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Source: this only in image of this آپ can see it on disney bolt :)
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یا even some good news...


I learnt how to use Paint and I may لوڈ اپ some Computer art on this club!

I know,It may Be nothing for آپ But I wanted to tell.

And keep using this club,Some day..We may get spotted and then get مزید fans.

Thanks Club's Owner: Fbf1/Mk3 :)
Co-Owner: ?

If آپ post much and do make good convertations,You may can get Co-owner Workship.
And آپ also can get Messages from anything,What is nice and Bad messages from Firing
I will send آپ a message when آپ are a Co-Owner.

If آپ do much of bad things on This Club,You can get Fired from co-owners place,Or get reported.
That's Why I hope that everybody will be nice on Here

Thanks for joining on Bolt Art Club!
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Hi,Before آپ read remember,I'm not sayíng anything bad of everyone

What do آپ think of copycats?

Well,There is many people who stoles pictures,And says: I'm this good at drawning..

Have آپ ever got copycatted?

If yes,We have to step out and Say: آپ can't copy my pics like that!

Do آپ are copycat yourself ?

I hope not,Cause that is a crime.
Actually,It is very annoying and Childish.


Tell in تبصرے what do آپ think.

And Yes this is serious....
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