We hear a lot about sexism against females, and some people think this extends to books, which it probably does. A lot of کتابیں have no females in them, یا only have weak female characters, like damsels in distress which are just there to be saved سے طرف کی males. But recently, there has been a lot of strong, resourceful new female book characters. Here are my favourite strong heroines- and two of them are from کتابیں written سے طرف کی male authors, so well done men for realising that females can be string too.

1) Kestrel Hath, from The Wind on آگ کے, آگ series سے طرف کی William Nicholson.
Most of آپ probably haven't read this series, but آپ should. Not only is it an incredible story, but it has this incredible character who for me has to be the number 1 heroine. She has everything آپ could ask for: strong, brave, relateable and loving (although she doesn't realise it). She also is admirably stubborn, strong willed, impulsive, has a fiery temper and a strong sense of what's right. She feels a relateable anger at being oppressed سے طرف کی society and is brave enough to rebel against it.

2) Avry of Kazan, from the Healer series سے طرف کی Maria V. Snyder.
Another book آپ probably haven't read but should. Avry is a healer who has been on the run for several years, because she lives in a world which is against healers. She is strong willed and capable of looking after herself and making her own decisions. Her strong will is particularly shown when she refuses to heal the prince she's being asked to heal for a long time, despite what the men who want her to heal him do. Being a healer gives her a strong sense of what's right and a nurturing, "motherly" instinct- she cares deeply for people and can't stand to see them hurt. However, although it goes against her nature, she still learns to fight, and turns out to be quite skilled at it.

3) Katniss Everdeen, from The Hunger Games سے طرف کی Suzanne Collins.
A مزید well known book now (most of آپ have probably read it), but still with an amazing heroine. Katniss is the very definition of mature and resourceful (I mean, she survived in poverty for several years AND managed to take care of her family!). She also appears to have a strong sense of what's right little tolerance of anything else, but instead of breaking her down, this leads her to take action and try to make a change. She is a woman of action. Although she does have a fiery temper, which she usually tries to control- but still flares up sometimes. And of course, she loves very strongly and fiercely- for example, she loves her sister enough to take her place in the games.

4) Eowyn, from The Lord of the Rings, سے طرف کی J.R.R. Tolkien
After "The Hobbit" had no woman in it at all, I didn't have much hope that "The Lord of the Rings" would. And although there are other woman in it, most of the main characters are male (the entire fellowship is male)- but Eowyn basically saves everything. She is not a perfect character- she is depressed and yearns for glory! But the fact that she has flaws, that she isn't one dimensional, make her even better and shows how woman are people too. In fact, she seems to embody women's rights- I can't help admire her for the way she goes off with the army disguised as a man... and then she fights as well as any man. This seems to say: "Women are underestimated and oppressed سے طرف کی
men/society. They need to be دیا a chance,
because they are people too and no less good than men!"

5) Beatrice Prior (Tris), from Divergent سے طرف کی Veronica Roth.
Another very strong female heroine from an amazing book series. Tris shares a lot of the qualities that most of the other characters share: strong willed, strong sense of what's right, etc. Although she is blunt and stubborn and in some ways her view of the world is simplistic, at the same time she has a lot of insight and sees the flaws in her world when most people don't. She represents people who don't fit in and find it hard to conform, which a lot of people need- and reassures us that maybe this is a good thing. She is strongly opposed to her restrictive society and an advocate for equality, and she cares so much about her cause and about her دوستوں and peers that in the end (spoiler alert) she sacrifices herself for them, which shows just how "Selfless and brave" she is.

Thank آپ for reading and I hope آپ read some of these کتابیں if آپ haven't already. I'm sure آپ agree- strong female heroines like these 5 are amazing!