John is absolutely passionate about باسکٹ, باسکٹ بال and the Boston Celtics. He never misses a game on TV and he knows all about his پسندیدہ players. So in 2011, when he was دیا the chance to wish for anything in the world, he immediately replied that he wanted to meet the team and attend a Celtics game in person.

This chance to have a wish granted came about because of John’s condition; he has two tumors: one on his pituitary gland and one in the middle of his brain.

Before John’s wish could be granted, however, Kids Wish Network needed to raise funds for it and a wish funding specialist made a few calls around John’s hometown of Lunenburg. It wasn’t long before the specialist had a great فہرست of amazing سپانسرز مزید than willing to help: the Workers Credit Union, who made the wish possible; the Lunenburg Women’s Club, who couldn’t wait to help; and St. Bonaface Church, who helped to make John’s surprise gift box extra special.

With funding completed, John was ready for his wish and, with a complete itinerary provided for them to follow, he and his family were on their way to Boston to meet the Celtics.

“It was just great,” کہا John.

As soon as they arrived in Boston, John and his younger brother Evan were invited to attend the Boston Celtics’ practice session. There at the practice facility, John and Evan sat courtside and watched their پسندیدہ players get ready for their game the اگلے day. And, as Paul Pierce, John’s پسندیدہ player, wasn’t practicing at the moment, he came over to John and just sat and talked to him.

“The Celtics invited us to practice and we sat on the sidelines,” کہا John. “Paul Pierce came over and sat with us and talked to us for about 20 minutes…they played on the court and were just so nice…they took pictures with us…it was so cool.”

Even Head Coach Doc Rivers came over to visit John along with players Kevin Garnett, Nate Robinson, Glen Davis, کرن, رے Allen, Rajon Rondo and others. They also presented John with a jersey, باسکٹ, باسکٹ بال and a gym bag, which they signed; Paul Pierce even sat down, signed his custom size 15 shoes and gave them to John as a gift. John was speechless at their kindness and generosity, exclaiming that “The Celtics treated us like royalty!”

The اگلے day, John, Evan and their parents were invited to attend the big Boston Celtics vs. the New Jersey Nets game and were taken directly courtside to watch the warm-up and then on up to a suite where they enjoyed the game with پیزا and delicious wings.

According to John, “It was great, but also so weird watching the game because I kept thinking ‘I was just hanging out with these guys yesterday!’”

John’s wish was a dream-come-true and, to سب, سب سے اوپر it off, the Celtics won the game. John was ecstatic and he will be talking about his awesome wish for years to come.

For تصاویر and video from John’s trip to see the Boston Celtics, visit link.

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