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Awwwwwwww so cute!
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Baley:grr yet another دن of school now normally I would be proud and happy but my cousin Ally has دیا me مزید toilet dunks than I can count so this is why I can not go to school Dad!
Dexter:Now Baley I think your being over dramatic!
Baley:Are آپ kidding me haven't آپ ever had your head dunked in the toilet یا have been called a nerd یا anything!
Dexter:(glances at Dylan)no Baley I was very popular.
Baley:Oh and I bet آپ broke your glasses and every one thought it was cool right.(real nice Baley real nice)
Dexter:Well actually yes.
Baley:OMG آپ have got to be kidding me why cant I be homeschooled...
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Baley-Noooooo Dee don't touch that!
Dee-wait auntie deede taught me this its called the dance
Baley-The fanciful unicorn I know I know.
Dee-fine im going.
Baley-Oh whats the point every دن آپ come in and wreck my laboratory.(covers mouth)gggggggrrrrr
Dee-Baley your
Baley-Don't say it.
Dee-Your accent.
Baley-I told آپ not to say it.
Down stairs......
Dexter-Blossom I finished are time tweaker!
Blossom-great now we can be in any time but who will test it.
Baley-Dad Dee wont stay out of my work space!
Blossom-work space?
Dexter-um yeah her um room.
Dexter-Why not Baley?
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I awoke one dumb morning and of course I slept in like usual so everyone کہا good afternoon just to pick on me all but my Dad and my brother Dylan who also slept in if آپ know me well enough I can guess what your thinking oh brother all 3 accent mouth wake up at the same time lol!
But come on people don't آپ have jobs یا something!!!sorry I've stoooopidly been told I hav anger issues :3 so um heheheheh anyways I walked downstairs and slipped and fell!

Baily:Mom whats with the floor!!!
Blossom:Oh Dylan just found out he has ice breath.

so سے طرف کی now I am thinking just great something else he's...
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blossom:no brick for the last time I will not go on a تاریخ with you!
Brick:AAAWWW Blossom come on ditch the dork!
Blossom:Bubbles is not a dork!
Brick:not Bubbles Dexter!
Brick:yeah why?!why have آپ had a crush on him ever since fusion fall?!when we all called him Dorkster آپ helped him out!!!!!
Blossom:that I but I do not have a crush on Dex!!!
(cheeks get even مزید red)
Brick:Come on چیری, آلو بالو blossom dont آپ want someone to fly off with Dexter cant do that!!
Blossom:even if I did like Dex he taught me something آپ never could!!!
Brick:and that is?
Blossom:to stop and smell...
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