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 Jacob Balck
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This Breaking Dawn The Movie تصویر contains hunk کے, hunk, چھ پیک abs, ab شگاف, فلیٹ پیٹ, and برزن کریک. There might also be سوئمنگ کے شارٹس, غسل تنوں, تنوں تنوں غسل, تیراکی, جلد, skintone, عریاں رنگ, جزوی ننگا پن تقاضا عریانیت, سکانٹنا, عریاں بدن رنگین, جزوی, and مضمر عریانیت.

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Smash!!! I jumped up out of bed. The winds had started to pick up just like Aunt Alice predicted. I could see the clouds getting darker; the air was think and cold. I got out of بستر trying not to wake up Jake and slipped on Jake’s T – شرٹ, قمیض that was thrown on to the lamp shade اگلے to my side of the bed. I stood up and was a little light headed I caught myself on the night stand. God, we have to not be so ruff in bed. I get to dizzy in the morning from all of it. I thought to myself. I don’t know what it is but there’s just this magnetic pull between Jacob and me. We could help it last...
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