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posted by sorandom15
brenden: y do i have to come

shadow: cuse i want آپ to

jay leno: ارے shadow who this guy

shadow: my boyfriend

brenden: ........

jay: o wow ok soo shadow whats one of آپ fav things to do

shadow: umm hang out with the guys play video games suck brendens wisdom stick uhh

brenden: O_O i can not belave آپ siad that on tv

jay: i think your embresseing him

shadow: nah

jay: soo shadow what do آپ do in the moring

shadow: i sleep while brenden cooks

jay: ok no offence but shadow i thought آپ wolud like آپ know maria still

shadow: i do like maria

brenden: umm excuse me may i say something

jay: sure

brenden: he...
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