There are so many great کتابیں published every month, some titles worth reading may get lost in the shuffle. So when I heard that my writing coach and mentor of ten years was finally releasing a book about successful freelance writing, I got excited!

It was about ten years پہلے that I decided to get serious about my desire to make a living with what I loved the most--writing. So I looked up the number of a مقبول writing group in my ہوم town, got registered and took a class. I had heard of the instructor before, even read a couple of his کتابیں and magazine articles, so I was thrilled at the prospect of what I could learn from this man. I wasn't disappointed.

This mans enthusiasm and excitement for the craft he taught, as well as his career, was contagious. He even introduced me to one of his magazine editors which was the launching pad for my new career as a published author.

مصنف and writing coach Randy Jernigan will کریں شائع "The Freelance Writers Guidebook" the Spring 2018 in both paperback and electronic editions.

According to Professional Writers Wiki, Randy Jernigan is best known as a celebrity journalist, fiction writer, ویژن ٹیلی news writer, food writer, poet and essayist, writing for several national magazines and media groups throughout the U.S. and Great Britain.

But I know Randy as my writing coach, mentor, and my friend.

I got to speak to Randy briefly سے طرف کی phone during a radio broadcast and ask him about his new book and what it's meant to him to be a writing coach.

"This book has been a long time coming for me. My publishing partners keep me pretty busy working on projects all the time so I had to work on this book on the side and in between other money-making projects. It's mostly a collection of the curriculum I wrote up for The Writers Studio and my students. I concentrated, for the most part, on freelancing as a writer since that's been my life for the past 25 years یا more," کہا the author. "There's nothing like being in a room of writers with their enthusiasm and raw talents. My students always inspired me with their abilities and I was so proud of what they accomplished. It was a high point in my career to be able to share my little bit of knowledge and experience with these writers," Randy said.

One of the many writers that went on to find success from Randy's class is "The Vampire Games," Les Bailey.

"I'm so proud of what Les has accomplished with this trilogy. He's a master at his craft and his work, in my opinion, is nothing less than a masterpiece," Randy fondly boasted.

Besides the publishing of "The Freelance Writers Guidebook," Randy and Les will keynote a master-class in the Salt Lake City area in early Spring and I'm hoping there will be an extra نشست for me to take a refresher course!

(Social media تصاویر used with permission)
Randy Jernigan and Les Bailey