Smash!!! I jumped up out of bed. The winds had started to pick up just like Aunt Alice predicted. I could see the clouds getting darker; the air was think and cold. I got out of بستر trying not to wake up Jake and slipped on Jake’s T – شرٹ, قمیض that was thrown on to the lamp shade اگلے to my side of the bed. I stood up and was a little light headed I caught myself on the night stand. God, we have to not be so ruff in bed. I get to dizzy in the morning from all of it. I thought to myself. I don’t know what it is but there’s just this magnetic pull between Jacob and me. We could help it last night just happened. I know I wasn’t listening to my parents when they told us to take thing slow and remember that were still young. I tip – toed to the balcony doors and walked out. I’ve never felt anything like this. It was different form the cold and rain back in Forks. Here is was really humid but yet cold and the rain was really warm but as the wind hit it, it was freezing. I walked to the edge of the deck to see that the sun was just starting to rise. It was beautiful with the dark clouds and the rain with the colors of the sun rise. I wanted to stay longer but I was getting cold so I walked back into the bedroom and shut the doors. I walked over to the بستر and took Jake’s شرٹ, قمیض off and climbed back in to بستر with him and laid on his burning hot chest. I was getting better at it his chest didn’t seem to be as hot as it was when I was littler. I looked over my husbands’ chest at the clock it was five in the morning. I couldn’t go back to sleep so I just started دن dreaming about nothing and some how I ended up recapping the night Jake purposed to me.

“Aunt Alice look I’m just going on a normal تاریخ with Jacob so… unless there’s something that your not telling me then there’s no need for آپ to be doing any of this. Ok? Ok. Bye.” I started to get up but Aunt Alice pushed me back down on the chair. “Ok so آپ figured it out there is مزید to this تاریخ but there’s no way in hell I’m telling to what it is.” ALICE, WATCH آپ LAGUGUE AROUND RENESMEE.” I heard my dad actually yell at her. “ Alice آپ can set Nessie free , Jacobs here.” My mother told her. The سیکنڈ my mom کہا that I let Aunt Alice finish what little thing she was doing to my hair. And ran down the stairs. “Thank you, آپ just saved me from the torture chamber that Aunt Alice calls her bathroom.” I stood on my tip – toes to kiss him and turned around to face my family. “Aunt Alice آپ do realize that آپ worked really hard on my hair and I’m just going to take it out. Sorry. Bye guys I’ll see آپ later tonight.” My mother looked like she was going to cry if she could. She walked up to me and hugged me. I looked at every one behind her and every one either looked sad یا beyond excided. Though I think Aunt Alice was going to jump out of her skin and tell me the secret that everyone seems to be hiding from me. “Bye, I love you.” After I کہا goodbye and closed the door Jacob turned me around immediately and blindfolded me. “What are آپ doing. Jake what are آپ up to?” As I asked he turned me around and grabbed me سے طرف کی my waist and pulled me close to him then kissed me. “Mmm… you’ll see when we get there. Give me your keys.” Before I had time to reach into my pocket he stuck him hand in my pocket himself and grabbed them. “Why are we taking my car?” he wouldn’t say anything.

Jacob stopped the car and in a couple of minuets he picked me up and ran some where far from the sound and the smell of it I was pretty sure we were at the beach. Jacob set me down and turned around to face me then he kissed me. “Are آپ ready to see the surprise?” “Um… let me think about that, Ya آپ know I hate surprises especially when every one in my family knows about them but me.” I کہا about to take the blind fold off. He leaped behind me and pulled it off. We were right in front of a dock. The hole dock was filled with candles spread out every where and at the very end was a picnic blanket and a picnic basket. Jake took my hand and walked toward the end on the dock there was a tinny path with rose peddles leading to the blanket. “Jacob what is all this for?” He sat down and I sat in between his lags. “I just wanted to دکھائیں آپ how much I love you. That’s all.” We ate and talked and laughed. I started kissing him and he landed on his back. But he didn’t seem to be as in to it as he usually was. “What’s wrong?” He stood up and picked me up. We walked done the ساحل سمندر, بیچ and then we stopped after a half a mile. Jake took both my hands. “Renesmee…” WOW this must be big because he called me Renesmee and he never calls me سے طرف کی the name my parents came up with. “Yes Jacob. Are آپ ok?” Nessie I love آپ so much we’ve been dating for five years know and we both know that we love each other and…” he paused for a سیکنڈ and then put his hand in a pocket and grabbed a little red velvet box and kneeled down on one knee. Jake was know at my height. My دل stopped and I froze with my mouth dropped open. My hands were over my mouth I could feel warm tears streaming down my cheeks. “ Nessie… Will آپ marry me will آپ be my wife for ever as long as we live?” I jumped on him and kissed him and we fell on the warm dry sand. “Yes, Yes, Yes, of course.” We sat on the ساحل سمندر, بیچ thinking about what are life was going to be like and how many kids we wanted. It was the best night of my life so far.
We walked up to the door after are تاریخ and I knew that every one was listening and I knew the Aunt Alice was probably looking out at the window. “Jake stay with me tonight, Please?” I rapped my arms around his waist and pulled him closer to me. “I don’t know we should ask your parents.” I was in shock. “And آپ want there opinion. آپ really need to be Jacob again.” He smiled and was about to kiss me and then Aunt Alice swung the door off the hinges. “What she say? Did آپ ask?” Aunt Alice seemed to be going crazy. “Let us walk into the house.” We walked over into the living room. Jacob was about to tell them but I couldn’t help myself. “I کہا yes, I’m getting married.” I screamed holding up my hand to دکھائیں them my ring. Aunt Rose and Aunt Alice started screaming and started jumping up and down with me and then Uncle Emmett started too. “Can Jake stay the night? I promise that nothing will happen.” My parents looked at each other and then looked at as I could see there answer in there faces. “Thank you, I love آپ guys so much.” I ran over to them and hugged them and grabbed Jake’s hand and ran up stairs.

Jacob stretched and then rapped his hands around me and pulled me closer to him. “Good morning my beautiful wife.” He کہا to me. “Good morning my handsome husband.” I moved up closer to him to kiss him good morning. “So when did آپ get up?” I turned to look at the clock and it was now eight thirty in the morning. “I was just thinking about the night that آپ asked me to be آپ wife.” I looked at him and smiled he did the same. “I love you.” “I love آپ too honey.” He کہا and then kissed me again. “So what are we doing today?” I looked at him again and he had a big grin on his face. “Well I think I can think about a couple of things.” He grabbed me and kissed me again and then we had a great morning together again.