on the run and we hear from the downtown crew. Take care Chuck, the last person who crossed them ended up 6ft under...

At the وین der Woodsen/Bass Apartment.

Blair, Dan and Chuck enter the apartment.
Chuck goes straight to the bar and pours himself a whisky.

B: Right, آپ have 5 سیکنڈ to explain this to me!
C: (drinks the whisky)
B: Chuck!
C: I'm not saying anything with "Brooklyn" here
B: Hey, Dan was very helpful and آپ should thank him

Dan looks surprised سے طرف کی Blair comment.

B: Make the most of that Humphrey, I...
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 Been in the Wars Chuck?
Been in the Wars Chuck?
Episode 10: Gangs in New York

GG: Gossip just in. Chuck Bass. The wonderer returns, Looking quite rough, Where have آپ been C? In the Ghetto? But it's not important where you've been it's what آپ did we want to know about...

At the Kingston Plaza in Queens.
Blair and Dan are making their way to Chuck's room in the elevator.

B: (breathing deeply)
D: Calm down
B: آپ calm down, I don't know what state I'm going to find him in
D: Look he's there, so he's alive
B: (gives him an unpleased look)

(Elevator gets to the 9th floor)

Dan and Blair step out of the elevator and walk towards Chuck's room.

D: Ready?...
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 Not a Happy Blair...
Not a Happy Blair...
The Chuck and Blair Cronicles

(I HATE this ep, But I'm not gonna re write it-cba. This one isn't really a C/B ep it's مزید of a Blair episode, But they do have C/B scenes but the اگلے episode is defo about them! So hope آپ enjoy it anyway.)

Episode 6: We Aren't Family

GG: Ohh parents, Everyone's gotta love their parents, Sweet parents. Right Blair? -No. Mom dating V'd Dad, Not the step family آپ had in mind B. Could V be working her way onto the A-list?

At the Waldorf Appartment.
Ross and Eleanor are sitting on the سوفی, لٹانا cuddling and laughing.
Vanessa and Blair are standing behind them looking...
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“How long have I been in this storm?

So overwhelmed سے طرف کی the ocean’s shapeless form

Water's getting harder to tread

With these waves crashing over my head”


When he wakes up he is alone. Barely conscious he reaches out for her, finding nothing مزید than empty, cool satin اگلے to him on the bed. He is suddenly wide awake and opens his eyes, only to realize something else; his head is killing him. A slow groan escaping his mouth he buries his head in the تکیا trying to shut out the light coming from the window. He feels as if he has been run over سے طرف کی truck and then fed to stray...
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At first Serena stood where Chuck had left her in the middle of the room. Then with a deep sigh she looked away from where he had disappeared and instead looked over to her best friend still standing in the doorway.

“I am sorry B”, she کہا walking up to her, “I can’t believe he…listen… I am just gonna leave, there is no point talking to him when he is like this and despite everything I really need to tell my mom we found him. آپ coming with me?”

Blair slowly turned her head and met her friend’s eyes, a blank expression on her face. And then she shook her head, still not saying...
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He barely allowed himself to catch a glimpse of her before diverting his gaze, staring into the lush carpet covering the floor. Cursing himself یا ever returning to the suite in the first place after spending nights away. She was so beautiful, he thought - his mind racing - so perfect. How did he ever, if only just for a سیکنڈ یا two, imagine that there would be a someday for the two of them? That he deserved a someday with anyone none the less with her? He wasn’t worthy of her, of anything, all he did was hurt the people around him. His insides raging he could feel the protective layers...
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 A Rose for his Queen?
A Rose for his Queen?
Episode 2: East Side Story

GG: Good Morning Upper East Siders, Gossip Girl here, Maybe you've noticed Gossip Girl hasn't been to bed, Well why sleep when we're still waiting on news about our resident king, Any news on the باس, گھنگھور be sure to let Gossip Girl know...

At the Palace Hotel.
Chuck is drinking coffee, Blair is holding the cup up for him.

B: Drink it
C: I'm not thirsty
B: Coffee's good for آپ drink it

Chuck takes a sip and then again.

B: Better?
C: Yeah

Blair puts the coffee down.

B: Tell me what happened?
C: (laughs) Same old
B: Serena told me something about آپ and your Dad?
C: Yeah so...
B: Do...
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