Randy Jernigan and Les Bailey
مصنف and writing coach Randy Jernigan recently took to his Facebook page to boast about his پسندیدہ writer and sidekick, مصنف Les Bailey, and the final installment of his 'Vampire Game' trilogy.

"If آپ loved Les' first two کتابیں in the series, then you're going to really get into his third book," Randy exclaimed proudly in his Sunday afternoon post. "I just read the first chapter last night--what powerful writing! Every sentence was strong and kept me spellbound.Book three will absolutely knock your socks off, I have no doubt!"

A Salt Lake City native, Les Bailey actually began writing his مقبول vampire trilogy years earlier in one of Randy's creative writing courses in his Writers Studio in Utah.

In a گزشتہ interview Randy once explained to me, "I knew when I first met Les several years back in one of my creative writing classes, that he was going to write the great American novel--and he did! Even then Les was a master storyteller. I remember vividly the feelings of excitement I experienced when he read allowed from one of his class assignments. The prose within the story was downright delicious. I recognized almost immediately that Les had already developed his own unique and sensuous voice, which is what I was aiming for for each of my students be the end of the eight week course," Randy related.

So several years later when Mr. Bailey contacted Randy about the idea of helping him کریں شائع his first book, Randy accepted without a سیکنڈ thought.

"I would have felt like one of those few publishers that turned down J K Rowling's Harry Potter کتابیں in the end," Randy was quoted as saying at the time.

After reading the manuscript through for the first time, Randy knew that his friend had created a true work of art--a masterpiece!"

Today, the two authors have become inseparable. Randy, who acts as Bailey's agent, also works to promote his دوستوں کتابیں to an adoring public, filling his own social media pages with تصاویر and news about the مصنف and his books--sometimes overlooking his own accomplishments.

And his own being quite significant. Randy's "Stars" series has performed quite well for the author. His Marie Osmond پرستار book still sells very well, according to his agent, Terry Griffen. "And the اگلے book in the series, a پرستار book about Ellen DeGeneres is expected to perform even better," Griffen said. Randy's also completed two Hallmark projects for اگلے سال and will have a ویژن ٹیلی project appear on the BBC in 2018.

Recently, the مصنف has had to take some time away from his desk, and his writing. According to a post on his social media pages, the مصنف suffered a minor stroke but is doing well and had made a near full recovery.

According to a work associate, Randy is doing well and is currently under medical supervision.

In an interview about Bailey's book series, Randy added, "If the Vampire Game were only a fantasy adventure Vampire tale, it would still be well worth the read. But Les is telling an even مزید profound story here. The Vampire Game is yet another radiant and moving treatment on the exciting, yet tragic nature of life itself.

I'm paying it my highest tribute سے طرف کی saying that, as a work of fiction, and in my opinion, it is a masterpiece!

Mr Bailey's third installment of The Vampire Game is expected out this Fall.